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September 2003 Progress Report

Monday September 22, 2003

Senators offices are calling. The first to respond is Senator Elizabeth Dole, next comes Tom Delaney and Diane Feinstein, followed by

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September third weekend!

Sixty people gather to study and apply metaphysical principles as we prepare for the dedication of the world's first Peace Dome.

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From Ambassadors to pediatric ICU nurses to clerks at video stores to accountants

Letters of Support are coming from all corners of the world.

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For Immediate Release September 13, 2003

Global Participation Increases as Peace Dome Dedication Nears

Windyville, MO ––Ninety five volunteers from eight states recently gathered at the College of Metaphysics for a labor of love. Plans are underway for the dedication of the world’s first Peace Dome on October 11.

The large monolithic dome is located on the College of Metaphysics campus. College Chancellor Dr. Daniel Condron said, “We began building the Peace Dome in 2001 and events here and abroad in the past two years have verified its timely presence in our world.” Free of any one political, cultural, or religious affiliation, the dome is intended to be a universal site for peace.

Friday evening Dr. Barbara Condron, Governor of International Education, led a visionary talk to a standing room only crowd on the first floor of the Peace Dome. Highlights of this evening were letters from people committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant aloud at 1 p.m. (cdt) that Saturday during the Moment of Peace. Already several U.S. cities, including Independence, MO; Biloxi, MS; Baton Rouge, LA; and Denver, CO have issued proclamations.

“The initiative to unite people as One Voice of peace is already creating a worldwide grid of Light and Love connecting people on six continents,” Dr. Condron said. “The world is responding because we are fulfilling our common ideal and purpose through the activity of building the world’s first Peace Dome.”

From Africa to North America, Australia to Asia, people around the world have written with their support for the Peace Dome. A woman in Israel says, “ . . . Infinite gratitude for your kind appeal, I will be honored to be part of this universal operation. We will have here a grand happening around the Sea of Galilee.” In Argentina a gentleman says, “I am very glad you are summoning me for this important world encounter.” From South Africa, “I would be honoured to join with you. That day I will be joining like minded people in Johannesburg for a special meditation and I will recite the Peace Covenant as well.”

“All continents are represented except Antarctica,” said media coordinator Christine Madar. “We are confident that as word continues to spread, this area of the world will be represented as well.”

With Friday’s global vision fueling them, volunteers worked together the rest of the weekend to prepare for those traveling to the Peace Dome on October 11th. Many devoted time to landscape the Healing Wall, the site of an 18 foot relief map of the world where native stones and shells will be placed from all countries and oceans. Designer Paul Madar said, “Having pieces of Earth in one place will tangibly link humanity in thoughts of peace. We want every country represented.”

Tiles forming the Peace Dome Mandala mosaic by Chicago artist Jay McCormick were laid on the first floor of the dome and plans were set for the labyrinth in the second floor chamber. Grounds of the campus were prepared by clearing pathways to the site of the gifting ceremonies on the 11th. A reflecting pond was built and will be the focal point for the continuous reciting of the Prayer for Peace led by Rev. Teresa Padilla on the day of the dedication.

Inside, a 45-page edition of Thresholds Annual completely devoted to the building of the Peace Dome was assembled and prepared for mailing to people in 27 countries.

Adjusting to unexpected rain showers, volunteers extended their stay on Sunday and Monday for a modern day barn raising. Nearly thirty people painted the two story building that houses large vehicles and groundskeeping equipment within a few hours.

Students and teachers in the School of Metaphysics, along with their families, preparing the grounds for the dedication included: from Illinois: Cheryle Lichtenberger, Bolingbrook; Adam Campbell, Bolingbrook; Sharka Glet, Bolingbrook; Terryll Nemeth, Chicago; Jay McCormick, Chicago; Shawn Stoner, Palatine; Connie Orsini, Palatine; John Mestynek, Urbana; Joan Mills, Urbana; Barbara Christenson, Urbana; Christy El’Amma, Urbana.

From Missouri were Stacy Ferguson, Webster Groves; Judy Weber, Webster Groves; Julie Flasch, Webster Groves; Ann Marie Klotz, Webster Groves; Dory Wheatley, Springfield, Ben Wheatley, Springfield; Iris Wheatley (age 7), Springfield; Ella Wheatley (age 13 months), Springfield; Jonathan Duerbeck, Springfield; Jennifer Childers, Springfield; John Shirpke, Springfield; Lisa Scurlock, Springfield; Wendy Wells, Springfield; Mandy Boland, Columbia; and Carrie Collins, Columbia.

Arkansas was represented by Shawn Smith, Fayetteville.

Kansans present were Jaqie Braden, Kansas City; Shari McDougal, Kansas City; Teresa Starkey, Leavenworth; Susan Starkey (age 11) Leavenworth; Ernie Padilla, Overland Park; and Briana Padilla (age 15), Overland Park.

Iowans included Mari Hamersley, Newton; Karen Mosby, Des Moines; Charlotte Henderson, Des Moines; and Jason Fry.

From Kentucky came Terry Martin, Louisville; Kathy Phillips, Louisville; and Tina Coleman, Lexington.

Indiana volunteers included: Ivy Norris, Indianapolis; Amy Pawlus, Indianapolis, Leah Pawlus (age 4) Indianapolis; Jason Sucec, Indianapolis; Laura Sucec, Indianapolis; Aiyanna Sucec (5 months), Indianapolis; Jamie Pawlus, Indianapolis, Michelle Dietz, Indianapolis; Kristy Cannon, Indianapolis; Kimberly Otto, Indianapolis;

From Oklahoma were: Tasha Randall, Oklahoma City; Jesse Kern, Oklahoma City; Damian Nordmann, Oklahoma City; Linda Yeingst, Oklahoma City; Shannon Keener, Oklahoma City; Logan Goldstein (age 11), Oklahoma City; Barry Zajac, Oklahoma City; Simone Sheehan, Tulsa; John Miller, Tulsa.

Hailing from Texas were Lorena Gregory, Dallas; Zulma Gregory, Dallas; Kelly Naylor, Dallas; Natalie Axburg, Dallas; Lisa Bold, Dallas; Melissa Cotton, Dallas; Sonya Davis, Dallas; Josh Davis, Dallas; Kaya Davis (age 3), Dallas; Theresa Herbert, Dallas; Nicholas Zajac, Dallas; Chrissy Smith, Dallas; Nicole Falcedo-Suazo, Dallas; and Marci Finney, Dallas.

Those currently living full-time on campus include: Drs. Daniel and Barbara Condron, Hezekiah Condron (age 8), Dr. Pamela and Paul Blosser, Dr. Laurel Clark, Dr. Sheila Benjamin, Teresa Padilla, Christine and Paul Madar, Tad Messenger, John Crainshaw, Matthew Marian, Greg Brown, Laurie Biswell, Erika Scholz, John Harrison, Chris Sheehan, Dave Roseman, Talina Woods, and Aaron Krieshok.

The Peace Dome Dedication is the first time an event of this magnitude will be held at the College of Metaphysics. Volunteers will come together again the first week of October culminating in the dedication itself on Saturday. People are invited to the campus from dawn to dusk to participate in dedication day ceremonies. For more information on the Peace Dome visit www.peacedome.org or call 417-345-8411.


To find out more about the Peace Dome and how you can participate in Dedication Day celebrations, visit www.peacedome.org.


For further information & interviews contact:

Dr. Barbara Condron or Christine Madar at 417-345-8411.

School of Metaphysics, 163 Moon Valley Road, Windyville, MO 65783

email peace@som.org

who is committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant and where they will be

DENVER, Colorado proclaims Oct. 11, 1 pm CDT

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