I Am a PEACE AMBASSADOR because....
Ericka Iles, ambassador in Missouri, born in Wichita Falls, TX, USA
...it is part of my ideal Self in purposeful and disciplined communication. Peace is something I want to communicate all the time. I also see it as important to be a part of something bigger than myself.

Gerri Walker, ambassador in Illinois, born in Tunica, Mississippi, USA
...I do not want any more war.

Kerry Keller, ambassador in Illinois, born in Cleveland, Missouri, USA
...I am no longer excited by chaos. Through my learning, I have discovered peace in ways I did not know existed. There are people who don't even know they can have peace in their lifetimes. I am most excited about teaching steps to peace.

Lindy Stafford, ambassador in Indiana, born in Lafayette, IN, USA
....I believe peace will heal us and the earth. Inside-out. Then peace will ripple out.

Why do people care about peace?

Here are some of the answers.

Paula F. Soder. ambassador in Kentucky, born in Santa Cruz do Sul, RS, BRAZIL
....I want to find inner peace and then share it with others.

Diantha Decker, ambassador in Ohio, born in Cincinnati, OH, USA
...I love people so much! I honor diversity and believe as we build on love we can share peace with others. I am committed to join with people to work toward that same ideal.

Jillian Schaffer, ambassador in Missouri, born in Jefferson City, MO, USA

Holly Keahey, ambassador in Oklahoma, born in Enid, OK, USA
....through my study I have made significant changes in my own peace of mind that have reflected out to my children. I want that for others.

Terrence Bellows, ambassador in Oklahoma, born in Oklahoma City, OK, USA
...I want peace to be normal. I want people to understand it. To know it. To live it. To be it.

Jeimmy Cesar, ambassador in Texas, born in Facatativa, COLOMBIA
....I want to learn about peace.

Allan Rider, ambassador in Missouri, born in Fort Sill, OK, USA

Stacie LaCresha Mitchell, ambassador in Iowa, born in Lewisville, AR, USA

*Corley Sadacca, ambassador in Texas, born in Dallas, TX, USA
....Peace starts from within and radiates out. When people understand this, the world will be in a different place. When people can radiate a calm attitude, the world will be different.

*Kimberlee Otto, ambassador in Illinois
...there is a peace movement happening. There is a profound need for peace on our planet. At the end of the opening projection (a group thought projection which opens SOM classes) when we envision mastery of consciousness as our common ideal we light the entire planet. The planet is illumined. That's what I want.

*Pamela Blosser, ambassador in Illinois, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
...I want to spread the light of peace. The first time I studied at SOM I left class that night more peaceful. I think peace is a responsibility to the planet for well-being and wholeness.

*Teresa Martin, ambassador in Missouri, born in Booneville, MO

Jesse Aaron Kern, Secretary of School of Metaphysics, born in West Palm Beach, FL, USA
I want peace on earth. It is a vision and an ideal to achieve.

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