Hezekiah's Dream


A Dream of, for, and by

by Dr. Sheila Benjamin

Indigo Children

Hezekiah and I this week started out the week with a very strong connection. This happens when there are similar lessons we both are learning. Monday evening, May 3rd, starts with a flower garden Hezekiah wanted to plant. We learn the physical space of depth and distance as well as how like things look and grow together. The experience is a lesson of visualizing what you desire to happen, understanding the time and space between thoughts and the need in caring. (This is part of the Wesak energy going into the next day)

Little do I know that this lesson is the beginning of an expansive journey within each of our minds and the lives of others. The next morning I hear Hezekiah say to his mother, "At this rate I will be 50 years old before the octagon is built." He then parades down the hall past my room. He lets me know that he is going to count the change downstairs and invited me to come join him. I ask if he has talked with his mother, who usually teaches him in the AM hours. He does and returns to me.

Our next stop is the Chancellor of the College. We are going to find out if it is okay for us to count the change and direct this project. We are given permission and Hezekiah begins to place all the change from the jars onto the table. We are excited as our vision unfolds of all the possibilities. We decide to form a fund raiser idea that we want to do at Student Weekend. We need to get our ideas together so that we can present it to the Board of Governors Thursday night.

We went from having $128 on Tuesday May 4th to having $1182 by May 12th. Our goal is to be able to raise more than $100,000 by Oct 11, 2004. This is the amount we need to break ground for Octadome. Join us. We will let you know each month in Vibrations how close we are to this goal and the most recent developments.

We ask that you support this dream. We are going to be washing cars with all the other Indigo children as well as selling octagon cookies during student weekend May 21-23. Our goal is to raise $2600.

We send you our circle of Love,

Dr. Sheila and HEZEKIAH!


Hezekiah’s Dream
began the eve of Wesak when we went to the Kitchen for a snack before bedtime. Kiah asked, "Mommy, how old will you be when the Pyramid is built?" Distracted and a bit despondent over many years of inertia with the energy I sighed, "I’ll probably never see it." Immediately I regretted the moment.

Kie, who misses nothing, asked "How come?"

I disciplined my mind, "It will probably take 200 years, Kie."

Hezekiah believes in immortality so that didn’t phase him and the thought made me smile. My heart opened. "I’m sorry Kiah," I said, hugging him. "Mommy’s a bit tired. It doesn’t have to take that long."

The seed grew in Kie’s mind overnight. When he wandered out of the room the next morning I had no idea he would captivate Dr. Sheila, myself, and everyone at the College with his enthusiasm. All of this happened during the time of the lunar eclipse in the middle of Wesak! I could see the handwriting on the wall and it is BIG!

Visions kept coming to all of us throughout the day. All because one boy believes in the vision of the Pyramid and the Octadome. It just struck me as wonderfully positive. Most of the time you hear about kid’s dreams they are associated with tragedy. This child’s dream is a dream for all children, for all souls, for the evolution of humanity. That’s why we call it "Hezekiah’s Dream".

I want to help Hezekiah manifest his dream. Will you join us?

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Below, Kiah at the future site of the Octadome during the Peace Dome Dedication Day ceremonies in fall 2003.

We want YOU!

Send in your ideas of how we can raise $500,000 for the Octadome!

The College land was bought with pennies saved over 10 years by thousands of students,their friends and families. How will the current generation of SOM supporters fulfill this goal?

$10$25 $50 $100

Family $250

PeaceMaker $500

PeaceKeeper $1000

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Thank you for helping us reach our goal.

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