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a 13 Step Taraka Yoga Protocol
designed to guide your thinking into an elevated understanding of love

"I was very surprised at how I felt during and after. I could feel myself become more centered and directed as we moved into the Taraka Yoga movement. I could feel memories and feelings melt away. I could see the goodness within me and I felt very peaceful. I was light inside and out.

It has been much easier for me to see myself as a spiritual being since doing this movement."
– LHudson, construction supervisor

"I've learned to love experiencing emotion, particularly sadness during these eight years. I've learned to be with the emotion rather than turning away form it because of a false belief that feeling emotion meant I was weak in some way. I've had experiences shared with others, teaching to stay with emotion rather than escape into the intellectual world.

"The love that I experience, love for creation, teaching and counseling could not be possible if I had not learned to be with emotion. The Taraka Yoga helped me to become aware of how the past eight years have led me to this point and I really do feel as though there is a major shift coming in the next time frame. Thank you!"

–TMartin, medical technologist

"This Taraka Yoga aided me to trace how I have evolved my understanding of love – becoming more patient, empathetic, sensitive, and compassionate. It is no accident that these are the qualities I have wanted to receive from others! As I've developed these qualities in myself, I am fulfilling what I thought I needed form someone else ..... which enables me to be more loving and unconditional in my giving." –LClark, author and teacher

What is Taraka Yoga?

Taraka Yoga is a sequence of events created in thoughts which unlock thought structures around a specific experience. The Keys to Your Heart is a Taraka Yoga focusing on a time period; the years 2004 through 2012.

What do the words Taraka Yoga mean?

Both words come from the oldest language on the planet, Sanskrit. Taraka means "causing to cross over" and yoga means "union", so a Taraka Yoga is an exercise supporting Whole Mind thinking. Taraka Yogas afford an opportunity to spiritualize the practitioners consciousness. The exercises employ the essence of the seven paths of yoga that spring from the yogic triad of Raja, Jnana, and Krishna yogas.

"Because of the nature of the sequences, there is no need for prior yoga experience," says Barbara O'Guinn Condron, the creator of this yoga. "The individual brings the Self to the endeavor, and this Self is the focal point of the consciousness work. The movements can be repeated as often as desired, and each time the sense of I Am consciousness will shift according to the choices of the practitioner. Taraka Yogas give a panoramic and kaleidoscope view of reality."

How was The Keys to Your Heart created?

The Keys to Your Heart is a response to the once in a lifetime opportunity, presented by the Venus Transits, for quantum leaps in our awareness of love. Venus transits are astronomical events occurring at either 105 or 121-year intervals. They always come in pairs and the pairs are eight years apart. This Venus Transit time begin June 8, 2004 and will culminate June 6, 2012. The Keys to Your Heart explores this time period in the individual's life in such a way that the understanding of love and Self comes to light.

What does The Keys to Your Heart involve?

This Taraka Yoga is presented in 13 steps. To be accomplished in one sitting will require about three hours of your time, so the practitioner will want to set aside a morning, afternoon or evening that is free from distractions. Condron has delineated natural break points in the yoga for those who want to stretch the experience over several days. She recommends, if this is your choice, that you remain faithful each day to your progression through the yoga. Each step needs to be taken within a 24-hour period of time.

"The beauty of exercising Mind in this way, is the lingering effect," says Condron. "Taraka Yogas rearrange our thinking. They ask us to explore, to stretch, to evaluate, to resolve, to commit – mentally, emotionally, and physically. The result is a spiritual feng shui in the way we understand reality. The effects of this elevation of consciousness are immediate and tend to surface for weeks and months to come because the shifts are profound."

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