DREAMING PEACE...the dreams of Saturday AM
When people gather for a common ideal and purpose, their minds begin to harmonize. Goodwill, love, and peace are experienced in such groups. What is being dreamed in the day time often finds its way into our dreams. We dream of one another, and sometimes we even communicate with each other in our dreams.

Here, several of those attending the 2010 Peace Conference share the dreams of Saturday morning. Explore them. See how they speak to you. Say to yourself, "If that was my dream...."

Holly, Kim, Diantha, & Jesse relax at the close of the day

Terrence Bellows

This was an image throughout sleep.  I kept seeing a street with some fairly large housing and there was above time a young man who saw a building that I think used to a YMCA.  It was 2 stories and all windows all around it.  The guy wanted the School of Metaphysics to buy the building and then we found out it would be over $5000.  He thought that was really cool.

The Cherokee taught their youth....



Elizabeth Horton

There was a peace event going on at SOM.  Many SOM people were there. My focus was to assist the many people who came.  They seemed to be continual. Teachers and leaders served.  We kept on serving. 

Tad and Karen had a lot of discussion about food.  He showed her some really nice fish he bought at a really expensive price.  We cooked it and served it without caring about price. 

I found out there was a “sister” who died, and I left to assist family in letting her go.  We were then at a restaurant.

Elizabeth, Diana, and Walter attend the receiving of stones from Ireland, China, the U.S., and Tibet.

Jonathan Duerbeck

I remember being with two others and we did three ways of doing something.  One way was to get out something that was written about what we were addressing and add in and change what it said so it had the new updated information regarding taking care of or harvesting a plant – maybe beets.

Jonathan taught in the garden and orchard during the day.


Ivy -> lord please help me remember


people -> group Familiar, unfamiliar

metaphysics activity; disciplines

Diantha and Terrence in the dome

Ericka Iles – Maplewood

I remember being at the college talking to groups of both familiar and unfamiliar students about the events of the weekend.  The sun was beginning to rise.  It was bright.  We were all outside wearing white.

Symbols in my dream:
college campus • outside
sun rise/sunlight
students all around • white clothes

Day's Activity:
Amy spoke on her trip to China
I received a Peace Covenant in Mandarin Chinese
I drove from Maplewood with Lindy, Paula, and Diantha to COM campus

Bryon Parrino

I’m observing someone lean over a water fountain and drink.  As I watch I notice her sillouette- from the side- become clearer, and I see two bumps at her torso.  The more I watch the clearer she becomes.  I can see she’s a young girl with blonde hair, and the bumps at her torso are actually bright lights or balls of light, concentrated.  I realize that these are her heart and solar plexus. 

Now she has color and there’s light all around her.  The light around her is pure white at the edges, as is her dress.  Her dress is kind of puffy.  There’s also some light pink either on the dress or in the light around the heart and solar plexus. 

[also noteworthy:  for the first time in a long time I woke with a song playing very strong in my mind.  It’s the one by Journey that goes “... true love won’t desert you” and “one night will remind you, though we touched and went our separate ways.”]

Stacy Mitchell

It was time to clean my house.  However, this was not my favorite chore.  Then there were several students who joined me, but then we were all in the Peace Dome cleaning.  It  was a joyous time.  So much that we had finished “quickly” and I still wanted to clean.  Someone stated something like “there’s power in Number” but spelled it Nnumber “to emphasis the N in number” (?)  There’s strength in Nnumber.  Then everyone agreed that after we cleaned the peace dome we would all go back and help each other clean our individual homes because it would be easier, more efficient etc.  Plus I would enjoy it more.

Stacy, Gerri & Diana

Coming soon to AVATAR Dreams...

an interpretation of these and other dreams from the conference plus a look at the possibilities in group dreaming. Check it out!


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