Universal Hour of Peace
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WHEREAS, the United States of America has historically been a melting pot where people of all nationalities, religious faiths and cultures come together as one, and where the strength of our great City rests in the cooperative community of its citizens; and

WHEREAS, our only hope of establishing peace among diverse peoples is through recognizing our connectedness and common dream of Peace on Earth; and

WHEREAS, the first day of a new year typically denotes hopeful expectation and positive resolve in the hearts and minds of our citizens; and

WHEREAS, the School of Metaphysics does declare a Universal Hour of Peace
from 11:30 p.m. December 31, 200__
through January 1, 200__
as an hour when all people in a synchronized effort are encouraged to dedicate their thoughts and actions to peace;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, __________________

GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF _________________________________

DO HEREBY PROCLAIM December 31, 200_ through January 1, 200_ as the


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You can request a proclamation from your mayor and governor. Please contact us at peace@som.org
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