.....Oneness Celebration June 8, 2004

Peace Dome Experiences Tuesday June 8th

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Laurie Biswell, college grad student
This night began for me several weeks before. I could feel the pressure of the energies in the earth. As this night began to get closer I felt the energy pulsating, vibrating increasing as time past. Others had expressed their sensations of this force as well so I knew it had to be a universal experience.
For the past three months I had become fascinated by a bright star that was in the sky. This star was brighter than any of the other stars in the sky. I would look up at it and used it as a concentration focal point. The star seemed to dance and be siloueted in brightness. I later discovered that this star was the planet Venus and it would soon move across our sun and that this is an occurrence that only happens ever one hundred and twenty years. I came to love that star, it called to me and I am comforted.

Jaqie Clair, college student
All week I was on an emotional roller coaster. Energy was definitely flowing through me. My heart was so full of love and I could feel the old brain pathway trying to close it off with the feeling of unworthiness to receive the amount of love I was feeling all week long. Making new choices to overcome those old brain pathways I felt a contraction which led to an expansion later on the night of the actual transition.

June 7, 2004
Nicholas Zajac, college student
The whole day before that night, soooooo much was going on within everyone. I could feel the love energy moving throughout the campus. Each one of us was doing something different with their energy, thoughts and feelings. Some were looking more deeply at each other with gratitude for the abundance of love that is here and desiring to embody it more. There was a strange uneasiness within the group. The quality of energy was so different from what I think many of us had known before. Myself I felt like I could melt all over everyone. In tears, in hugs... letting the holiness of the present moment wash over all of us bringing us closer together.

Dr. Laurel Clark, college faculty member, governor
I drove into the College of Metaphysics on Monday, after responding to needs of students in St. Louis during the day. When I arrived, I felt the energy of anticipation. Most of the female students were dressed up, as if ready to teach a class, embodying receptivity in every level of expression. Everything seemed quiet, and Nicholas told me that most people were preparing for the upcoming transit by being in silence. Not so with Hezekiah, who whooped with joy and swooped me up with his excitement. He asked if we could play together, which I joyfully accepted. I love that exuberant soul, and how fitting to bring in this evening sharing it with him. We played Master Mind (a game of reasoning and telepathy) and told each other stories.

6:00 pm
Laurie: I was asked by Dr. Barbara to prepare the Dome Chapel. This I considered and honor. As I prepare the dome I felt like I was preparing for the coming of the bride. Everything is set.

9:30 pm
Laurie: The energy around campus felt like christmas. Remembering of child like joy awaiting, anticipating the moment of magic. I headed out to the Dome and looked up once again to our star friend, Venus. It seemed so far away yet I believe I could see the planet itself. I am centered. I am calm.
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