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August 2003 Progress Report

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An amazing weekend!

Seventy five people gather in the hamlet of Windyville in southern Missouri, right in the heartland of the melting pot of the world, to plan and prepare for the dedication of the world's first Peace Dome.

Here's the story....

The World Peace Bell is located in Newport, KY, five minutes away from Cincinnati. It is the largest free standing bell in the world and was created to sound peace in the world. Brian Plunkett, the man who coordinates the activities around the World Peace Bell, was thrilled to agree to sounding the bell during the Moment of Peace! The bell will ring at 2 pm Eastern Time, which is 1 pm Central Time. He is also interested in inviting local dignitaries like the mayor and perhaps governor to come to a ceremony at that time.

When Brian heard about the Healing Wall, he offered to send a piece of the original casting from the bell. The bell was manufactured in France and the original casting material is being sent over here to the United States.


INDEPENDENCE, Missouri is first city to proclaim Oct. 11, 1 pm CDT

A Moment of Peace

Story of Bettine Clemen
The Law of Relativity is beautiful. It demonstrates that one thing leads to another. It shows how we are all connected in a seemingly invisible web of compatible dreams and ideals. On the day of the dedication of the World’s First Peace Dome, we are inviting people to participate with us in many ways, including coming to the College of Metaphysics campus to share gifts of peace -- prayers and blessings, speeches, art, dance, music, and monetary gifts.

I have been contacting people to invite them to join us and several people have made promises to attend. Last week I was running some errands in Lebanon, Missouri, a town about 20 miles from Windyville where the College of Metaphysics campus is located. The shopkeeper motioned me to a chair to sit while she looked for a lawnmower part. As I waited, I flipped through a local paper called Rural Missouri. In it was an article about a woman named Bettine Clemen who moved in 1999 to Seymour, Missouri, a rural area only an hour from our College of Metaphysics campus.

Bettine is a musician who plays flute in concerts all over the world. She is originally from Europe and has played with the Munich Bach Orchestra, Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, and an orchestra in Brazil. She is now a solo artist, traveling six months out of the year playing music in concert halls and cruise ships in places like Argentina, South Africa, Singapore, and Australia.

The amazing connection is this: Representatives from the School of Metaphysics met Bettine in 1996 in Los Angeles, California when the SOM participated in a World Festival sponsored by an organization called the Unity-and-Diversity Council. Paul Blosser and I met her; she gave us one of her CD’s and we gave her one of our books. I called her to let her know about the peace dome and to find out if she would like to play flute for our gifting ceremonies. She remembered the School of Metaphysics and was delighted to hear about our peace efforts. In the last seven years, Bettine has herself been invested in promoting global unity. She made a film in Petra, Jordan called Children of the Planet and has met a number of people involved in peace endeavors. One of these is a filmmaker who films peace documentaries that air on PBS. Another is the Indian ambassador who founded the Gandhi Foundation.

Bettine is flying to New York and Nova Scotia on October 11th and will participate with us by reading the Universal Peace Covenant wherever she is during the Moment of Peace. She is going to forward the information about the peace dome to her friends who are involved in global projects and she offered to donate her time and talent to do a benefit concert for the peace dome. Bettine also lived in a geodesic dome in Minnesota for ten years! –Dr. Laurel Clark

who is committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant and where they will be

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A letter to former U.S. President and 2002 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jimmy Carter

Mid-Westerners Prepare for World Peace

Windyville MO -- People from nine states gathered in Windyville, MO recently, a small village that has been dubbed the “Crossroads of the World”, to prepare for World Peace.

For three days, students and teachers from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL. from Lexington, KY to Des Moines, IA, volunteered their time and effort to prepare their minds and hearts, as well as the grounds of the College of Metaphysics, for the October 11th dedication of the World’s First Peace Dome located on the college’s main campus.

More than 75 people trained as tour guides, viewing the campus and the dedication day activities from the perspective of the public. They were welcomed to the campus, just as all will be on October 11th, by Dr. Pam Blosser, President of the School of Metaphysics (SOM). "The School has been preparing for this for 30 years," Blosser said. The not for profit educational institute was incorporated in 1973 and has 15 branches throughout the Midwest with a membership in 34 countries abroad.

Next the guides made stops at the Bodhi Grove where the Prayer for Peace around the world will be recited from dawn to dusk, then to the first floor of the Peace Dome where they will help visitors place a mosaic tile in a nine foot in diameter, meditation-inspired Peace Mandala designed by Chicago artist Jay McCormick.

On the second floor of the Peace Dome, guides practiced walking a 40 foot classical seven ring indoor labyrinth before proceeding to the Healing Wall. This 60 foot structure supports the pathway to the upper dome chamber and is characterized by a 9 foot by 18 foot relief map of the world which school officials plan to inlay with stones and shells from around the world.

Tour guides also visited the information and merchandise area, the refreshment area and the open area where the public can offer presentations and gifts in honor of the Peace Dome. "We are inviting people to bring gifts of peace of all kinds, like music, speeches, blessings, and dance," said Dr. Laurel Clark, coordinator of the day's gifting ceremonies. Those wanting to contribute can contact her at SOM world headquarters.

According to Dr. Daniel Condron, Chancellor of the College of Metaphysics, “Work is progressing daily towards finishing the interior of the Peace Dome for the day of dedication. The Peace Dome is a wonderful addition to our 1500 acre campus.”

The public is invited to attend dedication day festivities which begin at sunrise and will conclude at sunset on October 11. "We are asking participants to respect the purpose of this gathering as an example that living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully," Condron said. The campus is a drug-free environment and appropriate attire is requested.


To find out more about the Peace Dome and how you can participate in Dedication Day celebrations, visit www.peacedome.org.

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