Harmonic Convergence
May 27-28, 2010

Where will You be during this week's Harmonic Convergence


We thank the Moon and the stars,

who give us their light

when the Sun retires....

We thank the Great Spirit,

incarnation of all kindness,

who directs all things
 for the good of Its children.

–Native American Indian Prayer

begins a cosmic countdown to the year 2012 that brings an ending and a new beginning to social, political, economic and geological cycles for America and the World. The LIVING PROPHECY that we are now voyaging through has many names ascribed to it, as it has been foretold by countless cultures and religions. The Hopi say we’re closing the 4th World of Destruction, preparing to begin the 5th World of peace. The Qui’che Maya declare that on December 21, 2012 we enter the 5th World Age - The Age of the Center. All common themes in the array of prophecy that we are processing and purifying all the imbalances of the dying world age.
We are transiting an era founded on duality and the turning away from the Great SPIRIT, resulting in greed, corruption, blind materialism and disconnection from Mother Earth. Collectively, we are poised at the brink of a World Age Rebirth, in which we enter new domains of consciousness and manifestation, redeeming the previous ages.
© Carl Johan Calleman, 2004

"We are moving to an Age of Peace and Harmony, summarized in the ancient Mayan greeting In Lak'ech or "I am another you." Other spiritual movements have similar traditions. Egyptian and Vedic traditions describe the transformation of consciousness. The Incans, the Hopi, and the Keys of Enoch discussed the return of the Children of Light and the rise in spirituality and decline in religion.

During the last fifty years, Share International has been predicting the emergence of Maitrayea, the world teacher for the new age, and the remainder of a hierarchical of spiritual masters, including the Christ, the fifth Buddha, the Imam Mahdi, and the Messiah. There have been recent writings, such as Lee Carroll's Indigo Children, that describe a higher form of consciousness and awareness that is emerging today – an emergence that is visible as an indigo-colored aura surrounding these gifted children, many of whom are misunderstood today. Astrologers have been predicting our movement from the Age of Pisces, marked by 5,000 years of idealism and patriarchy, to the multi-centuries lifespan of the Age of Aquarius. This new age will be noted by the resurgence of the power of "the total group" in the raising of consciousness. The Age of Aquarius also will bring back the divine Feminine to create a balance in "unity" consciousness – a healing of the energies between the masculine and the feminine."

Donald O'Dell, author of How the Bible became the Bible

by Barbara Condron

There is a Master Plan of creation and as humanity stands with feet firmly planted on the ground and arms reaching toward the heavens, we can now receive what we have been seeking since the beginning of time as we've known it. May 27-28 marks the Second Harmonic Convergence and I hope what I say here will shed light upon what that means on many levels.

Describing this time in this way comes from Mayan teachings. I have been functioning in harmony with those – whether consciously or unconsciously, Consciously or Subconsciously – for the duration of this lifetime. In the beginning of this incarnation my brain was programmed with middle class American values by Christian evangelical parents. My subconscious mind was attuned to the Mayan incarnation centuries ago which was described in a significant Past Life Profile I received early in studies at School of Metaphysics. That was 35 years ago, even so, it is only in recent years that I have become consciously attentive to researching the Mayans and the time keeping system.

For this reason, I was, for the most part, unconscious about where I was during the first Harmonic Convergence. Yes, I remember it being talked about and even some news coverage of people gathering at sacred sites around the world. The main headline was how traffic was stopped on the Golden Gate Bridge. The images of Haight-Ashbury drug-cultured hippies were strong in the media's minds and the conventional wisdom amounted to something like "just what do they think they are doing?"

Well, it turns out "they" were doing a lot by being.

I don't remember where I was on August 16 and 17, 1987. My mother's birthday was the 16th so I suppose I called her. I probably taught class on Monday, or perhaps gave intuitive reports or a lecture. Although the details escape my memory, the consciousness work is very clear in my memory. After studying and teaching metaphysics for 12 years, I knew what it meant for the sun, moon, and six out of eight planets to align in our solar system. I also knew astrology guides rather than dictates. It was this planetary alignment that signaled the Harmonic Convergence. I had been an SOM graduate for eight years, had served in all leadership capacities including a term as President, and was directing three dozen people in the Revelation Cantata to be performed at the end of the month. We had spent two years composing music for the text of the Book of Revelation and practicing conveying its truth and imagery.

The most outstanding consciousness movement happening in my mind, and for all of us at the School of Metaphysics, was the preparations to host a Founder's Day on the 29th of the month. Founder's Day was the first time the student body came together to honor those who had opened school branches since the SOM's founding in 1973. It was a fulfilling day. We shared the vision of what we could see coming – additional schools throughout the US and the world, the growth of the fledgling College of Metaphysics, the development of the then-International Church of Metaphysics, a proposed Health and Healing Center, a broadcasting station. Keep in mind, these were the days before personal computers and the internet took over the consciousness of the world. The dreams came from within us, outward. We were walking the walk, talking the talk, being change we would see in the world long before the ideas became posters or T-Shirt slogans. We were actively preparing for the shifts in consciousness that would awaken people to their need to study Mind and consciousness. We knew Intuitive, Spiritual Man was on the horizon.

Students who practice concentration, meditation, and visualization – the Crown Jewels of Consciousness – have the opportunity to be conscious in the whole Mind this week, each according to his/her ability and willingness. For me, Harmonic Convergence 2 is a second chance to be more fully awake, responsive, and accountable to the Universe I live in. I know where I will be on Thursday and Friday and I have an openly receptive idea of what I will be experiencing. After a radio show Thursday morning, I will go to the Peace Dome. I have already told my son I intend to stay there throughout the Harmonic Convergence time. He doesn't really understand, although having said that in some ways he is probably more consciously awake than I was in 1987. I know he will remember the day his mom did this. I expect he will even join me at some point for silence and meditation. It is so easy to teach when we are mindful. I have learned this simple Truth in my decades of teaching teachers.

So, with this I am encouraging you to be awake, to be conscious, to be keenly intentional with your Mind on May 27-28. For guiding your consciousness in Light, participate whole-heartedly in the Global Lucid Dreaming Experiment the 26-27-28. You can register at then check your emails daily for instructions and follow them! They are designed to align your consciousness with the energies available and aid you to document the shift as communicated in your dreams. Feel free to email your dreams and stories in so we can document these changes.

Around 7 p.m. (EDT) on Thursday, you may want to take yourself through the Taraka Yoga first experienced at the Peace Dome in November 2003. This sequence of movements in thoughts/actions harmonize the Mind for Self realization by attuning it to the present moment. Those wanting to experience this union should allow at least three hours for Self exploration. You can begin here.

Enjoy your time of conscious convergence. Eternity has arrived.

In Lak'lech,

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