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College of Metaphysics teachers/student journal for August 1-3, 2003

Preparing to

Welcome the World

An amazing weekend!

Seventy five people gather in the hamlet of Windyville in southern Missouri, right in the heartland of the melting pot of the world, to plan and prepare for the dedication of the world's first Peace Dome.

Here's the story, told by the people who were there!

Friday August 1, 2003

Friday the campus was buzzing with 6th level energy of what was to be born the next day. Group leaders were gathering materials together in preparation for meetings and discussions with their group members, and for the walk through of the Dome dedication day in October. Some students arrived Friday evening in time to help with whatever preparations were needed.

I was excited with the thought that tomorrow Karen and I would be leading people through a practice experience at the Healing Wall and World Garden. I was a little nervous, and it looked like rain was coming soon, so I was hurrying to get some big rocks moved into position for the curved retaining wall and mock up of the Fire and Water Fountain.

Out of the darkness, people started appearing--some good friends, some I had never met. They so openly offered to help however was needed. I happily directed people to gather large rocks as I explained the vision of the World Garden. They placed the stones in the Garden as the last sunlight faded. It started raining right when we finished the fountain and I felt so optimistic about tomorrow, about the Garden, and about the whole dedication coming up. I could tell from the open willingness and friendliness of the people who came out in the dark and rain that the Peace Dome and dedication energies are effecting people in a beautiful way. -Paul Madar

People came to create peace.

They came to give what is inside - to bring it out and share it with the world. This is our collective duty - to bring our love, truth, and light out from within and share it with the world around us. This is being created daily on the campus of the College of Metaphysics in the mind and heart of all her students.

Matthew D. Marian

People came from Chicago, Louisville, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Tulsa, Kansas City, St. Louis, Lexington, Des Moines, Champaign-Urbana, Springfield, Mo., Bolingbrook and Palatine, Ill. just to participate and help in dedicating the Peace Dome. Many took off work on Friday to be here, traveling by car for up to ten hours.

Saturday August 2, 2003

As we began to gather on the lower floor of the Peace Dome to discuss the vision, what has com, and is to come and what is happening right now for Dome Dedication Day. Everyone was excited and happy to see one another, meeting new friends and deepening relationships. When I walked into the dome, I sensed the calmness of it amongst the chatter of those speaking.

I sat down and listened for a while and heard the song “Peace is the Breath of our Spirit” I began to sing this song out loud. Then I directed my attention to other individuals in the room, John M., Mari H., Shawn S. One by one the song began to spread and then suddenly we all became one voice.

The stillness of the dome remained. We all were centered in why we were here. The peace traveled through the whole structure like a fountain.

--Laurie J. Biswell

What struck me is that 75 people were gathered here this weekend. Seventy-five volunteers. No-one here got paid. Everyone here came to give service to humanity. This is what it means to live Spiritual Intuitive Man (the next evolutionary step in mankind’s upward evolution). If you want to know how to make a difference in the world - a real tangible effect on other people’s lives - get to know the teachers and students of the School of Metaphysics. --Matthew D. Marian

On Saturday evening, we sat around the fire and talked about what we were experiencing with the Peace Dome dedication preparation. I shared a realization I had with everyone. I realized that we were giving people who came a unique opportunity to experience peace in a whole new way. It is real peace, active peace that everyone can have an experience with for themselves.

The Peace Dome really is a sacred structure and it is a beautiful gift to be the caretakers for such a place. Those of us who study in the lessons and discipline our minds are experiencing greater peace daily. The people who come to visit the Peace Dome can have that for themselves in coming here and being part of the Peace Dome energy. Everyone can feel true peace even if it is just for the time that they are here, it is something that I want to give others.

-Dave Rosemann

Sunday August 3, 2003

Before going up to the second floor of the Peace Dome for Peacemakers Sunday morning, Teresa Starkey was asking me questions like “How long do you think the service will last ?” “ What will be going on this morning?”

She was debating whether or not she would go to the service or spend her morning out in the sunshine and in the woods with nature. The sense that I got was that she was feeling the need to withdraw or get away and I had a feeling that she would really need something that was going to be said in service. I expressed this to her and she went on to make her decision.

It wasn’t until I saw her face to face in the friendship circle that I realized she had decided to join us and I was delighted.

Her eyes lit up with tears of gratitude and understanding as our energies merged and the Truth of the words spoken moved into and out of our being. After the circle of Love she thanked me. She said that she experienced exactly what she had been needing for a while and that she was grateful for the encouragement to be a part of the service.

I told her that her energy was very important to the energy of the whole. We both smiled and hugged.

-Talina Woods

I experienced the essence of what we are currently collectively creating here in the School of Metaphysics.

During Peacemakers on Sunday, Dr. Barbara initiated an experience that combined the aggressive and receptive qualities into a circular dance of divine friendship. First we individually wrote down our thoughts of what we thought friendship to be. Then we condensed these images into a clear thought of one single sentence. Half of us formed a circle of people that was inside and faced a larger circle of people consisting of the other half. Those of us on the inside stated our sentence defining friendship to the person to whom we faced. The inner circle then rotated until we had given to everyone on the outer circle. Then we switched and it was our turn to receive. As we did this I saw the many in the one and it was then that I realized the group consciousness that we have cultivated and continue to expand upon with the preparing for the Peace Dome Dedication.

I found this feeling to be shared by many who were present that weekend. The Peace Dome is a very unifying force to which I am grateful to receive. Friendship is the loving connected relationship of people that aids learning and growth.

-Chris Sheehan

As the hugging from the Circle of Love on Sunday came to a close, I heard Julie say with not a little consternation, “Every time I come here to the College I find it harder and harder to leave.” I told her I was really looking forward to her coming in January as a resident student. She said she was too. I could tell it has become a major goal in her life, and she is making giant strides in succeeding.

-Paul Madar

Hezekiah Condron, age 8, reports he and 5-year-old Iris Wheatley, Dr. Sheila Benajmin, Shawn Stoner, and Adam Campbell raised $195 washing cars during PeaceMakers.

"Someone gave us a $5 bill and there were a couple of checks. Ben (Iris's dad) gave us $20, Lisa gave us $50, and Dr. Sheila wrote a check for $100."

That doesn't add up to $195, I say.

"Somebody gave another check for $20, I don't remember her name. She was the one with the really dirty car."

I smile. I ask if he did the green car, the one we usually go places in.

"No, but we're going to do it again when people come in!" he replies cheerfully. "We got a lot of money for the Dome."

Spiritual friendships are an important part of life. We all need someone who has our best interest in mind and can aid and stimulate us to bring out our full potential. The College of Metaphysics draws spiritual friends - people who are rich in spirit and willing to share this with everyone. The experience of connected friendship in the Peace Dome is a reminder that love has many faces and friendship has many expressions.

Matthew D. Marian

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