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Monday September 22, 2003

Senators offices are calling. The invitation to join us on October 11th have reached congressional offices and the men and women who hold elective office are learning about the Peace Dome and they are responding. The first is Senator Elizabeth Dole from North Carolina (R), next comes Rep. Tom Delay from Texas (R) and Sen. Diane Feinstein of Califoria (D), followed by Congresswoman Kay Granger from Texas (R). Each expresses regret that they have previous commitments on October 11th and so will not be able to join us here on dedication day. We are so pleased they cared and were respectful in replying. We have invited them to join us in reading the Universal Peace Covenant, where ever they are.

It is so amazing to receive who is responding to the Peace Dome. Every spark of energy that moves in its direction adds to its vision and purpose for existence. The beginning will be humble, as is fitting for a place with this mission, this destiny. We continue to let others know of its existence and those who are ready and willing respond according to the dictates of their own hearts and conscience. It is an enightening intuitive study.

Christine Madar sent the following message to Waldorf schools throughout the North American continent:

Dear Friends,

On October 11, 2003 we are dedicating the world's first monolithic Peace Dome on the College of Metaphysics campus in Windyville, MO. We intend for the dome to be a universal site for peace. Our campus will be open from sunrise to sunset for those who want to journey here to celebrate in person. In light of our vision that all people participate in the dedication we are asking that you join in One Voice by reading the Universal Peace Covenant at 1:00 pm central time wherever you are. Will you invite your teachers and students to particpate?

One of the ways schools are bringing the Universal Peace Covenant to life is by creating time to study the Universal Peace Covenant together. Students are asked to draw a picture of their favorite line (adults have enjoyed this too!) and write why it is their favorite. We call this Peace Pix and invite you to send them to the World Headquarters of the School of Metaphysics where they will be housed in the Peace Dome as well as displayed on in the section devoted to kids.

Dr. Laurel continues to make contact with those who want to come and give their gift of peace. Today she writes,

Dr. Dale Smith, founder of America's Little League of Entertainers, has offered to bring a group of 8 to 17-year-old kids to sing a variety of gospel and patriotic songs for the gifting ceremony. He is thrilled to be able to participate. He told me on the phone that he believes that if kids can learn to be on stage and to give, they can accomplish anything they want in life. I am glad the peace dome is giving him a place to fulfill his mission as these youths share their vision, their talent, and their joy.

Tuesday September 23, 2003

This morning at 6 I check emails before teaching a class in everything. Among them is good news from Dr. Laurel.

I'm here in Indy and Adam was at a fair this past weekend. He has some people who are committed to reading the peace covenant and I asked him to e-mail you with their names and info. He is also translating the peace covenant into Portugese.

This will enable us to add a third language to the English and Spanish available on site. We want the Universal Peace Covenant to be available who speak all languages. Can you help? Email us at

Word from Congresspersons Steny Hoyer of Maryland (D) and Nancy Pelosi of California (D) comes today as we move just over two weeks to dedication.

The tiles are being laid in the entry ways on both floors. Large cermaic tiles grace the entrance into the second floor chamber room, which natural slate is laid as you enter the downstairs main room. More slate will be placed on the inside to serve as passive solar heating tiles. It looks stunning with the oak panels, copper edging, and white of the Dome.

Wednesday September 24, 2003

Today we received an email from Jagdish Gandhi, founder of the City Montessori School in Luchnow, India. The 27,000 student school will be gathering in a Peace Assembly in honor of the dedication of the Peace Dome. "Every child is potentially the light of the world....." To learn more about CMS go to: To learn more about how a child you know can be a part of the Peace Dome dedication, click on KIDS in the directory above and to the left.

Healing Wall news....

Dr. Laurel reports in

Amy Pawlus is going to get a stone from the grounds of the interfaith temple in Bloomington, IN (where the Dalai Lama's brother is). Shawna in Louisville is going to get a stone from Abe Lincoln's home in Harrodsburg, KY.

Paul Madar, the coordinator of the Healing Wall project, reports that we have thus far received stones from 15 countries, and it is exciting to receive new ones. We now have stones from Uruguay, Germany, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Czech Republic, India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. We have stones from 17 states in the U.S.: MA, OR, WA, AL, AZ, HI, NM, MN, AR, TX, CO, MO, OK, CA, NC, SC, FL.

The Wall now has stones from six out of seven continents. We still need something from Antarctica. We are contacting science teams with the thought that they have the best chance of having access to stones. Other ideas include contacting cruise ships, oil companies, Greenpeace, or the National Geologic Survey.

Kelley Naylor, a School of Metaphysics student in Dallas, wrote a beautiful letter about letting American Vets know about the Peace Dome. It gives anyone who reads it cause to think more deeply about life, death, liberty, devotion, and what life is all about – learning.....

When I was in
New York, one day I made a day-goal of having the opportunity to speak of
the Peace Dome five times. My Uncle and my Father are Vietnam Veterans. My
Uncle is still very active in the Am. Legion and such. He took us to the
local Legion that night and I got my opportunity. The Director of that
branch is an old family friend. Anyway, during the course of conversation,
he asked about my classes and I told him (and five others in a group all at
once!) about the Dome. He got really excited and expressed to me that he
would organize a reading of the Cov. at the Legion for the Veterans. It
occurred to me that all the Veterans I know are amazing men and women. For
example, my Uncle and my Dad are very Peacefully minded men and their
characters are so generous and world serving, sometimes even quite I thought how about sending a letter to other ex-warriors? My
family friend, Tim, suggested sending it to the Head Executive guy in charge
of the American Legion in Washington DC. I also think it would be great to
send it to other Legions in the U.S. I did not, however, ask Tim to send YOU
a letter of participation...I will do that. It just made sense to me that
warriors have a particular experience with Peace and what it means. I
thought it might prove powerful.

Thursday September 25, 2003

From our newest SOM branch in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Jonathan Duerbeck writes:

Here is Peace Dome News from Fayetteville

1. Paula, one of our students, has made a container to collect Pennies for Peace (label says "Pennies for Peace, Time for Change" She plans to give this on Oct 11. (Also, another student, Adria, has made a container to collect money for a dome in Fayetteville which someone donated $100 for during class)

2. Another student donated $300 towards a TV and VCR for the dome, and asked that the unspent remainder be used by Jennifer for college tuition.

3. At the Peace Ball, a metal sculpture with the words, May Peace Prevail on Earth in different languages, we will have people reading the Peace Covenant at 1 PM on dedication day.

News of other happenings in cities where there are School of Metaphysics branches is beginning to come in. As details arrive we will post them on a document linked to One Voice so it is easy for people to find out what is going on in the following cities: Indianapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, Louisville, Lexington, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Fayetteville (AR), in Illlinois: Palatine, Chicago, Champaign-Urbana, Bolingbrook, in Missouri: Columbia, St. Louis, Springfield.

Dr. Laurel writes:

The Healing Wall is giving me an opportunity to learn about American History. I was never much of a history buff, but I have heard that Kentucky is rich in history. I check the internet to find out about historical sites and find out that Ashland, the estate of Henry Clay, is in Lexington, KY. This is what I learn about him: he is known as "The Great Compromiser" because he negotiated several significant compromises in the 1800's, including one that postponed the Civil War. He was a peace commissioner at Ghent, Belgium following the War of 1812. He was a lawyer, state representative, United States Senator, Congressman, Speaker of the House, a peace commissioner, Secretary of State, and author of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and the Compromise of 1850. I go to visit his estate (which is beautiful) and select a stone for the Healing Wall. I am proud to be able to include this among the other stones. Resident historican Dr. Dan tells me that Henry Clay was one of the greatest statesmen in American history.

We hear from two of our current great statesmen Robert Matsui, congressman from the state of California (D) and Congressman Joel Hefley of Colorado (R) sending their respects to the Peace Dome.

Read the Proclamation for a Moment of Peace
Friday September 26, 2003

Today, most beautiful proclamation arrived from the City of Downey, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) signed by Mayor Rick Trejo and Tim Seldin the director of the Montessori Foundation called to offer to email Montessori schools across the United States about how children can participate in the Peace Dome Dedication with pictures of their favorite line of the Peace Covenant. For more on Kids, click here.

We are preparing for the first wedding in the upper chamber of the Peace Dome. Last year, Christine and Paul Madar married in the first floor. We worked for two days transforming the stud-exposed rooms into a temple with yards and yards of taffeta and tulle, ferns and fountains. It was magical! Our first wedding in the dome itself. Now, Shawn Stoner and Adam Campbell will become spiritual partners in a beautiful ceremony officiated by Drs. Barbara and Daniel Condron. The ceremony is written in the Universal Language of Mind, and reflects the coming together of the soul within each then the uniting in common ideal as the couple dedicate their lives to spiritual meaning, mutual learning, and service to humankind. We'll post a picture with this on Sunday.

Saturday September 27, 2003


O SINGURA VOCE...alaturati-va lumii in a citi acest document pe 11 octombrie 2003.

Pacea este respiratia spiritului nostru.Ea izvoreste din adincurile fiintei noastre
spre a improspata,vindeca,inspira....

Dear friend Tatomir from Rumania sent a translation of the Universal Peace Covenant in his native language to us. We will have it available here at our site within days. That's three languages so far!

Terry Martin, SOM director in Louisville, emails to tell of more people committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant with us TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!

Mike Catron will be reading it with people from the
Clifton Unitarian Church. This is an anniversary
celebration for this church taking place on Saturday.
They are having a carnival and he will be reading the
peace covenant with everyone there. He said he told
his wife about what he was going to be doing and she'd
already heard about the Peace Dome. He wasnt' sure
how she'd heard about it, neither was she.

Faye Mitchel is going to be in Los Angeles visiting
her daughter and will be reading the Peace Covenant
with her, wherever they are.

Gary Bennett will read the Peace Covenant with his
fellow workers at the paint store where he works.

Matt Frazure will read it while kayaking at Sam Peden
Community Park in New Albany, Indiana. He'll be with
his wife, Rosemary Cooper.

Judy Vicars is going to be with friends in Washington
DC and will be reading it at whatever location they
are at 1 pm CST.

Kathy Phillips, Jessica Hudson, Patsy Corns and myself
will be joining in One Voice at the Peace Dome in

Dr. Laurel receives an email from her sister-in-law Susan who lives in New York City. Laurel receives the following cryptic email....

Could you call me at work tomorrow or on my cell over the weekend regarding the October 11 reading of the peace covenant in NYC. I am too tired to write you tonight but would love to tell you about what we are planning and ask if there are others in NYC who we could coordinate with.

Susan is a great lady and we know the plans are in harmony with the ideals of the Peace Dome. We are eager to hear details and will share with you. Meanwhile, if you live in NYC and want to connect with Susan, send us a note here at and we'll put you in contact with her. If you are inspired by reading these entries to do something in your own town or city, please let us know who you are and what you are planning so others (if you so desire) can join you.

The coast-to-coast effort continues to manifest today. Yesterday we heard from a suburb of we received a Proclamation for a Moment of Peace from Alex Penelas, mayor of the Miami-Dade County Office of the Mayor and the Boad of County Commissioners, Dr. Barbara Carey-Chuler, chairperson. In part the Proclamation says,

".....Whereas, On October 11, 2003, "Moment of Peace will coincide with the dedication of the world's first peace dome located on the College of Metaphysics Campus in Windyville, Missouri; and

Whereas, Those associated with "Moment of Peace" believe that the world is becoming an increasingly smaller place, where the thoughts and actions of one person have immediate and profound influence on al the other residents, thus establishing peace among diverse individuals is to recognize the connectedness of tohers as well as their common dream of serenity; and

Whereas, It is fitting and proper that those affiliated with the School of Metaphysics, be congratulated for their efforts in creating a "Moment of Peace" in our midst..."

Such beautiful, resonant words make my heart sing! As I reread this impressive proclamation I am inspired, amazed, delighted, and invigorated. It is like watching a wave of awareness move across the United States and across the globe. People who are awake or waking others, one by one, and it is a privilege to witness it and be a part of it. Thank you Miami!

Sunday September 28, 2003

Today we lived the future.

At 1 p.m. Shawn Stoner and Adam Campbell were married in the most beautiful ceremony in the most peace filled place I have ever experienced. This was the first wedding in the upper sacred chamber of the Dome and it was more than we ever imagined. One of the guests, the step mother of the groom, remarked, "This is the way weddings are mean to be. This is the first wedding I've ever been to that made sense," she said. As musical entertainers, she and Adam's dad often have the opportunity to attend weddings. Her vast experience made her remarks all the more meaningful.

The entire ceremony is in the Universal Language of Mind, meaning it is symbolic of Commitment to the whole Self's quest for enlightenment. From the arrangement of bride, groom, officiates (a male and female), and guests to the vows to the communion of bread and salt, the entire ceremony radiated love, well being, compassion, and kinship.

Just two days ago Christine Madar (who lives here at the college with her husband Paul) talked about the probabilities of making the Peace Dome open for marriage ceremonies. This is an idea that has been gestating since before the Madars were married on the first floor just three months after the Dome was inflated. The stud-only walls were partitioned with fabric and the twinkling Christmas lights, fountains, and ferns made for a most romantic wedding. After today, the majesty of spiritual partnerships forged here in the Peace Dome came alive. I could imagine the extra blessing on a union that marrying in the Peace Dome might bring. Now I understand the quiet centeredness, the joyous certainty that it lends. More will come on this in the future. Meanwhile if you are considering marrying and want a sacred place to begin your new life, contact us. The Peace Dome may be just the place you are seeking. Let us hear from you.

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