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One of the unique opportunities present for students in the School of Metaphysics is the creation of hand-crafted books. Many of the books published by The School of Metaphysics are printed here on our college campus under the direction of the School of Metaphysics President Dr. Pam Blosser, lovingly collated and bound by students, and trimmed at the Springfield School of Metaphysics by students and teachers there. In our modern day world of mass production this way of creating books gives students the direct experience of the thoughts that they have, the consciousness that those thoughts create and how these thoughts are transmitted through every page that they touch. In this account, Mari Hammersly, a current College of Metaphysics student, relates her experiences of collating the book Kundalini Poetry.

The Power of Kundalini

The first time I went to collate in the chapel, almost immediately I perceived an energy. And it got stronger and stronger as I walked around the tables, picking up pages in order to compile a single volume. It moved within me. After 45 minutes, I stopped collating and went to meditate. I was amazed. It was one of the best meditations that I’ve had for a long time. My body was calm, my mind very still, awake, and aware. And as I continued, I experienced an incredible oneness with God. Afterward, I wondered how I had caused such a powerful meditation. The only difference I could find was I had just collated the Kundalini Poetry book. Here was the power of all the thoughts that the poets had put into their works--their experience, light, truth, love. Here was Kundalini still in motion stimulating mine to rise in response. My chakras were spinning and my consciousness aligned. The fruit was my powerful Kundalini meditation. I was so excited that I just had to tell everyone at dinner that evening.

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I could hardly wait to collate again. The second time I did, I had another quite different experience. As I moved around the table, touching each page of the book, I felt suddenly sad--so sad that the tears ran down my cheeks. As I am about to complete my time as a College student, I thought of all the things that I would miss about the College, the excitement of the nearly constant opportunity to learn, the spiritual friends, the amazing creations. I wondered if I would ever have those things again. Then an incredible peace came over me, a sense that because I had lived these things, wherever I am I can create them and others. This time the affect of the Kundalini aided me to face what was foremost in my mind and to take another step in understanding the fear of loss I have been working to heal all year long. As I told this story at dinner, someone jokingly said he’d better get a copy of that book, put it under his pillow and sleep on it.

Sounds like a great idea. Try it tonight!

Mari Hamersley

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