September 20-22, 2003

Progress on the College of Metaphysics Campus
Adam Class Weekend

“We see that it is beyond vibratory creation at its essence. It is as though it is approaching dawn in ways that can be more commonly understood. It is as though there is the approach of light that is breaking within the distance. We see that this follows a night that has been long and arduous and challenging and penetrating. It is as though this is a ray of the light which is coming. It is as though this is the point of outbreathe of Brahma washing over and through and around the planet itself. It is a whisper that is deafening.” Transcendent Oracle --School of Metaphysics 1-14-99-bgc/drc

by Dr. Daniel R. Condron, Chancellor of the College

This weekend of September 20, 21, and 22nd, 2003 was filled with learning and action. The third weekend of each month is set aside for Adam - Fourth Cycle class and also the students in the Third Cycle or series of lessons.

As preparation for the Peace Dome dedication, students from many of the School of Metaphysics centers were invited to the College of Metaphysics. Many eagerly accepted this invitation.

by Dr. Sheila Benjamin, Governor Kansas City area

These words above are from a Transcendent Oracle that expresses the vibration of the School of Metaphysics. The idea of the School of Metaphysics existence comes from an inner source that is beyond yet within anyone of us that studies within it. The School of Metaphysics is here to usher in Spiritual Intuitive Man.

The words from this Oracle come straight from the superconscious mind, which is pure and in direct connection with our Creator. I will be using quotes from the Oracle throughout this article to display how the Peace Dome Dedication is a reflection of the School of Metaphysics fulfilling its dharma.

I remember the first time I saw the peace dome one November evening in 2001. I was driving down Moon Valley Road towards the entrance of the School of Metaphysics World Headquarters and caught sight of this magnificent dome. I was filled with gratitude. My eyes filled with tears of joy as I witnessed the manifestation of what thousands of students had been visualizing for years.

Here it was in the hamlet of Windyville, Missouri. Little did I know consciously what this dome would bring to the world and how this dome would raise the consciousness of humanity.

Ever since I entered the School more than 25 years ago, we would open our classes with an opening projection which included the vision of a college campus. On this campus was a pyramid with an acre base and domes in clusters of three. I say a college campus because in the beginning of my studies we had not yet purchased the land. We now have had the land for more then 24 years and the Peace Dome is a continuation of our vision of awaking the consciousness of each individual who lives on our planet.

As we come closer to the physical time and date of the Peace Dome Dedication many are moved to be in her glory as we gather here in Windyville to place the final touches to the campus and the Peace Dome.

I will share with you what others have gained from being together, creating together, and learning together.
It’s all about connection:

Being a part of a spiritual family is uplifting. I know that each and every one of us likes to feel important and a part of something that is bigger than ourselves. The 3rd full weekend in September gave more than 50 individuals the opportunity to be connected.

Simone Sheehan, the Director of the Tulsa, Ok. School of Metaphysics learns that when you connect with others and you learn to connect with yourself. Here is what she has to say about her learning this weekend.

“My goal for this weekend was Self-Respect and my purpose was to experience connectedness. Connectedness with others and myself. I have recognized to a greater degree that how I relate to others is how I relate to myself. I desire to be connected with mySelf. This weekend I experienced the power of a common ideal within a group and the connection this produces and the connection my own personal ideal gives to my many aspects .

During the weekend, they worked on the Reflection Pool which has a map of the world on the bottom of a beautiful blue pool of water.

The landscape around the Peace Dome was improved and enhanced with beautiful native stones and by shaping the contour of the land. Gates and fences were painted a beautiful white at the entrance to the College of Metaphysics campus.

The patio was moved toward completion with the addition of inlaid octoganal bricks. The latest issue of Vibrations, the student newsletter, was produced.

The octagon field platform stage area was created. The ground was leveled and a wonderful area for speakers, singers and dancers was built.

I have also recognized the importance of continual motion and the importance if my ideal being alive in order to experience a connection with my mind. I feel blessed to have an abundance of open and willing to give, individuals in my life , with whom I feel a deep seated connection.”

Shawn Stoner, the Director of Palatine and a Board of Governor Member talks about how invigorating it is to connect. “I have experienced a close connection with everyone here and with the common creation that is the Peace Done. It is purifying, it is invigorating. The learning is so rich every time I visit the College of Metaphysics, and this weekend was no exception. I’m thrilled that so many new people will be visiting us.”

Damian Nordman, a 3rd cycle student and a Director whom is pioneering the opening of a School of Metaphysics in Norman, OK talks about how you can be connected by having a still mind.“ This weekend has been particularly special for me. I normally have my class on the third weekend of the month and this was true this weekend. The special thing about this weekend was that there were 50 people here who gathered to help prepare for the dedication of the World’s 1st Peace Dome.

That evening everyone sat around the campfire at the campsite. After a refreshing meal, everyone listened attentively as Dr. Barbara Condron read Dr. Daniel Condron's book The Tao Te Ching Interpreted and Explained.

All in all it was a very enlightening weekend and everyone was fulfilled.

Dr. Daniel Condron &Ma

The weekend started out with a blissful ride up to the College of Metaphysics with several people from both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa schools. We arrived late Friday night and arose early Saturday. Even though I spent most of my day either in class or teaching my young friend Hezekiah, I felt connected to the movement of energy and consciousness surrounding the dome preparation. Everyone served in one group or another, one project or another, however we all acted as one mind, one heart, one body. I experienced so much love and connectedness this weekend. I owe everyone here a debt of gratitude. I send you all my circle of Love”

Each of these individuals talked about being connected and the love that they felt when they were connected within themselves, connected with the others they were creating with and connected with the ideal itself of The Peace Dome.

I remember once a friend of mine asked me if I would be hurt if she needed something and she didn’t ask me for help. I answered her with a “yes”. She then asked me why I was so selfish in not asking others for help.

The love in her words aided me in becoming more connected within myself and sharing it with others. The Transcendent Oracle states,”By completely giving the self to that which is light, there can be hope, there can be union, there can be faith, there can be knowing, there can be all of those things which are privately in each one’s heart as desirable.” 1-14-99-bgc/drc

Each of the individuals that came the weekend of September 19th-21st gave of their time, energy and love freely.

Matthew Marian, a graduate student at the College of Metaphysics has this to say about Volunteerism.
“Continuously I am recognizing the importance and value of volunteerism. This is the power the students of the School of Metaphysics have to change the world. Volunteers give unconditionally for the purpose of adding to or producing something for the whole. This power is what will change the planet. Give, give with love, give with peace, give to give and you and your actions have the power to move across the face of the planet.”

John Miller, a teacher in the Tulsa, OK School of Metaphysics tells us the power of being involved. “The project that I am working on is going very well! I am able to see how a group of people can create something special together as a collective consciousness. It gives me a good feeling about the people I worked with. I also have a good feeling about all our part in Humanity’s future. I have changed from being a person who watches others making a difference in the world to being that person who is making a difference in the world. That is success consciousness and that s what I received this weekend!”

Natalie Axberg, a teacher from Dallas, Texas tells us the abundance received from giving,” My experience this weekend has been a great opportunity to co-operate, listen, give and be open. I experienced all of these things working on the reflection pool with Teresa Padilla. In this group I experienced all stages of growth working with the creation of this pool, being both aggressive and receptive,the teacher and the student. It was awesome! Then at the end of the day seeing our progress and what we created together with our minds was awesome.

Being here this weekend felt very good! I felt very aligned giving my love and attention to the preparation to Dedication Day, and being a part of the consciousness of the group that came to be a pare of this weekend. I am very greatful.”

Larry Hudson, a 1st cycle student in Webster Groves, MO, talks about the peace that is felt when giving to something greater than yourself.

“On arriving Saturday morning what I noticed first was the activity going on all around me. I joined in with Dr. Laurel’s group. Her group included Lisa, Ben, John M, and Jonathan. I really enjoyed the energy and direction Dr. Laurel’s group incorporated into the activity. I felt a profound sense of peace and fulfillment from working with this group of enlightened souls. Everyone worked well together and gave of themselves for the good of the whole.”

John Harrison, a student at the College of Metaphysics, shares with us the power of caring for others. “I was working with Dr. Pam’s group to paint the gazebo. I was wearing rubber boots so that I could paint the outside of the gazebo that faced the pond. I looked at my watch and only had about 50 minutes to paint 2/5ths of the outside sections of the gazebo. It was twenty after three and I had painted a little over half of the first 1/5the side of the gazebo. The gazebo is a five sided structure. I didn’t think I would finish the side I was on and the side directly over the pond before I had to leave to tend to the animals we have on campus. I set the goal of getting it done because I was the only one with boots. Staying focused I was amazed that when I had finished it was only 3:55 p.m.. The time had passed so quickly but in that time I had finished the section that I was on and painted the other side facing the pond. I learned that keeping a goal, with love and concern for the welfare of others, can cause miracles to happen.”
The Peace Dome and the needs that she has to be ready for the world have aided those of us who have been studing Metaphysics to put into practice the beauty of a still mind. It helps us to see the power of undivided attention.

In 1999 when the Oracle was given there was a question as to what was most important for the teachers in the School of Metaphysics to teach. Here is the answer,”What has often been referred to as singular-pointed attention. It is the first idea that is presented within this Being. And it will be the last idea made known. It is the power of thought. It is the secret within man that has existed throughout Creation.” 1-14-99-bgc/drc

The Creation of the Peace Dome has given each and every one of us a single focus and that is Peace on Earth. Here are some of the stories of those that came on the 3rd weekend in September.
Mari Hamersley, a teacher in Des Moines, Iowa talks about the power of a clear goal. “ This weekend I learned about the power of having a clear goal. As a crew of us worked on creating the reflection pool, we had a big task before us. We created ceramic tiles and placed them on a tarp and pond liner in the shape of continents. There were thousands of small pieces to adhere to the liner tarp. That meant picking up each piece, putting adhesive on the backside carefully then pressing it down. Three of us started this at 4:30 p.m. and it was taking a long time. Yet Teresa had given us a clear image of finishing it all before dinner. I aligned within. And when some people left another one came by and offered to help. It was so in alignment with Universal Laws and we completed the continents, and a new stable supporting wall, and the rocks in a beautiful outline along the top edge. It is a work of art and of many minds directed toward a common goal.”

Lisa Bold, a teacher in the Dallas, Texas School talks about the importance of visualization. “ My experience this weekend has been very growth filled. I was working on the building of the stage for the Peace Dome Dedication. We had to level the ground where we were going to build the stage. I was in infancy with this, Through the guidance of Larry I learned how to level the ground. I also felt so centered in peace because everyone allowed me to be in infancy. Larry was very patient with me and guided me through the proper use of tools. My goal this weekend was to see the good in everything. My purpose was and is to cultivate unconditional love within myself. I had no problems with my goal and purpose this weekend. I also learned through my interactions with Dr. Laurel how to get your thoughts and ideas out before you dive into a project. I’ve had a tendency to dive in without thinking it all the way through. Paul Blosser and Dr. Laurel layed out the stage before we began building it and I had a clear vision of what we were doing before we began. My experience was filled with love, peace and total connectedness with the others I was working with I feel very grateful for the experience.”

Dr. Laurel, the St. Louis Area Field Director, shares with us the power of people creating together. “My experience this weekend was uplifting and energizing. We were building the stage for the gifting area The Octagon Site. There were people from the Oklahoma Area, Kansas City Area, and St Louis Area. We also had people who helped in the morning (who had advanced classes in the morning) and others who helped in the afternoon. It was like a dance with people who came in and out as needed at different times.

I learned and experienced the power of people creating together with a common goal. Everyone had a vision of making the stage secure and attractive for guests. Larry Hudson who builds roads for a living shared generously of his expertise, showing us how to level the ground.

Leveling the ground was a bigger project than we had anticipated. Everyone was flexible in responding to whatever was needed from shoveling dirt to cutting boards to finding tools.

Friendship, fellowship, love, joy, and high spirits were all part of this creative project.

Larry Hudson, John Miller, Lisa Bold, and Ben Wheatley and I were the core group. We also had help in the afternoon from Nicholas Zajac, Jonathan Duerbeck, and Ivy Norris. At other times in the day we had help from Chance Cannon, Matthew Marian, Larry Whitten, and Tad Messenger.”

As we approach the Peace Dome Dedication the phone continues to ring with people wanting to send their support. Dr. Barbara is up in the early hours of the morning answering the e-mails that are coming in from around the globe. The College Students continue to prepare the Dome for October 11th when she will be dedicated to the world.

There are so many ways in which you can be a part of sharing peace across the world. You can join us here at our World Headquarters main campus on October 11th. You can read the Peace Covenant at 1:00 p.m.(central time) on October 11th wherever you are and whomever you are with. You can send us a rock with a story of where it came from and why you have it so that we can place it on the Healing Wall. You can send a special piece of cloth with a story for the creation of the Fabric of Peace. You can send a monetary donation to insure that we continue to provide services that will enlighten the World.

I would like to share another profound thought from the Transcendent Oracle “This is a most profound time within that which these ones know as their planet, their world. It is essential for each to contemplate the reality of the influences that are available, not only to them, but to all of humanity at this time.” 1-14-99-bgc/drc

I am very grateful to have this time to share with you the profound assignment of the School of Metaphysics and what we are doing to ensure that its Dharma is fulfilled.

I send you my circle of Love
May Peace Be With You Always.&Mac198;

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