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In a moment of Peace, the World Peace Prayer Society (Gambia Chapter) joined the School of Metaphysics, from the 10th-11th October 2003 in the Dedication of the World's First Peace Dome by participating in the synchronized Reading of the Universal Peace Covenant.

The first segment of the Reading commenced at 8:15 am. Students were made to stand around in a circle, in the Palaver Hut/Assembly Hall of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner Technical Senior Secondary School, Whilst WPPS Representative/SOS Peace Pal Coordinator, Emeka Onyekwere, gave an overview of the two-day programme. He briefly highlighted the importance of observing the Moment of Peace (as inspired by the School of Metaphysics) by the Reading of the Universal Peace Covenant to mark the dedication of the World's First Peace Dome.

This was followed by an enlivening Speech by Adama Aruwa an SOS School teacher on the theme: Peace-a Circle of Love in Hearts. He implored all present to deeply and sincerely reflect on the words May Peace Prevail in our Hearts, May Peace Prevail on Earth!

This Segment ended at 9:30 am with the Reading of the Peace Pal Pledge by SOS Peace Pals.


The second and final segment of the programme of activities for the Dedication of the World's First Peace Dome, at the SOS Kinderdorf International in The Gambia, began in the Peace Garden at 10:00 am with prayers conducted by 5 local religious leaders (2 pastors from a Spiritual and Pentecostal church, 2 Sheikhs from a Tijanniyya and an Ahmadiyya mosque, and a Rastafarian preacher).

The whole assemblage was then made to congregate in the Palaver Hut/Assembly Hall where they were entertained by Peace Pals / Youth for Peace with 3 Peace Songs and a Peace dance from 11:00 am to midday.

After a 1-hour lunch that was crowned by the eating of bowlfuls of a Gambian delicacy: a porridge called „Ebeh‰ ( an admixture of cassava, fish, palm oil, seasonings, etc,cooked in a cauldron symbolizing the proverbial melting pot ) came the soul-searching Peace Symposium titled ŒPeace as a Circle of Global Love and Harmony with facilitation done by Augustine Mends (IFOR Trainer of Trainers / The Gambia Quaker). Active Non Violent perspectives were presented by the representatives from the 5 different religious backgrounds mentioned earlier. The symposium lasted for 3 hours.

This was followed, at 4:00 pm, immediately by the introduction of the day's theme through a speech titled ŒUniversal Peace Covenant by Emeka Onyekwere. Most prominently, he highlighted the significance of the Universal Peace Covenant vis-à-vis the physical Dedication of the World's First Peace Dome on the campus of the School of Metaphysics in Windyville, Montana, U.S.A. He then concluded by urging all to join hands with the rest of humanity in this Spiritual Dedication.

As an energizer, Peace Pals sang innovative solo and group peace-filled songs for more than 1 hour in English, Aku, Mandinka, Wolof, Jawla and Fula to the applause of the audience.

5:50 - 6:00 pm. was a moment of sober reflection in which everyone was asked to observe a 10- minute prayer in silence for Non Violent Peace Builders; prompted (every 2 minutes) by incantations from each of the 5 religious leaders present.

Then came, from 6:00 - 6:20 pm, the most important activity of the day: the Reading of the Universal Peace Covenant (in turns) by both Godson Egbujor, Peace Pal Club Coordinator of Rose Khallie International Secondary School in Banjulinding, and Emeka Onyekwere. 6:20 - 7:00pm. was a session for questions from the floor and answers from Godson and Emeka on the Reading of the Universal Peace Covenant.

A 5- minute vote of thanks was delivered by Adama Aruwa of SOS Herman Gmeiner Technical Senior Secondary School, Bakoteh.

The rest of the evening, and up to midnight was full of fun and gaiety in the abundance of peace- laden traditional ŒMbalak and popular music of different kinds. Indeed it was a Peace dance for Unification and Harmony of Humanity through the Reading of the Universal Peace Covenant.

We, in The Gambia, heartily extend a soul-warming Circle of Love to the whole of Humanity.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Recorded by Emeka Onyekwere

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