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Our first effort to engage minds and hearts worldwide in a single thought was awesome. For years we asked people to celebrate a Universal Hour of Peace. On October 11, 2003, we coordinated an effort that involved people on all seven continents. By reading the Universal Peace Covenant at the same time we created One Voice for peace. Participating in what mayors, governors, and the president of one country proclaimed as "A Moment of Peace" was awesome. Here, individuals describe what it was like....

from the World Peace Bell

We have successfully completed the swinging of the World Peace Bell here
in Newport, KY. Along with the ringing of the world's largest free
swinging bell, The Peace Bell, I read the Universal Peace Covenant from
the bridge to the bell. I am only sorry that we did not have the
appropriate crowd for the Moment of Peace however the people who were
here during the ringing and the reading were glad that they were part of
the Moment of Peace. I hope that all went well at SOM and the dedication
of the Peace Dome.

Brian W. Plunkett
Director The World Peace Bell Center
operated by The Verdin Company

Brian was one of the first people to email us following One Voice. I would find in days to come that others shared his dismay or disappointment in being one of a few voices, or in some cases the only voice. As I reflected upon this through their eyes I felt their sadness and longing.

Fortified with the reality of experiencing the Moment of Peace and perceiving its range of influence, I wanted to share the expanse of what we had together created. The entire Antarctica story paints the picture best. Two bundled up people standing on the South Pole holding a banner with the peace sign on it.

I have learned through 28 years of service through the School of Metaphysics that evolution occurs moment by moment, one person at a time, and so my heart is full with what we have brought into this world. The flames of awareness burned brightly on every continent on October 11th. For everyone who lit one candle of awareness that day by joining in reading the Universal Peace Covenant, the light grew stronger, brighter and they touched creating connections of lights around the world.

Each voice made this possible. Each voice was needed to make ONE VOICE. One holy scripture says, “Where two or more are gathered, there I Am in their midst.” So it was October 11, 2003 at 1 pm CDT.

For more about the influence and power of one voice read Rosanna Harpest’s One Voice account.

Thank each of you for helping to birth this awareness into the world. We have only begun. Be with you in consciousness at New Years.

Dr. Barbara Condron


Hello everyone!
In South Carolina we experienced reading the Peace Covenant as a family
on a local island that is uninhabited. It is part of the barrier islands
of North Carolina and is a natural preserve. We identified the beauty of
the islands 1500 acres with the beauty of the Peace Dome Dedication on
the 1500 acres at the College. There was also several organizations that
participated in the reading of the Peace Covenant. Three marriage
encounter groups, the board of Directors and Coffee Club at the local
library, and a environmental group. We are looking forward to continuing
the one voice for peace at midnight on December 31st, 2003. May Peace be
with us all ways. May Peace prevail on earth.
Renee' Shimwell


Hi Laurel,

There I was in Austin, Texas at the Green Festival at the very moment the
ONE VOICE was singing in tune. Only problem was, I didn't have the
proclamation in front of me. So I improvised. The Swami re-dedicated his
"blisskrieg" declaring all out peace ("let those have been developing inner
peace all these years let it all out")and I reiterated Rep. Dennis
Kucinich's idea of a U.S. Department of Peace at the cabinet level .. wish
I could have been more technologically present at your actual event ...
right now, we are building the infrastructure to make invisible appearances
more possible. My heart was, and is, with you ... May peace prevail, and
may we always have the laughter of little children to remind us why peace
must prevail.

Steve Bhaerman


Penny Joy Snider-Light
Peace Representative, World Peace Prayer Society
Boston, MA, USA

Dearest Brothers and Sisters of Peace at the School of Metaphysics,

It is my blessing and privilege to represent the World Peace Prayer Society in the Greater Boston area.
On October 11th, I had the additional blessing and joy of sharing the spiritual energy of ONE VOICE,


At your invitation, to share with as you celebrated and sanctified the dedication of the first monolithic World Peace Dome, it was my intention to host a brief prayer ceremony on the Bandstand at the Boston Common. My hope was to offer the City of Boston the opportunity to join with this synchronized global effort to support the power of collective prayer. That was my sacred intention. Additionally, it felt particularly appropriate and important that the city I call ?home? join this effort, in that the City Council of Boston had declared October 11th, 2003, to be the first ?WORLD CITIZENS DAY.? However, I am saddened to tell you that ?ONE VOICE? - was my voice, representing the City of Boston. There were so many competing events scheduled at this time, on this particular day, during a long, holiday weekend, and during the planning stages, I was met with such resistance on so many levels, that I was truly challenged to represent myself as a Peacemaker. I’ve struggled with many feelings over the past few days, including sadness, anger, guilt, (reflecting on what I could have done differently, etc.) and a sense of having somehow failed in my role as Peace Representative. In the aftermath of all the effort I put into what I’d hoped would be an opportunity to ?build community? in the name of Peace, this has been a painful time for me.

Be that as it may, I would like to share what I offered:

After a brief introduction, I read the PRAYER FOR ENLIGHTENMENT, followed by THE UNIVERSAL PEACE COVENANT. (I took the liberty of editing the Covenant to make it more ?gender neutral.?) Then I read portions of the City of Boston’s, City Council Resolution declaring October 11, 2003, to be the first WORLD CITIZENS DAY in Boston.

Next, I read a prayer that I wrote for ONE VOICE.

Dear God,
We offer You our prayers for personal and planetary Peace.
Thank You for the opportunity to join with humanity all over the world in “One Voice”
as we affirm a commitment to walk the path of Peace.
We pray that You will illumine our minds, renew our souls, free our spirits, and open our hearts,
So that our lives may become clear reflections of Your Love and Light.
O Eternal Source of Peace, Grant us Peace.
In Divine Partnership with You, may we learn Peace, may we teach Peace, may we know Peace, may we be Peace.
And for the gifts and blessings of the Global Moment for Peace,
We say, “Thank You.”
May Peace Prevail on Earth!

I closed the ceremony with the reading of CIRCLE CHANT, which is, in reality, a beautiful Peace chant, written by Linda Hirschorn. Alone, I didn’t think I’d do it justice, so I chose to read it, rather than sing it.

Circle round for freedom, circle round for Peace,
For all of us imprisoned, circle for release.
Circle for the planet, circle for each soul,
For the children of our children, keep the circle whole.

I had placed an ad on the Internet seeking a volunteer videographer to tape the ceremony, and Spirit sent me Kathleen Golden, who generously offered her services pro bono. I honor her for her efforts. I will be offering the videotape to the School of Metaphysics.

I reaffirm that I never meant for this to be all about Penny. That was never my intention. However, if it was meant to be that Boston would offer only one voice to “ONE VOICE,” then it was my supreme blessing to be that one voice. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have played a role in this effort to enhance the Light on the planet, and to have been of service to Peace.

Thank you, School of Metaphysics, for your Love and Light!

Penny-sized hugs to you!

May God continue to bless you in your Peacemaking efforts!

May Peace Be With You All Ways!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Dear Laurel,

On Sat., Oct. 11, 2003, Rich Vaughn, Judy Highfill, and Dave and Dot Stohr
read the "Universal Peace Covenant" and the "Prayer for Enlightenment" at
the same time this was being done at the Peace Dome Dedication in
Windyville. We were attending a Unitarian Universalist campout at
"Bergfried," (meaning "Peace in the Hills" in German), our Eliot Chapel
retreat center near Hermann, Missouri.

Sunday, Oct. 12, we had a morning worship service in which we read these
documents again so the larger group attending could join in. We appreciate
the opportunity to be part of the growing movement of the peoples of the
world toward peace and we know that the establishment of the Peace Dome
furthers this effort.

Judy Highfill

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