Opening night at the 2010 conference brings people
from 15 to 64 together to cultivate peace consciousness.

Ambassador Conference

July 16-18, 2010

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–July 16, 2010, Peace Dome @ College of Metaphysics, USA

Peace maven Barbara Condron, a presentation on China by Amy Pawlus (at right), and intuitive insight from conference convener Jesse Kern, set the tone of the 2010 Peace Dome Conference tonight.

At dinner, Condron put the weekend into a historical context. "The School of Metaphysics has been teaching the three universal practices that produce inner peace for almost 40 years," Condron said. "The capacity to focus the Mind in concentration liberates thinking from the limitations of misunderstanding present in every conflict. Listening is an essential part of dialogue. It can be taught and improved through strengthening concentration skill."

The second practice is meditation. "This is the art of surrendering to something greater. The Universal Peace Covenant includes the sentiment in 'peace is achieved by those who fulfill their part of a greater plan'. Meditation places the everyday concerns of self in perspective, opening the self to Divine Love and the connectedness of the Universe so you can acknowledge the answers in every question," she said.

In underscoring the importance of aligning the outer consciousness with the superconsciousness within Self, Condron quoted historian and author Joseph Campbell: "It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to suply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, in counteraction to those other constant human fantasies that tend to tie it back." The function of spirituality in our lives affords us guidelines for using our creativity in whole ways, in ways that heal so we cause no harm, she said. "When these mental disciplines are practiced, in this order, the sequence of events in thought produce peace."

Condron noted that the conference is coinciding with the Conscious Convergence, an astronomical event noted in the Natural Time Calendar. "We did not intentionally plan this, which attests to the power of aligned thought. The Conscious Convergence in its essence is about intentional thinking – awake and purposeful thought in action. This is one of the first principles School of Metaphysics students learn. Imagine practicing this every day for over 30 years! That describes several of the people at this conference."

Evolution is both an individual and collective endeavor. "The Mayans knew this," Condron said. "They understood consciousness evolution in a way only a handful of great masters have taught. This weekend is an open door and SOM is uniquely placed, in three distinct worlds, to model through its example, what that conscious convergence looks like. We've been living its essence for decades." She sees the conference as an example of people uniting for a common ideal and purpose to forge new intentions.

No stranger to such endeavors, Condron has been involved in such "group consciousness" projects since her 20s. Some of her efforts are recorded in books she has written and edited (Peacemaking and Master Living), in videos (Vision Quest), and in the current effort she is mounting this weekend to record the reality of conscious convergence.

"It's an idea whose time has come, and increasing numbers of people are going to want to live it," she adds. "Now the question becomes: How? This is the question the School of Metaphysics course of study answers. I'm dedicated to the effort of making ourselves easily accessible to people."


The People of the Conference Why I am a Peace Ambassador

Prayer Service for the Waters of the Planet at the Healing Wall

Friday Evening

Morning Meditation

Saturday Afternoon Group Creations

..."It is in the drawing together that is occurring that there is the capacity for light to be created. We see that it is not one light, it is many. We see that it is not many lights, but it is all, and we see that in this there is an enlightening of the planetoid that is focused upon. We see that it is creating avibratory pattern which does cause thre to emanate from this place a kind of vibration that has never been seen before. We see that it then connects the systems within the galaxies in such as way that there is the capacity for enlightening within space itself. And we see this is the beginning of the energetic being, this is the beginning of the recognition of wholeness and the recognition beyond space and time as it is known within the present universe. .... We see that there is the capacity within this Spirit to exist in such a way as to transcend the limitations of Self. There is the urgency to do so and it is experienced by enough that there is the willingness to experience emptiness. It is the power of emptiness that will bring the awareness that is spoken of."

From a Superconscious Oracle given January 8, 2005 by Dr. Barbara Condron and Dr. Daniel Condron, intuitive reporter and conductor, respectively. Learn more about Intuitive Prosearch by clicking here.

Watch for Amy's powerpoint presentation of her Time in China to be posted soon
Part of those teachings is why Amy Pawlus traveled halfway around the world. A graduate student in social work at Indiana University and in metaphysics at the School of Metaphysics, Pawlus spent almost three weeks on mainland China. "My mission was to illuminate the meaning of the Universal Peace Covenant," Pawlus said.

That was not an easy task. Pawlus began searching for someone to translate the 577 word treatise on peace into Mandarin Chinese three months before departing the U.S. "Mandarin Chinese is the language read and written by the majority of the people. I searched universities and professionals, even resorted to Chinese restaurants." Finally her answer came through a posting on Facebook.

"Within 20 minutes, I had a lead through a SOM alumni in Chicago who new a professional translator raised in Shanghai. Her husband's passion – peace!" The favorable pairing was the first of many such blessings that metaphysics students understand as functions of the Law of Attraction.

Pawlus described several of the cultural differences between China and life in the United States. "China is changing. There is more free enterprise. The generation of single children, a legacy of the one-child policy, are now adults and they have different values than the generations before." In a simple illustration, she says suicide was unheard of in China. It was considered a disgrace and shame upon the family, so it was not done. In present-day China, the suicide rate is climbing, forcing health care professionals to enter unchartered territory.

The delegation was hosted by Peiking University, "the Harvard of China. Every major change has come through Peiking University. It was open when the rest of China was closed."

Pawlus described the health care system in China through the eyes of Dr. Lilli Tan, head of the Psychoncology Department at Peiking University. "It is difficult to address the idea that thinking makes you sick with the patient privacy China has. There is none. If you are sick, the physician must have the permission of the family first before talking with you. The physician sets the family down, they decide what he gets to know about his condition, what treatment he will receive, if any, and when. It's very different."

Family is exalted in Chinese culture, and the ways they interact are the reason they have not needed any social system. The code of honor causes families to band together when needed. The community will step in to care for their own." With the changes, they are struggling to establish some kind of regulation.

Model communities exist throughout the city. "These are hubs for health, services, food, banks, all the needs are provided in time and space accessible. The mode of transportation is on foot, bike, or mopeds. Air pollution is so bad, lung cancer is escalating in China even among 24 year olds. The invasion of fast food restaurants are promoting heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

"China is being influenced by the West. The first thing I saw was the "bird's nest", the stadium built in 2006 when China hosted the Olympic games. Great insight into China is found here, for the concept of volunteerism did not exist in the consciousness of the Chinese until the Olympic people brought it. The Olympic advisors told them, you will need 100s of thousands to make this work. Before the government told you to be somewhere. This time they had classes on what it means to be a volunteer."

Volunteerism is an essential part of the spirit of the U.S. and the School of Metaphysics specializes in teaching the necessity for it in the evolution of consciousness. Conference host Jesse Kern stressed the beauty of choosing to serve others, and quoted from the Superconscious Oracle (at right) given for the School of Metaphysics several years ago. "We can be creators and bring light into the world. Each time we come together for a purpose like this one, we have an affect upon all of humanity."

With over three dozen peace ambassadors and teachers in attendance, the two-day gathering celebrates humanity's capacity to mature in thought and action. The conference is sponsored by the School of Metaphysics, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization based in the United States. For more information, visit

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