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Every moment at the College of Metaphysics is timeless.

Even more so now that the Peace Dome has entered our lives. It's funny to think that at one time it was just an efficient way to build a dream that has spanned over 30 years and 30,000 people or more. Right around the time I attended SOM as a student (July 1975) our collective visualizations expanded beyond our own Schools to a collective ideal of a College of Metaphysics.

The image of the campus was strong. A large pyramid, modeled after the Great Pyramid at Giza, surrounded by domes in clusters of three. The Pyramid will house meeting rooms serving all kinds of purposes, including an auditorium a third of the way up from the base and a place for sprouting and growing foods two-thirds up. We envisioned the domes to be geodesic ones, glittering in the sun. This would be the physical campus where people all over the world would come to study the practical art and science of Universal Law. The vision remains a strong presence in the minds and hearts of many.

So in 2000 we began in earnest to move toward manifesting this ideal. Since the School of Metaphysics has spent years devoted to students passing onto others what they have learned, our attention has been seated in spiritual/mental abundance, this with full knowing that as the need arises, Universal Law does provide. So it has been with the construction of this dome. We have been able to construct it without going into debt, which seems particularly relevant because of what it represents. There is a constant need for funds, and particularly since we posted these updates on the net and began inviting people to the Peace Dome Dedication October 11th people have started contributing to the effort.

Until recently the bulk of funds came from the Schools of Metaphysics throughout the Midwest. Dallas SOM led the way a couple years ago with local fund raisers specifically for the dome. These $100-$500 contributions have helped pay for construction of the Healing Wall and interior walls and windows. It seems in keeping with the ideal of the School itself. The School belongs to all of us. It does not have one owner or financier. The students develop the desire, vision, and willingness to make it what it is. Thus at this time we are building a Peace Dome.

There is always learning occurring at the College of Metaphysics. Whether talking with someone from Hawaii about intuitive reports, producing a new video on Essential Life Skills for Indigo kids, caring for the luscious garden, or landscaping around the Peace Dome, mindful activity is the supernatural order here. Full time residents include those who have graduated and elected to continue to teach and learn. New groups of students eligible for College study (following completion of the First Cycle of lessons) come in July and January for a year and a half term.

Periodically throughout the year, there are opportunities for all SOM students to come. We call these Student Weekends. They are times rich in multidimensional experience. Times of meeting old friends from other times and other places. Times of forging relationships that will last a lifetime. Times of new revelations and startling realizations. Times of laughing and crying, filled with aha! moments. They are so rich, we want to share our experiences with you. – Dr. Barbara Condron

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