The Harmonics
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The Harmonics

Since the August 1987 Harmonic Convergence, many global meditations have occurred and ALL with open eyes have witnessed changes in our world. This time, you can be a conscious part of inviting this transition. Every awake Mind adds to the whole. Every individual who accelerates his/her evolution has a direct and indirect effect on the elevation of the level of humanity's consciousness. Take a look at the following from David Hawkins' calibration work.

* one person calibrating at 300 counterbalances 90,000 less than 200

* one person calibrating at 500 (love is a state of being) counterbalances 750,000 less than 200

* one person calibrating at 600 (peace) counterbalances 10 million less than 200

* one person calibrating at 700 (U.S. Constitution) counterbalances 70 million

* one person calibrating at 1000 (Jesus, Gautama) counterbalances all negativity

Now reflect upon the influence of one person. We are entering potentially enLIGHTening times. Be well and enjoy these days!

For years, the full moon in Gemini has been the third part of a triads of festivals bringing Christ Love and Buddha Wisdom into the earth. European spiritualists at the end of the 19th century worked to unify the Western and Eastern teachings of consciousness. Because of the efforts of an organization called Lucis Trust, these teachings have been celebrated this time of year as Invocation Day since 1952.

When we dedicated the Peace Dome in 2003 as a universal site of peace, Lucis Trust was one of our Peace Partners. They were one of the first to publish the Universal Peace Covenant in their quarterly digest encouraging their worldwide membership to celebrate the Universal Hour of Peace with us. As part of World Invocation Day ceremonies they encourage people worldwide to read "The Great Invocation"; the test can be found in any Alice Bailey book. "The Great Invocation" appears in all her titles just as "Gloria in excelsis Deo" appears in David Hawkins' books and the Universal Peace Covenant appears in all SOM books. These are powerful thoughts that guide humanity to a greater Light.

by Barbara Condron

In the future, all spiritual men and women will honor the same holy days. In a united prayerful effort they will produce a simultaneous voice that will have a potent effect in our world. This is why we recite the Universal Peace Covenant every day in the Peace Dome. It is why we invite all people to join us as One Voice on July 26th each year. It is why we celebrate the Peace Wave at the turn of the years during the Universal Hours of Peace.

Perhaps the greatest light is shown upon the Second Harmonic Convergence by a quick five-minute Google scan of some high-ranking events occurring on Earth May 27, 2010. These events point to the true reality of the Harmonic Convergence.

gov 2.0 Expo in Washington DC
Join us May 25-27, 2010 at the Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington, DC for this groundbreaking convergence of public/private sector and civic engagement.

The largest annual global networking and learning event on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing of Asia and Europe. Theme for 2010: "Values and Leadership in Finance."

United Nations NGO conference in Casablanca, Morocco
People, Forests and the Environment: Coexisting in Harmony

3rd Annual Global Forum of the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Rio De Janeiro
The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations seeks to address widening rifts between communities and societies by reaffirming a paradigm of mutual respect among peoples of different cultural and religious backgrounds and by helping to mobilize concerted action towards this end. It aims to bridge the world’s divides and to build trust and understanding across cultures and communities worldwide.

Whether or not people are spiritually aware in their conscious minds, the Harmonies are being evidenced in the world. Through the years I have heard the voices of those who reach a difficult passage in their journey to enlightenment and are deciding to stay where they are or to turn back. It reminds me of the U.S. settlers who came to the great plains and decided their California dream was an Oklahoma one instead. Or the U.S. space program that set its sights on the Moon and beyond and now (seemingly) lacks the capacity to accomplish a feat in today's modern and increasingly virtual world.

"If we're all going to evolve anyway, "why do we have to (study, practice, serve, change, decide, judge, insert your own verb here)?" they say as they build their house on the new ground. "If not this lifetime, maybe next."


Such thinking leaves its creator in the boundaries of a linear, cause and effect universe. This is a Newtonian universe where relativity is limited to one thing leads to another. This is the reality of the physical world.

Consciousness is a different reality.

Our Universe is more than a Newtonian one of linear causes and effects. Quantum physics is exploring these worlds and will be for centuries to come. This is the world where one person is gifted and another cursed, for seemingly no reason, at the caprice of a greater power be it the Creator, the Source, or the fates.
Choice lifts life above fate and circumstance. Choice says we are intelligent beings capable of sound judgement. Last century in America, it was known by the term "common sense". In the new world view, a new common sense will emerge in time. Whether that common sense will be noticeably different will depend upon YOU.

In the post-Newtonian levels of awareness, the poor can become rich by the luck of the draw (think lottery) and the rich can become poor by the luck of the drawn (think stock market crashes). One day an athlete breaks worlds records, the next he is paralyzed by a "freak accident." One day a child's birth brings hope and promise to a family, the next day a parent manifests a fatal disease.

Leave your evolution to chance, fate, the unraveling of the Divine Plan? Not a reasonable idea. The Plan is for YOU to choose wisely. Refrain and you retard your progress.

The word harmony comes from the Latin/Greek harmonia meaning articulation, agreement, joint. Harmony is one of the sectors of the Christ Seed, the six emotional doorways to love. It is defined as a pleasing combination of elements in a whole.
In my work with the Christ Seed, I have observed a tendency in people to disconnect from the supernatural harmonious state because their outer consciousness becomes consumed with who they are pleasing in their outer life. Some even make choices based upon whether what they are choosing will or will not please someone else. Such practices lead the attention away from the True Self, away from the Center of Being, and so result in disharmonious conditions of head and heart. These incoherencies are the progenitor of every potential elevation of consciousness. Choice is the determining factor.

Every great master has taught these principles. Buddha taught about Right Thought and Right Action. Krishna taught the path of renunciation of rewards of action. Jesus taught to seek first the kingdom of Heaven and the righteousness of God, then all else would be added you. There are Universal Truths that run through the consciousness of the Spirit that gives life to every living thing.

Harmony arises in the mind of one who respects their place in the Universe. Harmony is the experience of cooperation and the recognition that all parts make up the whole. We can see it in nature. In the rise and fall of tides, in the fruit-bearing trees that feed the birds that seed the land for more plants to grow.

When we think of personal evolution, harmony exists when we realize there exists a connection between today and three centuries ago, and two millennia ago, and five eras ago. Our journey is more than a Newtonian cycle. It is a Quantum spiral of life. This realization is the essence of the harmonic convergence, and it can happen at any moment.

We choose.

In the Newtonian world, we choose the productive. We choose what creates a positive field where life can exist and resurrect itself. In the Quantum worlds, we choose how this field will evolve. By honoring both, the choices converge. Convergence is defined as moving toward union or uniformity. An example of this is the coordinated movement of the two eyes so that the image of a single point is formed on corresponding retinal areas. This ability, which people usually accept without question, enables us to see in three dimensions. In the space where everything converges - past, present, future or cosmic, Self, quanta – dimensions arise and we are aware of Self as creator.

The Harmonics are moments in time and space for our planet and universe to experience the coming together of parts of a whole. The first Harmonic Converge of modern times occurred in 1987 and according to Dr. David Hawkins (author of Power v. Force) humanity took a significant leap in levels of consciousness in the following years. I expect this Second Harmonic Convergence may well catapult humanity to 250 on Hawkin's Map of Consciousness. This is the level of neutrality, an essential factor in harmonics.

New connections will be revealed to you in the energy field of the Harmonic Convergence. If you have yet to receive a report, request one now. This intention at this time will set into motion energies that will serve your whole Self. Make where you are, who you are with, what activities you perform, what you eat and drink, what you look at, touch, hear, smell, taste by harmonious choices. Allow your understanding of Harmonic Convergence to affect what you think and speak.

If you have yet to receive an Intuitive Report, request one now. This intention at this time will set into motion energies that will serve your whole Self.

Keep a journal.
Record your dreams.
Practice the Harmonic Taraka Yoga.
Seek inner harmony and guidance.

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