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Open with an aligning of the inner and outer. The Harmonic Concordance focuses on trine energy. Allowing the energy to stream, allowing it to pass through you is an important aspect of this yoga.

We begin with two mudras, the jnana and the chin. Mudra means "seal". Mudras are spiritual gestures made with the hands. They have been described as an energetic seal of authenticity, and can be seen in religious iconography and pictographs around the world. Mudras can be positions of the physical body, yet the most common usage of the term regards positioning of the fingers and hands. The two mudras you will practice here utilize both hands simultaneously.

From the Sanskrit, jnana means knowledge or wisdom. To create the form of jnana the index fingers on each hand touch the root of the thumbs forming a circle, the remaining fingers are extended. This forms what will be familiar to some as a hand sign for "okay". With Jnana, the thumbs are pointed down toward the ground.

Chin means to think. This form is created the same way, by the index fingers touching each thumb. This time the hands are upturned with thumbs pointing upward.

The movement of the hands and arms create a figure eight, the sign of infinity.

1 Begin by touching the thumbs of each hand in front of your heart. Arms will be a comfortable distance from your body. The right hand is on top, palm facing out, the left on the bottom, palm facing toward body.

2 When movement begins the right hand rises, pulling away from the left hand which descends, pulling in the opposite direction. It is as though a thread exists between the two hands. Each are pulling on the string, letting it release from the point of origin when the thumbs touched.

3 As the right hand comes up above the head it moves in an arc, extended out to the right and away from the side of the body. This creates a large arc. The hand comes back in toward the body and as it brushes past the thigh, it comes up to take the place originally held by the left hand, thumb pointing up and palm now facing toward the body.

4 Simultaneous to #3. The left hand moves down until the arm is fully extended. The arm then sweeps out to the left, extended and away from the body. This creates a half-circle to the top of the head then comes down in front of the head to the heart, thumb pointing down, meeting with the right hand.

5 When executed properly, the arms move in reflective and contralateral fashion creating an imaginary circle drawn by both hands and connecting at the point of origin.

6 Again the two hands begin to pull apart, making a returning journey back to their point of origin. In this way the arms create the sign of infinity.

7 The breathing is long and clear. Inhaling as the hands and arms move until they reach a momentary point of opposition symbolized by each arm extending away from the body at shoulder level. Then as the hands continue to move the slow exhale through the mouth, the hands meet and as they pull apart the inbreath returns.

In this way the body and breath create constant motion, experiencing the release of trine energy - easy, gentle, invigorating, freeing.

8 Repeat a complete cycle at least six times, or until you can feel the alignment of the inner and the outer Self.

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