Proclamation of Peace

Here is the wording of the Moment of Peace proclamation that was sent to mayors, governors, presidents, and other governmental leaders around the world.


Whereas, our world is in the midst of change; and,

Whereas, the world is becoming an increasingly smaller place, where the thoughts and actions of one person have an immediate and profound influence on all the other citizens of our planet; and,

Whereas, our only hope of establishing peace among diverse peoples is through recognizing our connectedness and common dream of peace on earth; and,

Whereas, the School of Metaphysics, an organization founded to promote peace, understanding and goodwill within Self and among all people, is today establishing the World’s First Peace Dome as a universal site dedicated to peace;

We do hereby affirm that peace is an idea whose time has come.

We call upon humanity to stand united, responding to the need for peace.

We call upon each family to generate and nurture peace within the home.

We call upon each nation to encourage and support peace among its citizens.

We call upon each leader, be they in the private home, house of worship or place of labor, to be a living example of peace for only in this way can we expect peace to move across the face of the earth.

Now Therefore, I (leader's name), (Mayor/leader) of the city/country of (name), do hereby proclaim October 11, 2003 at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time, as a

Moment of Peace

in the city/country of (name)

For several years we have requested proclamations for the Universal Hour of Peace in cities and states across the United States. We have found that while many immediately see the vision and benefit for their citizens, thus issuing a proclamation in their land, some require a local citizen to make the request in order for it to be considered. Would you be willing to be that Peace Ambassador? If so please email us:

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