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Gandhi Peace Awards...and more

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World Prayer Society

The Peace Alliance
an amazing people's initiative for Departments of Peace throughout the world

Over 200,000 Peace Poles have been planted on the Earth since the 1950's. One of them is on the College of Metaphysics campus.

PUERTO RICO An inspiring and enlightening three-day meeting for imagining a different and better world. The first meeting of the Alliance for the New Humanity drew authors, former presidents and vice-presidents, artists, Nobel laureates, film producers, 17 year old Indigos, and grandmothers from around the world. Here's what they talked about.

Our Expanding Consciousness
"...Now expand this Circle of Love to each continent and across the entire globe until the entire planet is filled with this Light and Love..." This is part of a spiritual exercise that is practiced at the end of every class in the School of Metaphysics.......

"India is not child’s play."
These were parting words spoken as our National Guide, Pran Jalai, was saying his goodbyes to our delegation. "Well put, " I thought as I glanced out the bus window. It was after 11:00 p.m. and we were driving through Delhi...

Everyday we make new some of them here
Lifting up the
World for Peace.....

Sri Chinmoy's story

World Peace Bell

Gandhi Peace Awards...and more

Billion for Peace

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