On October 11, 2003 those who made a pilgrimage to the Peace Dome to be present for its dedication were the first to lay tiles in the mandala (at left) designed specifically for the Peace Dome. As part of the day's activities, each person inset one tile into the symmetrical design. Tiles are placed into the mosaic during each gathering in the dome including Spiritual Focus Session. This offers a wide range of people who are giving their thought of peace to the Peace Dome. Activities like this one make the Peace Dome a universal site for peace. The projected completion date is several years from now.

A letter from the artist and designer....

Jay McCormick

Dr. Barb –

I wanted to write you about my story behind the mandala I created that is intended to be used as the template for a tile mandala in the Peace Dome.

I love mandalas – I started creating them when I was in my early 20’s and found their symmetry, color, and unique designs to be inspirational and somehow strike a chord deep within my being. The first mandalas I made were for my parents, one for my mother and one for my father. Since that time I have undertaken a calendar mandala project, one for each month, and been asked to create mandalas for several other individuals. The most exciting project came recently when I was offered the opportunity to design a mandala that would be made into a tile mosaic on the floor of the world’s first Peace Dome at the College of Metaphysics.

My first thought was "wow! This is the most important mandala I have ever done!" At the same time I wondered if I would have what it took to create this mandala. I have done many before, however I knew this one was different. It would be created in a very sacred place. When I create mandalas I align with a very high part of my mind, what I refer to as the ‘superconscious mind’ – and tap into a kind of geometric expression of energy. The forms I create are often geometric in nature, and reflect a certain quality of consciousness. I receive images in my mind as to what the mandala is to appear like, often times in bits and pieces as I draw the image. It is for this reason I consider them to be sacred, because they are from an inner level source. I was not immediately receiving any images for this mandala. I knew it was my feeling of doubt that was blocking the reception of my inspiration. I attended an all-School event at the College one weekend and we had a meditation out in the Peace Dome. It was during this meditation, quite unexpectedly, that I received a large part of the image that you see here. I was very grateful that I had the breakthrough. I had put it out to the universe that I wanted to receive the image that needs to be on the Peace Dome mandala floor, and finally it had come in a moment of stillness and receptivity. It is so true that doubt blocks energy, and that then it is released it allows for the higher mind to communicate with the conscious mind. I think that the crystaline-like formations that are in the mandala signify the movement of humanity toward a more crystaline form, and the Peace Dome’s placement on the planet and the consciousness that is fostered inside the structure are keys to help this process occur. This is part of humanity’s movement toward enlightenment, toward elevating the vibration of this material plane, for all humanity.

Jay McCormick

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