"...that all people desire peace."

-Universal Peace Covenant

Picture this: a Chinese woman in Hong Kong begins reading the Universal Peace Covenant and midway through the first stanza,

the scene changes to the Taj Mahal and a Hindu man continuing to read aloud.

The video continues with over fifty people of various nationalities,

from around the world, reading the Covenant in front of backgrounds such as

the Washington Monument,

the Golden Gate bridge,

the Sydney Opera House,

the Eiffel Tower,

the Berlin Wall, and the

Wailing Wall of Jerusalem.

As we have people sending small stones and pieces of fabric from around the world for inclusion in the Healing Wall or the Tapestry of Peace in the Peace Dome, our vision is to create a film in the same vein--a collection of our verbalized universal desire for peace. Imagine people together, learning and reading the Universal Peace Covenant, and changed because of it.

Peace begins with each one of us. This film begins with each one of us. Much of the beauty of this film will be in HOW it is made, and we are asking you to be part of it. We are asking you to BE it. Whether you film yourself or a friend or even a stranger reading the Universal Peace Covenant, there will be that much more understanding in the world of what makes for peace. The making of the film can be as tranformative as the viewing of it will be. Each video clip that is sent in to the School’s World Headquarters will have a story, much like each stone or piece of fabric that arrives has a story.

Here’s how you can be part of this film:

Choose people with strong reading ability on camera. Native accents are fine, and encouraged.

Choose a stanza to read. Let the Law of Attraction guide you.

Practice reading in front of the camera.

Choose a significant, recognizeable or universal background, such as a cultural landmark.

Film the best you can--steady camera, good lighting, good camera, strong sound.

People first: fill most of the screen with the person speaking.

Memorizing the Universal Peace Covenant stanza is best, and referring to a sheet is fine.

Look into the camera as much as possible.

Have the reader say their full name, city, and include spelling if necessary (for credits).

Read slowly, with consciousness.

Package the tape and send it to the World Headquarters as soon as you can.

Format we can use: VHS-C, DVD (as a file), Digital (we would need it on a small 8mm tape).

If you have questions or simply want to let us know you will send us footage, contact:
Paul or Christine Madar

School of Metaphysics, 163 Moon Valley Road, Windyville, MO 65783 USA



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