Ways to participate....

send a native rock for the healing wall..

...organize Universal Peace Covenant readings for October 11th....

...make a donation to the Peace Dome...

...plan to be present for Dedication Day...

...send a letter of support....

..contribute to the Fabric of Peace

a Universal Peace Covenant film....

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October 2003 Progress Report

Monday October 6

Today we began sending out our final press release about Saturday. It encapsules the past few months and gives the picture of what the Peace Dome is all about.


Saturday October 11th the world's first monolithic Peace Dome will be dedicated on the College of Metaphysics campus in Windyville, MO. "Peace Dome construction began in 2001," said Chancellor Daniel Condron. "The dome is being built by volunteers and with donations from hundreds of people who share the dream of a universal site for peace. More and more people are waking up to the truth that peace is a viable option to war and conflict. For peace to be universal, there must be peace in the minds of each individual."

Students and faculty of the School of Metaphysics, the College's parent organization, are looking forward to the formal dedication this weekend. The campus will be open for visitors from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. Details of planned activities are listed below.

Preparation for the Peace Dome Dedication began in January this year at an annual meeting of the leaders of the 16 Schools of Metaphysics in nine Midwest states. Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers the campus grounds have been groomed and the final touches on the Dome are being done this week. People from around the world have been invited to participate in the dedication and many will be on campus Saturday.

Far more are committed to partipating through One Voice, an initiative to unite the world in a peace-filled vision at 1:00 pm Central Time by reading the Unviversal Peace Covenant aloud. The Covenant is a 577 word description of peace penned in 1996-97 by two dozen men and women of many walks of life, faiths, and cultures, all teachers at the School of Metaphysics. The entire text can be found online at the School's website, www.peacedome.org .

"This summer, we began requesting that government leaders proclaim 1 pm (CDT), October 11th a 'Moment of Peace' in their lands," Condron said. A growing number of government officials have responded by proclaiming this day and time as a "Moment of Peace" in their country, state, or city. The first proclamation received was signed by President Rauf R. Denktas of the Turki’sh Republic of Northern Cyprus, mayoral declarations from Honolulu to Denver to Miami followed as has one from Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen.

Globally people in dozens of countries on six continents are committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant. In Israel, Japan, Romania, Nepal, South Africa, Ghana, and Western Australia, members of the World Prayer Peace Society, the organization which promotes Peace Poles throughout the world, will organize group readings. "We received details of a full day program planned in The Gambia," Dr. Barbara Condron said. "The international reach of One Voice affirms that peace is an idea whose time has come.

"In 1996 when the School of Metaphysics began calling for a Universal Hour of Peace, King Hussein of Jordan was among the first people who responded favorably to our efforts. It was heartening to receive word from his son, King Abdullah II, particularly in light of the difficulties in the Middle East," Condron said. "Jordan's foreign ambassador contacted us by phone to extend their support of our present initiative."

Word is coming in daily of groups that plan to participate in the Peace Dome dedication. The City Montessori School in Luchnow, India, is one of these. Principal Jagdish Gandhi said, "We plan to have a Special Prayer Assembly for our students on October 11 to join (the School of Metaphysics) in spirit." Since Gandhi and his wife Bharti founded the school in 1959, it has flourished under their direction becoming the sole recipient of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. "With 27,000 students," President of the School of Metaphysics Dr. Pam Blosser announced, "this will be a powerful message to send the world."

In the U.S., people will congregate for the Moment of Peace at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, at St. Paul's Chapel at Ground Zero in New York City, and the World Peace Bell in Newport, Kentucky will ring in the Moment of Peace.•

Spiritual Teachers from across the Midwest

volunteer their time for final preparations for

Saturday's dedication ceremonies

Read about it here.

Tuesday October 7

More US senator letters arrived today. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. George Allen send their best wishes for the Peace Dome. Their letters can be seen in the Support the Ideal section of this site.

A great stimulus came from a lady who emailed us from Bellingham, Washington. Here is her letter:

To whom this may concern,

I am very moved by the idea of reading the Universal Peace Covenant at on Saturday at the moment that many people will be reading it.
Do you have any suggestions for getting a group together? I live in Bellingham, WA, and this community would embrace such an event.

Thank you,
Laura LG, Receptionist

When I read this I immediately thought of all the people who have gathered here for final preparations for the Peace Dome. I figured I would take the question to the people! So at brunch we came up with the following great ideas that anyone wanting to read the Universal Peace Covenant with others can act on.....

Dear Laura,

Thanks so much for your response. It is increasingly a joy to experience the way people are embracing reading the Universal Peace Covenant. We are happy to include you and those in Bellingham.

Your request was both genuine and sincere so I took it to the group of 40 spiritual teachers gathered here to help in the few days remaining before dedication on Saturday. Here are their suggestions for getting a group together.

1) Decide where you want the group to gather. A park, a landmark in town, a college campus, an ecumenical center. The more well known the spot, the easier it is to find. Just asking around will spread the word of what you are doing.

2) Tell your friends and family. Ask them to pass it on to at least two people. You'll be amazed how fast this will grow.

3) Put a flyer up in the break room at the place where you work inviting your coworkers to come. Or if the company is big contact the Human Resources department and see about a company email to all employees.

4) Call the Chamber of Commerce to find out what existing groups already meet on Saturday or what festivals/fairs/etc. might be going on that could be a venue to unite people.

5) The local newspaper often lists events happening. Contact the one(s) you like and let them know. One lady we know will read the Covenant in the middle of an already scheduled lecture she is giving.

6) Call schools - elementary, secondary - to let them know your plans. Many high schools have clubs called PeaceJams that study the Nobel Peace Prize laureates. The regional director for your area is Kate McPherson and she can be reached at 360-576-5070.

7) Call YMCAs. These are great gathering places run by great people.

8) Call Fire and police stations. After 9/11/01 they are most sensitive to peace. Likewise the Red Cross.

9) Check out the local college. Often they have peace groups, and many times the college chapel is interfaith...a great place for this inclusive, nonpolitical voice for peace.

10) Neighborhood associations/alliances can be great places to begin, plus you get to know your neighbors better. "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" contributes to peace among people.

11) World Peace Prayer Society members are everywhere around the globe. Check out their website http://www.worldpeace.org Contact Unity, Unitarian, Quaker, Mennonites, Buddhist churches letting them know.

12) Give a news tip to your local TV station. Weekends are often slow news times and they appreciate the help. Stations often have community calendars as well. By the same token you can call a favorite radio station/dj and request Imagine by John Lennon and tell them about One Voice, where you will be reading the covenant and when.

How's that for grassroot movements? Hope you find one idea here that will work for you. The reality is, more and more people are awakening to the idea that peace is possible. A really good overview of what's planned and some of the people committed to One Voice can be found at

Dear Dr. Barbara,

We have poured nearly half of the Peace Dome candle. Ben put together an incredible mold that is only a couple of inches shorter than me and I am 5'4. 10 students participated in the melting of wax and the pouring of wax. And 3 friends of the school came over to give their love to the candle and help create layers. Each time a new person joined we read outloud the Peace Covenant and we listened to Satyagraha and Peace is Real while we were making the candle. We are
having a great time and we took lots of still shots and Jen filmed. Lisa Scurlock talked about how she experienced stillness in the midst of a lot of activity. She usually just absorbs the energy and becomes scattered. With the connection of the peace
candle to the peace dome she was able to be still. Her mother Sandy was one of the friends that came to give. Sandy recently returned from a trip to Scotland, a friend of hers there is going to participate in One Voice-

Name: Vicki
Location: Dumfries, Scotland
Gathering friends and family to read the Peace
Covenant and pray on Oct. 11.

Dory, Springfield SOM

Wednesday October 8

Christine has set a goal of trying to reach just one person in Antarctica who will join us in reading the Peace Covenant on Saturday at 1 p.m. CDT. This will mean all continents on the planet are resonating the thought of peace in ONE VOICE. Toward this end she has contacted newspapers on that continent and put our the world through different media. She even ran across a website of a writer who she thought lived in Antartica. She wrote him and here is his response......


Thanks so much for your e-mail.

I don't live in Antarctica. My pages describe a fictional Antarctica of my own creation, an Antarctica which in many ways adheres to the same ideals of universal peace expressed in the Universal Peace Covenent. I wish the Antarctica I describe did, in fact, exist.

I wish you the very best with One Voice. It's a noble action, and our world can certainly use noble actions at this time.

Peace to you and the all other participants,

Ralph Robert (Rob) Moore

The way Universal Law brings people together of like mind is an amazing event to watch. Who is in your life that was led there by Law? Some know it as the will of God, others call it divine providence, still others say it is fate. The scientist in each of us wants to know....and so we study, observe, draw conclusions, we reason. Then we apply our theories so we may have a direct grasp of Truth. And Truth is what this next entry is all about......


It means Holding onto Truth

Last year students at the College of Metaphysics explored the life of Mohandas K. Gandhi, the father of India and perhaps the most extraordinary person of the 20th century, creating a play centered in the meaning and significant events of his life. In January this year, we began studying Nobel Peace Prize laureates as a way to help prepare our consciousness for the building and dedicating of the world's first Peace Dome here on the campus of the College of Metaphysics in the hamlet of Windyville, Missouri. The lessons these great men and women have taught us are rich. Our experiences have culminated in a powerful hour and a half experience that we call Satyagraha. Some might call it theater. We call it a multidimensional experience.

Satyagraha is an experience with profound truth. As we give it to others and it comes back to us manifold. Each time we bring these notable people to life I hear something new. I learn. I am touched in ever-deepening ways. I am a better person for my thoughts are elevated. Betty Williams, the 1976 Nobel winner, says, "Compassion is more important than intellect, in calling forth the love that the work of peace needs, and intuition can often be a far more powerful searchlight than cold reason."

The 1962 laureate Linus Pauling (who is the only person to date to hold Nobels in two fields, chemistry and peace) said, "We, you and I, are privileged to be alive during this extraordinary age, this unique epoch in the history of the world, the epoch of demarcation between the past millennia of war and suffering, and the future, the great future of peace, justice, morality, and human well-being."

And His Holiness the Dalai Lama (1989), "The realisation that we are all basically the same human beings, who seek happiness and try to avoid suffering, is very helpful in developing a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood; a warm feeling of love nad compassion for others." Experiencing these people all in one place, at one time, fills one with awe. People are visibly moved.

The life of Mohandas K. Gandhi intertwined with those of eight Nobel Peace Prize laureates that he influenced is an amazing journey into the nature of peace and the human experience with it. The ironies of human life are rich in these stories. The Nobel Peace Prize itself is a testimony to paradox and what the Bhagavad Gita calls the "pairs of opposites." Alfred Nobel, the prize's creator, earned his money through the production and distribution of explosives. Gandhi - the person who in the words of Nobel laureate Martin Luther King, Jr. "was probably the first person in history to lift the love ethic of Jesus above mere interaction between individuals to a powerful and effective social force" - was never honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.

In the later years of his life Gandhi wrote, "From the beginning of time to the end of time, the force of love and truth always wins over violence. And with this great force you can bring this world to your feet." Gandhi called it soul force, satyagraha which means holding onto truth.

To build the Peace Dome is to experience soul force. With each email, each proclamation, each letter of support, each promise to read the Universal Peace Covenant at 1 pm CDT Saturday, October 11th, the experience grows stronger.

Let us hear from you....peace@som.org

Dr. Barbara

A progress report from Dr. Daniel Condron, Chancellor of COM

Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2003

A Beautiful Day
at the College of Metaphysics

Carpet was rolled out and partially installed in the Peace Dome. The carpeting provides a greater example of how the Peace Dome will look. The interior and exterior are beautiful.

The sacred orchard surrounding the Peace Dome was mowed and manicured. The lane leading from Moon Valley Road to the Peace Dome was mowed. The rolling hills are beautiful.

The trees are changing colors and showing their majestic beauty. The maples are red, yellow, orange, and green. The sassafrass trees are a beautiful bright orange. The dogwood is a dark burgundy red. The oaks are turning orange. The colorful landscape is peaceful and fulfilling.

The Reflecting Pool is nearing completion with beautiful plants and flowers being planted around it.

The copper trim around the entrance to the Peace Dome glistens in the morning sun.

Final touches are being added to the beautiful white Healing Wall with its raised white map of the world.

The Octagon site has been prepared and is ready for the Gifting Ceremony. The parking area has been mowed. It is ready to receive all our guests. The patio is ready and looks beautiful with its geometric forms. People are bringing in gifts of money, food, and flowers each day in preparation for the Peace Dome dedication.

The area around the Octahedron, west of the Peace Dome, has been mowed and prepared. Everything is progressing well toward Saturday, October 11th, the day of the Peace Dome dedication.

I send you my circle of love,

O Dr. Daniel R. Condron
Chancellor, College of Metaphysics

Thursday October 9.....

who is committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant and where they will be

Friday October 10.....

Saturday, October 11


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