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This email plea reminded us of the Universal Hour of Peace and particularly of the "Moment of Peace" this year. Have you heard about the ?

What is "60 Seconds for Peace"?

The idea is simple:
"We the People" of the world are establishing a 60-second pause for peace in as many communities as possible across the globe... all on the same day, all at the same time. Sixty seconds of silence to Think, Reflect, Pray or Meditate on Peace.

Our vision is simple:
At precisely the same moment on 27/28 December 2003, at least one billion people will stop to think about peace. Every place of
business or commerce will pause for 60 seconds. Every radio and television station will pause for 60 seconds. Every person in
motion will pause for 60 seconds.

And think about peace.

We trust that the simplicity of this event will allow individuals, organizations and communities around the world to create their
own way of honoring the idea of peace for 60 seconds.

Register your participation now. Learn how at:

And pass it on!

Do it now.

Miracles happen all the time. Let's make this one happen.

We humbly ask that your organization join our international effort to create "60 Seconds for Peace" this December 27, 2003.

1. How? By registering your support immediately at:

2. Next, send out an email message to your entire database. (You can copy and paste the message below.)

3. Better yet, create your own event around "60 Seconds for Peace."

We only have a few weeks to create this a global miracle. Thank you for your consideration!

Dear Peace Partners,

Thank you for letting us know about you! From a group who has sponsored the Universal Hour of Peace, we are pleased to be a part of "60 Seconds for Peace." Any time consciousness aligns in time and space it creates a powerful vortex causing tremendous effects far beyond our conscious awareness. As Tad Messenger, a grad student, so eloquently described his experience, "60 Seconds for Peace’ felt like turning on a petal of the crown chakra making it stronger, lighter, more expansive."

In early 2001 at the School of Metaphysics World Headquarters site on the campus of the College of Metaphysics we began constructing a Peace Dome. As the Peace Dome took shape individuals began having transformative and moving experiences within it that led us to realize this structure was indeed a sacred structure, not ours alone but one we had been entrusted with that was to benefit the world. We dedicated the Peace Dome as a Universal Site for Peace on October 11 of this year.

It was within the upper chamber of this sacred site that we observed the "60 Seconds for Peace." At a few minutes before 3:00 (central time) we assembled together. We sat in a circle in the center of this large domed room and at 3:00 began reading the Universal Peace Covenant. "Peace is the breath of our spirit." The words circled the Peace Dome as each person in turn read a sentence from the Covenant until it was read in its entirety. "May peace be with us all ways. May peace prevail on earth."

Many noticed how the sentence that "fell" to each person was significant to them particularly. Laurie Biswell, COM grad student, was particularly touched by one of the lines she received to read. "By universal law I received the line ‘Peace is active, the motion of silence, of faith of accord, of service.’ This year I had the opportunity to portray Betty Williams, a Nobel peace Laureate, in a play about eight laureates coming together to read the Peace Covenant in the play, The Invitation. When I read that line I put together all that I had learned and experienced this year." The Universal Peace Covenant was penned by teachers of the School of Metaphysics in 1997-98. (Universal Peace Covenant is attached)

Paul Blosser, Field Director for the Chicago area describes, "After the reading of the Peace Covenant we sat in silence, then began singing a song ‘One in the Spirit.’ The song stayed with me till late in the night. I was vibrating." We continued singing the song through the rest of our experience.

In the center of the floor of the first level of the Peace Dome is a Peace Mandala received by its designer during a meditation in the upper chamber. Since dedication day we have been in the process of laying tiles within the mosaic. Each tile is placed with a thought of peace impressed in it from the one who lays it. This day we did so to commemorate the 60 seconds for Peace. First year College student Talina Woods assisted each one in laying a tile. "I felt like a reverent and humble servant to humanity," she said, "for with each tile I saw a single thought of peace reaching out to touch all the world."

After this, we gathered in the computer room where we viewed our newly updated website. Beautiful. We invite you to visit.

This entire activity lasted until about 4:00. Chris Sheehan, college student, commented about his experience, "I was grateful to be a part of other’s efforts to bring forth peace in our world. It helped me recognize the growing movement towards a global humanity. Peace Partners is alive and growing."

We, the students and faculty of the School of Metaphysics, invite you to join us as we celebrate the Universal Hour of Peace this New Year’s Eve. Since 1995 the School of Metaphysics has sponsored and observed the Universal Hour of Peace. Our idea, too, is simple, inviting participants to do whatever will bring them peace for that designated hour. The first year the Universal Hour of Peace was on October 24 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the United Nations and since then we have celebrated it at the New Year.

This New Year’s Eve, in conjunction with our Universal Hour of Peace, we are initiating something new. We want to create a wave of peace around the world in ONE VOICE. Each time the year changes at 12:00 midnight somewhere on our planet people will be joining together to read the Universal Peace Covenant. Here at the Peace Dome we will be reading the Covenant each hour (and other time zones as well) beginning Wednesday, December 31 at 4:00 a.m.

Each voice adds to make the ONE VOICE stronger, clearer, resonating with truth and compassion. As it states in the Covenant, "We call upon each leader, be they in the private home, house of worship or place of labor, to be a living example of peace for only in this way can we expect peace to move across the face of the earth." Please join us at 12:00 midnight in reading this beautiful document wherever you are and whomever you’re with. Then e-mail us here ( with stories of your experiences. May peace be with you all ways.•

For more information contact:
Dr. Barbara Condron or Dr. Pam Blosser
Peace Dome
College of Metaphysics
163 Moon Valley Road
Windyville, MO 65783 USA
Peace Dome • USA • tel. 417-345-8411 email:

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