Harmonic Concordance
The Original celebration November 8, 2003

One Voice

The Revelation of Wholeness

"...perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself."

Just one month after the dedication of the Peace Dome as a universal site for peace, College of Metaphysics residents gathered in the first floor to celebrate the Harmonic Concordance of 2003. Our common purpose was to prepare our hearts and minds for the lunar eclipse meditation that COM Chancellor Dr. Daniel Condron would lead in half an hour.

To accomplish this, Dr. Barbara Condron created a special Taraka Yoga multidimensional experience that would illumine the astrological phenomena known as the Harmonic Concordance that was taking place in the Heavens light years away. A man named John Mirehiel discovered this unique astrological chart on August 28, 1998. He was the person who named the sextile formation of five planets and Chiron "the Harmonic Concordance of 2003." He realized this was not the chart of an individual but of Mother Earth herself. This chart depicts a potentially amazing time when the human race can change the external reality into one that is new, hopeful, and beautiful. This moment represents not the end of life but a new beginning.

The Harmonic Concordance began with the lunar eclipse Nov. 8 and will continue until the solar eclipse on Nov. 23. This period of time is an amazing release of energies relative to your purpose for being here.

The Harmonic Concordance chart looks like a multi-dimensional mandala in sacred geometry, a star tetrahedron. Mirehiel says, "The great promise of this Harmonic Concordance Moment is that its potential may be assessed at any moment. Quantum physicists speak of ‘nonlocal’ reality as comprising the basic structural ‘field’ that supports and sustains all life. In this reality, time and space do not exist. This is the place from which we are able to see the Universal Perfection in All That Is; and it is from this vantage point that we can step through the Concordance paradox and into a divine state of existence, right now Spirit will respond to any individual up-reach, at any time. This is the symbolism inherent in the interlocking triangles of the Star of David pattern. It is therefore the great paradox of the Concordance Moment that if you wait until November 8, 2003, to experience it, you might well miss it completely!"

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The mathematical calcuations linking the significant planets in our solar system create the pattern revered athropologically, philosophically, and religiously throughout the ages. It has been known as the Sri Yantra of Eastern teachings and as the Star of David/Seal of Solomon in Western teachings. The influence of this configuration in the heavens bathed Earth with a new level of vibrational energy never experienced before.

If you believe that because you didn’t know about these heavenly matters in November, 2003 you missed them – think again! The energies they ignited are present NOW. What are they and what do they mean in your life? Learn more about this configuration and how it affects you by going through the Taraka Yoga experience designed especially for the Harmonic Concordance.

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