What's it like when 100 people ages 8-68 come together to build a common dream?

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"Hi, its Mandy from the Columbia school. I was just looking through the website. It brought tears to my eyes, I long to be there as much and as soon as possible. I thoroughly enjoy being there I feel so still and at home. I hope that for everyone who reads or visits the site to feel the incredible love emanating. Just thought I'd drop a note. I LOVE YOU ALL!! Tell everyone I said hi and I'll see you for the Family Weekend in June, I'll be sure to bring some family. TaTa for now LOVE mandy"

Progress June 2003

The Healing Wall begins manifesting....

People are beginning to learn about the vision of the Healing Wall. Stones have arrived from Dharmasala India (residence of His Holines the Dalai Lama) half a world away and from Australia. Meet Bonnie and Lewis, two who are already a part of this amazing venture. We met Bonnie because she was looking for a copy of the out of print book HuMan by Dr. Jerry Rothermel. It is amazing how Universal Law brings us together!

Dear Bonnie,
We will go ahead and ship your copy of HuMan. Did Christine tell you about the Healing Wall at the Peace Dome? We are creating a world map made of stones and shells from around the world. Would you like to contribute? To find out more go to:


Let us hear from you when your book arrives if not before.
We send you our circle of love,
Dr. Barbara Condron

Hello again,
Thank you for finding the book for me. No, I did not know about the Healing Wall but sounds very interesting. My partner, Lewis, spent New Years Eve of the year 2000 at Ayre's Rock(Uluru) area. He brought back some stones and sand from the area and we will send you a couple of things from there. This is one of the most Sacred sights for the Aboriginees here in Australia.
When Lewis and I were married I wanted to have a Bush wedding so we have friends who run the Aboriginal Art Center here...Mia-Mia and they came and did some ceremonies for us. We were adopted into the local Warenjee mob and consider this a great honour....Again, thank you so much.
Bonnie York Brock

Dear Bonnie,
How wonderful! Your package just arrived with the stone and sand! Thank you so much. The stone is weightless. Using psychometry it emanates a Lemurian vibration similar to that of petrified wood in California. We want to be able to tell the story that accompanies the rocks. Is what you've written below what you would want us to use? Or do you want to send another telling? I will wait to hear from you.
Hi Dr Barbara,
Bahni passed your email onto me so I could tell the story of the stone and the sand.
The story comes in two parts, intertwined.
First, the place.
Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olga's) are the best known sacred sites in Australia. They are very close together (30 miles) and there are many pictures and much information available on websites.
I have read on the channellings of St Germaine that this region is the heart chakra of the planet.
For sure there is an extraordinary and powerful spiritual presence, like mother earth has risen above the surface to embrace visitors.
The stone came from uluru though, strangely, it resembles the formations at kata tjuta.
The aboriginals have revealed some stories of uluru but kata tjuta is a mystery as aboriginal tradition forbids the telling of stories of that place.
My impression is that uluru is masculine energy and kata tjuta is feminine energy.
Up close, kata tjuta is lot like a great stone ovary, made up of a myriad of different sized eggs up to the size of small mountains.
Although in the centre of a great red desert, they abound life and attract life even in the harshest of times.
My personal journey there began when I experienced nightmares as a child of a searing death in the desert, whist trying to cross the continent in the mid 1800's.
This repetitive dream did not become clear until I tried to deal with fears as I matured.
My memory is that of a dying british explorer and seeing an aboriginal watching me and offering to help. I dismissed him, affirming the superiority of the white man.
This vision haunted me to the extent that the bicentennial celebration signalled a time to return to a place I feared greatly.
The aboriginal subsequently revealed himself to me as Wukum and agreed to be my spiritual giude, back to uluru and beyond. He still accompanies me on my life journey.
My return to uluru was exhilirating, and felt like a reunion with mother earth and the native people of the planet.
The stone you have recieved binds our planet together as we hold hands across the continents.
The sand is like the sea which unites us but which slips through our hands if we try to possess it.
We applaud your initiative in building the Healing Wall.
If you need more information please email me
Love and light
Lewis Brock

A rock or shell from your part of the world .....

Send your stones and their stories to :

The School of Metaphysics
Attn: Healing Wall
163 Moon Valley Road
Windyville, MO

....can help build the world on the Peace Dome's Healing Wall

Ways to participate....send a native rock for the healing wall.....organize Universal Peace Covenant readings for October 11th.......make a donation to the Peace Dome......plan to be present for Dedication Day......send a letter of support......contribute to the Fabric of Peace

Seeds of Peace

....stories of people we are meeting

The Peace Dome is an amazing place. Its attractive presence draws people from the local community as well as people from around the country and around the world. This past month we hosted a young man named Brian Parrino. He initiated contact with us during the past winter because he wants to attend the college for a year. Right now Brian lives in California and he came to Springfield to find an apartment to live in while studying the first cycle of lessons in the school. How does this connect to the peace dome you might ask.

The College of Metaphysics is a vibrant love-filled learning environment. The World’s First Peace Dome has an energy structure that accelerates and extends the energy that is here in a spiral fashion out the top of the dome to spread across the planet. This energy resonates with people who are ready to accelerate their own evolution and quicken the evolutionary pulse of humanity, people like Brian.

During his time here Brian and his parents saw all of the building on the College of Metaphysics campus. We ended the tour at the Dream Valley Inn. While there a natural silence fell over all of us. When we began talking again everyone expressed thoughts of gratitude, love, and connectedness. Brian said that he had an inner conviction and feeling that he belonged here.

During National Dream Hotline we received a call from a young woman in India who told us she wants to attend the College of Metaphysics. Our influence is expanding. The decision to give the Dome to the world has brought the idea of stewardship into our experience and lives. The School of Metaphysics provides people with an opportunity to develop their own brilliant lights and become stewards to the light of the planet. The College and the Dome are attracting individuals who are willing and ready to usher in the higher consciousness that is humanity's destiny.

Welcome Brian, and all you who will follow.

–Matthew Marian

2003 Contributors thus far

Larry Whitten
Joan Woodward
Greg Sisson
SOM Centers
Capucine Chapman
William Bankston
Dr. Gerry Hatcher
Donald Schmitz
Eva Jimenez
M. Beutler
Capucine Chapman
Dr. Laurel Clark
many unnamed individuals who contributed to fundraisers held at SOM Centers

$ 3155.89

Next major expenditures will be carpets for the 60 foot diameter upper chamber and the downstairs rooms
the rod iron for the ramp and stairway leading to the upper chamber

estimated cost

Carpets: minimum $4000.00

Rod iron designs, fabrication, installation: min. $5000.00

The Peace Dome is being completely financed by those who believe in its vision and want to make it a reality.

Please help.

June 2003



"Everyone in the world wants peace. We (the School of Metaphysics) understand how to create peace so it makes perfect sense that the School of Metaphysiscs has received the Peace Dome to give to the world. Every time I am in the Peace Dome I see Auras really easy." -- Dory Wheatley, Teacher Springfield School

"The acoustics. The energy. The Peace Dome is a structure that symbolizes wholeness." -- Talina Woods, teacher Springfield school

"The collaboration involved in its creation. People from all different walks of life coming together to create. It is about us as humans working towards a common ideal." -- Chris Sheehan, New College Student

"It means the school is striving which is important. It is a symbol for peace it takes on a Spirit where anyone can feel as they enter. You can feel the energy in that place. It is like a place you never want to leave." -- Joan Mills, Champaign student

"When I am in the Peace Dome I feel the most connected on all levels. I feel the most connected to the whole world. It is almost as if it is alive."--Judy Webber, Webster Groves teacher

"....Is that the School of Metaphysics is so mindful to build a building for peace and dedicate it to the world. That we expand our consciousness to include the world with every construction activity. The whole idea that this is for the world." -- Jesse Kern, Oklahoma City teacher

"Its a symbol of something everyone wants to attain. Perfect representation of what everyone desires which is peace." -- Sebastian Hartman, student Indianapolis

"My favorite thing about the Peace Dome is when I first walk into the upper floor I stand in the middle with my arms open wide, close my eyes and I receive the energy, not only from the dome but from the earth. I feel the energy move throughout me. That is what excites me about the Peace Dome." -- John Landis, OKC student

"It excites me that there are people that are actually putting Peace into motion." -- Adam Williams, Louisville student

"It is for everyone." -- Adam Campbell, Bolingbrook teacher

"I feel lighter being in there." -- Michelle Noe, Louisville student

"The whole world group consciousness." -- Teresa Starkey, Kansas City student

"How the sound resonates." -- Shawn Smith, Springfield student

"Its a very large symbol for the evolution of consciousness all around the world." -- Aaron Krieshok, Kansas City student

"I like the vibration of it." -- Luke Mulderink, Columbia student

"The inner level energies and the potential to access those." -- Chance Cannon, Indianapolis student

"The potential for the world to know about the Peace Dome purpose." -- Katie Smith, Dallas student

"Coming together in harmony." --Shari McDougal, Kansas City student

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