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Our first support letter comes from H.H. the Dalai Lama. The first city to proclaim October 11th a Moment of Peace.....
JULY 2003 Progress Report

looking out the west window etching at sunset

What Excites us about the

Peace Dome


...I identify with the fulfillment of a vision manifesting.
Dr. Daniel Condron, Chancellor of the College of Metaphysics

...the beginning construction on the Octadome and all thoughts associated with that.
–Matthew Marian, graduate teacher at the COM

...the five new people who will be adding their love and light to the Peace Dome.
–Erika Shultz, college student within walking distance of the Peace Dome.
–Cris Sheehan, COM student

....the garden is taking shape.
–Paul Madar, graduate teacher at the COM at the COM for the Peace Dome dedication and having the opportunity to serve.
–Talina Woods, COM student

...the healing wall is already resonating. All my upper chakras start spinning when I see it or when I am in its presence.
–Dr. Pamela Blosser, President of the School of Metaphysics

....from what I have heard from everyone that has experienced the dome and from my own experience the Peace Dome is becoming more than we ever imagined.
–Tad Messenger, graduate teacher at the COM the presence of the Peace Dome makes me smile. I have gained a much greater understanding of what peace is through being in the school. I can really connect with how the Peace Dome embodies peace.
–Dave Rosemann, COM student

.... that I believe the Dome Dedication Day will send out an elevated energy across the globe which I believe will be similar energy to when Christ kicked the money changers out of the temple.
–Greg Brown, graduate teacher at the COM it’s something that will initiate the whole world into the idea of peace. I think the energy and consciousness of that will be felt all over the globe.
–Aaron Kreishak, COM student

July Progress Report

First, Paul Madar and Paul Blosser lead the campers Nissa, Elizabeth, Susie, and Logan in creating a relief map of the world on the Healing Wall (see article). As we receive stones from around the world they will be placed on the wall corresponding to the countries and states where they come from. The healing wall will truly have thoughts from around the world. After the map of the world was completed, Paul Madar and I began work on landscaping at the foot of the wall to prepare a garden and make the land gently conform to the shape of the dome.

Next, the ceiling in all the main rooms on the first floor has been completed. Ceilings remaining are the bathrooms, foyer and central room. The ceilings are quite unique, incorporating floor beams by putting wooden strips over them, placing ceiling tiles between the joices and then strips of wood to cover the ceiling tile seams. It looks very oriental and very appealing. Adding to the beauty of these rooms Paul Madar and Mark Starr touched up the paint making a clean white finish.

The holes for the toilets have been placed carefully to give the most room for people to use the facilities and enjoy the form of the curved walls. Finishing the bathrooms on the first floor is one of the next projects for July and August.

Other projects upcoming are landscaping, making a drainage system for the front of the dome, completing the opening by installing copper colored faceting material and gutters, carpeting for the second floor and rooms on the first floor, tiling the main entrance way and completing with furniture, yoga mats, healing tables, sinks, and decorations.

Your help is still needed in many ways, especially with donations for carpeting and furniture. Continue to support this great endeavor. October 11 promises to be a tremendous event in the history of SOM and the world.

I send you my Circle of Love,
Tad Messenger

The One of a Kind Love Shirt

signed by all those who made it possible!

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Seeds of Peace On our tenth anniversary Ben and I were visiting the state capitol of Missouri, Jefferson City. We went out to dinner at a Greek restaurant and our waitress cooed over our baby, Ella. She told us her daughter was in the hospital in labor with her first grandchild. I told her that in case she needed to leave at any minute I better give her this now and handed her a Peace Covenant. She began to read it and got very excited. She said that she had just been e-mailed the Peace Covenant that day by a relative of hers who was studying medicine at some university and that when she first read it she cried, it moved her so much. She wanted to know if she could make copies and share it around.
When I gave her the Peace Covenant, I was joyed that she had already received it! It is moving around our planet in so many ways by so many people. WOW! I expect this type of experience will become more and more common place in the weeks to come. The laws of relativity and infinity are at play. O Dory Wheatley, Springfield, MO
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Spiritual Laws of




One of the laws that govern creation is known as the Law of Prosperity. As with all laws, it applies to anyone, anytime, anywhere in our universe–hence the term Universal Law.
For many students it is difficult to grasp the difference between this law and the Law of Abundance. There are several ways to separate the concepts in order to clarify. The best way I have found is to teach in images, pictures.
The Law of Abundance is like the proverbial person who in his wealth desires to share. He is the person who knows how to fish. He is creative, employing his intelligence and will to produce something of value for himself. This can be anything from putting food on the table to inventing a machine for teleportation! As this person’s world expands and his value extends to others the desire to share his wealth with others grows within him. This is where the reality of tithing is born in an individual’s consciousness.
The universal truth of tithing is well described in the Old Testament of the Bible. The relationship that evolves between Jacob (symbolizing in the Universal Language of Mind superconscious mind) and the Lord (representing I AM) is one that assures the evolution of human man. This is illustrated through Jacob’s commitment to returning 1/10 of everything he is given back to the Lord. This represents the highest ideal and purpose you can conceive for anything you think, say and do. The tithe is the debt you owe to your own superconscious mind for your very existence. It is giving back to your IAM, to the universe, just a portion of what you have received. In this way a cycle is created that as the mind opens greater insight can be received. Paying your tithe is like feeding your body. You owe that to your very existence.
Abundance means you go beyond tithing into what we call tenfold return. Tenfold return is a way to describe the consciousness of giving that creates a cycle. Your teacher may have told you during discussions about this law that you cannot tenfold the paying your bills. This is correct. Your bills are based upon past value that you are expected to pay at a future time because you have consumed something without giving back at the time. When you receive your bill from the electric company this month, you have already received the benefit of living in a cool house for 30 days.
Tenfolding becomes a reality in your life after your obligations are met and your abundance gives you the freedom to give to others. Tenfolding is feeding your friends and neighbors because you caught so many fish! It is what gave Jesus the ability to feed 5000 with 5 fishes and 2 loaves of bread. The Law of Prosperity is what Jesus was using when he called his disciples saying, “Come with me! I will make you fishers of men!”
I am reminded of these simple truths because a few days ago we received a small card in the mail. The front is a whimsical design of flowers and plants floating in a stream carrying along a pink heart. Inside the anonymous handwritten note postmarked from Palatine, Illinois it said:
?This donation is for the Peace Dome -
I also donate my “10 told experience” for this donation, to the Peace Dome! Shanti”
Then the person drew a circle (symbolizing their circle of love) with a heart in the middle! As I read, my mind still, I absorbed the beauty of the thought. A smile came to my lips. Then a gleam came to my eye because my mind started to see the intent and the geometric progression of where this simple donation of $50 can go and what it can mean for the Peace Dome. What can you imagine?
I send you my circle of love
Dr. Barbara Condron

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