The World Peace Bell will ring in the Moment of Peace!

Some years ago, one of the teachers in the Louisville, Kentucky School of Metaphysics found out about a bell called the World Peace Bell. Dr. Barbara Condron remembered hearing about it, and envisioned the bell ringing at the time we are creating a synchronized effort for people around the world to read the Universal Peace Covenant.

Through an internet search, I found the World Peace Bell which is located in Newport, KY, five minutes away from Cincinnati. It is the largest free standing bell in the world and was created to sound peace in the world. From a few phone calls, I found the man who is responsible for deciding when the bell rings. He had just assumed this post the week before I called, and was very intrigued by the World’s First Peace Dome and our synchronized Moment of Peace.

Brian Plunkett, the man who coordinates the activities around the World Peace Bell, was thrilled to agree to sounding the bell during the Moment of Peace. The bell will ring at 2 pm Eastern Time, which is 1 pm Central Time. He is also interested in inviting local dignitaries like the mayor and perhaps governor to come to a ceremony at that time.

When Brian heard about the Healing Wall, he offered to send a piece of the original casting from the bell. The bell was manufactured in France and the original casting material is being sent over here to the United States. –Dr. Laurel Clark, Gifting Ceremony coordinator

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