Oneness Celebration
June 8, 2004

One Voice Tuesday June 8th

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When I think of the Venus transit
I think of the teachings of the Tao.


Know the aggressive quality of the male
while maintaining the receptive quality of the female

be the receptive, feminine principle, the maid
being the receptive, feminine principle, the maid of the world

your permanent power will not depart

when your permanent power does not depart
you will achieve the qualities of infancy

Know the bright
be determined when encountering darkness
and you will be an example for the world

Being an example for the world
permanent power is fulfilled

when permanent power is fulfilled
you will achieve the infinite
expansion of consciousness

–from The Tao Te Ching
Interpreted & Explained
by Dr. Daniel R. Condron

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In a few days the planet Venus will pass across our Sun. The journey will take almost seven hours creating a moment in time that will symbolize the death of the age of Pisces and the birth of the Aquarian Age. In astronomical talk this is called a Venus transit meaning that the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun producing a sight on the disc of the Sun.

Venus conjuncting the Sun has occurred before. The most recent time was 1882. Over a century before that – in 1761 and 1769 – the transit coincided with the European "Age of Enlightenment" which was marked by a common goal of different national scientific societies to determine the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Expeditions to 77 different locations on the Earth during the Transit in 1769 gave the needed data to ascertain the distance of the Earth from the Sun. Scientists working together in this way transformed the influence science has had on the world every since.

There is every indication, every available opportunity for the coming Venus transit to have such an impact in the present and future of humanity. So what might this influence be? Let’s talk about it in light of the astrological makeup of the day.

The Sun will be in the Sign of Gemini as Venus crosses between it and the Earth. Communicating the whole picture is the life purpose of the Gemini. Venus is the energy of receptivity. It is often described as true femaleness and linked with personal love and intimate relatedness in our physical world. In a global sense the Venus transit will be a personal experience of the inner urge to express Universal Love. More people will awaken to the reality of the Circle of Love.

In your individual life, the love of the Creator, the cosmic energy that will pour from the Sun during this time, will fill us. I plan to be awake for it, not wanting to miss a moment. As I learn about the influences of these few hours I think of King Janaka intoxicated by the Creator. We all - everyone on Earth - have the opportunity to know such bliss and tears of joy.

The Pisces moon will be waning and it will square Mercury which will also be in Gemini. On a personal level this means a great opportunity to realize ideals through communication. Meditators will experience visions. Those working together in groups will become inspired to shed old beliefs allowing new ones to emerge. This will cause major shifts in how you see yourself and your world (moon conjunct Uranus which is also in Pisces). What is communicated during this time will transform how we communicate, and most probably why. What a perfect experience right in the middle of the Year of the Open Heart!

As I researched the astrological makeup of the day, what stood out to me is that the influences point to a Universal movement from Pisces into Aquarius. If there would be a moment in time when the Age of Pisces passes and the Age of Aquarius is born, June 8, 2004 would be it. In the hours of the Venus transit, the pathway home to God (sun) will manifest in our ability to be love (Venus retrograde) with one another. With the help of Jupiter in Virgo we will seek to expand our world view through service, thus fulfilling the collective dharma of the planet. My mind goes to all the Light working groups on the planet today, some religious, some morality-based, all seeking to have good in mind. I think of friends in other countries we have met because of the Peace Dome. By remembering where we came from (Cancer Saturn), we will understand the effect of what we have caused, I think of what our increasing materialism does daily to the environment - rainforest pharmacies, entire civilizations in our oceans, etc. - and I think about the United States’ presence in Iraq.

Perhaps the greatest indicator in all of this is Neptune in Aquarius. In a statement this means: the Universal Love energies bring transcendence through living scientifically. This aspect reflects so well the value of the School of Metaphysics on the planet at this time for if there ever existed a scientific way to study, explore, and manifest the art of Universal Love, the School of Metaphysics offers it!

At the Peace Dome we will be reading the Universal Peace Covenant every hour beginning at midnight through 5 a.m. (CDT) Tuesday June 8, 2004. Please join us wherever you are on the planet during this time.

Click here to read the Universal Peace Covenant

Some are recognizing the potential in this moment. The Oneness Celebration, an effort to form a modern day collaboration of Light workers, is such a group. One of this movement’s guiding lights is the man who brought the Harmonic Convergence to global attention in 1987 . Here, at the College of Metaphysics, we will join with light workers worldwide in a global meditation on the 8th. What a wonderful way to show our gratitude to the world for helping us dedicate the Peace Dome last October and adding their voice to ONE VOICE each New Year’s Eve!

The Peace Dome will be responsive to the energies of the Venus transit. Our activities in the Peace Dome, beginning at 11:13 pm Monday night and concluding at 5:13 am Tuesday morning, will span the entire time that this Venusian energy will be bathed in the Sun’s light. Where will you be during this time? What will your consciousness center upon? Yes, some will say...."But, Dr. Barbara, some of us have to work for a living!" Do not be distracted by physical desires. Invite your boss and coworkers to participate! As souls learning how to be whole, functioning Selves we must live in a world beyond convenience as a measure of value. The Venus transit gives all of us a stimulus for increasing that measure.

I sometimes hear people say, "I need to love myself." With Venus retrograde (meaning the energies are turned inward) conjuncting the Sun (the essence, the fundamental central life purpose, the basic level of perception and values) in Gemini (kindhearted, active mind seeking illumination of duality), THE TIME HAS COME! This is the moment you have been waiting for. One of the best ways to receive this unique cosmic love energy will be to practice something every student learns – meditation! Wherever you choose to be during this night’s hours, you can align your consciousness with God and humanity through a Rheem meditation.

Seize this moment! Let’s join in a united effort to connect the energy of the Peace Dome with the energy in each SOM and then the world. It is a most beautiful way of experiencing ONE VOICE. For those of you who are willing– dream dreams together and make plans in your city now. Just imagine beginning a class on Monday night (before the transit) and Tuesday night (post-transit)! What a wonderful manifestation of those astrological influences that will be! What science!

Email your plans to headquarters and we will send them back out so everyone is aware of what is occurring throughout SOM. We will also post it on our so others might unite with you or be sparked by our efforts. As more details of what will occur in the Peace Dome that you might want to harmonize with (like reading the Universal Peace Covenant and Circles of Love) are determined we will pass the information on.

I am looking forward to how my consciousness can grow and change in this time period leading up to, including, and moving beyond this transit all the way to when its partner (Venus transits come in pairs) arrives on June 6, 2012(!) arrives. These will be awesome years of true Heart energy. I look forward to sharing them with you. I send my Circle of Love,

Dr. Barbara Condron, School of Metaphysics Gov. International Education

June, 2004

The second VENUS TRANSIT will occur on June 6, 2012. Follow the Healing Wall dedication plans for observance of this astronomical event. For info from NASA, click here For more information contact:
Peace Dome
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