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written by Dr. Barbara Condron and friends

Rod iron on the 2nd floor ramp. Third Cycle class meets near Peace Pole. Volunteers landscape around Healing Wall at the Peace Dome the weekend of Sept. 20th.

Monday, September 15

Christine said Jennifer Childers called last night. She is our director in Springfield. She was excited and called late to let us know that one of their students had heard a public service announcement on the local radio. The announcer said “Our friends in Windyville are dedicating a Peace Dome and they need help connecting with someone in Antarctica.” I am thrilled that the Springfield radio stations are talking about it. This is from the Wireless Newsflash information that went out to radio stations around the world last week.

What a wonderful day! So much happened today. Here are a couple highlights. Christine writes:

The phone started ringing this morning at 9:00 am and I was talking to people until brunch time (10:30am). A minister from the St. Louis Science of Mind church plans on attending the dedication on the 11th. I talked to Steve Martin, author of Omniperception (a book based on his experiences attending the Dharma Spiritual Focus Session in 2001). He will send the Universal Peace Covenant to the people on his mailing list and is looking into joining us on the Day of Dedication here in Windyville. I also talked to another good friend, Will Glennon. He is the founder of Random Acts of Kindness - he also attended the Spiritual Focus Weekend on dharma in 2000. Will is going to join in One Voice on October 11th - from wherever he is in the world. It means a lot that such a strong loving mind as his will add to the energy of the dedication. There are so many people that are responding to this vision and they are all wonderful souls.

The Mud House story....Dr. Sheila Benjamin, a member of the Board of Governors and a former president of the School of Metaphysics, called from Springfield, Missouri with a great story. She and Jen Childers, the director of the local SOM, were having lunch at the Mudhouse, a coffeeshop where Jen works. The young lady at the adjacent table was using a laptop. She got up and went somewhere, at which time Jen noticed the Nobel laureates were on the computer screen. Immediately both Jen and Sheila connected this gal's interests with the theatrical presentations on the laureates we have been giving in the Peace Dome.

When the girl returned they introduced themselves and told her about the Peace Dome. Kate, the young lady, became most excited. Come to find out she was researching the Dalai Lama for a class she is taking at Southwest Missouri State University called Paths of Religion. Dr. Sheila asked for the professor's name and intends to contact him and invite his entire class to the next presentations of "Satyagraha." There are three scheduled: Sunday, September 21, October 5, and October 19. All in the Peace Dome.

Shawn's note from Palatine...Shawn Stoner, Palatine SOM director, writes: Wanted to let you know about this development. She received this email from Tamara....

When I was at Street Fest I met the woman (Shawn Stoner) that runs the School of Metaphysics here in Palatine. Her organization (the headquarters is in St. Louis) is building a "Peace Dome" and the dedication ceremony is on Saturday October 11th. At 1pm Central Time, they are organizing a world-wide reading of what they are calling the "Universal Peace Covenant". I want to organize a group of people to read the Covenant on that day.

Some of the people involved have talked to the mayor of their town and a few of them have declared the day "Universal Peace Day" and are offering their support to the world-wide reading of the poem.

Read the Proclamation for a Moment of Peace

WE NEED YOUR HELP! MO Gov declines to proclaim

Dr. Sheila also reported some confounding information concerning Gov. Bob Holden's office saying they are turning down our request for a proclamation for the state of Missouri. This is very odd since the Peace Dome is in this state and we are already receiving proclamations for other government offices. When Sheila said the man she talked to said "the United Way wanted to proclaim a Peace Day and we didn't do theirs either" as the reason for the decline, I suggested the beauty of more and more people wanting peace, asking for peace of and from their elected officials, and pretty soon we have peace each and every day! What a great thing that will be!

I also reminded her that the State of Missouri has always supported the School of Metaphysics (which began in this state) and has issued numerous proclamations (for the Universal Hour of Peace and Clean up America) requested by the School of Metaphysics in past years. This combined with the unique, one time nature of this request seemed to give her encouragement that all is not lost.

Perhaps you can help by sending an email to Gov. Holden's office urging him to reconsider. Emails can be sent to

Tuesday, September 16

Today we see evidence of energy moving in the world. The heartfelt support given by Ambassador Silverstein is greatly appreciated. It is good to hear a government official declare the country's desire for a peaceful world.

An amazing letter from the Ambassador of Uruguay, Martin J. Silverstein.....

Dear Mr. Madar,

Having received your email communications concerning your peace dome, I am pleased to send you both a stone and a sample of cloth from Uruguay. As the American Ambassador in Uruguay I can say the U.S. Government shares your desire to see a peaceful world. We also share your desire to see more understanding between the peoples of the world. One of my primary objectives as Ambassador is to forge links between the Uruguayan and American people. When you place ths stone and fabric in your peace dome I hope you will see it as a symbol of the great respect and friendship the people of our two nations share.

Yours truly,

Martin J. Silverstein

Christine writes, "I emailed a message to Zhi today. She is a woman who called us during National Dream Hotline® in April. She organizes a newservice that goes out to US military bases all over the world. I am looking forward to hearing from her again and have asked that she send the Universal Peace Covenant and invite all our military service men, women and their families to participate in One Voice.

"Also, a large packet arrived from the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. It has contact information for all the schools in North America. We will send them invitations to join us in One Voice as well as send stones and fabric."

Wednesday, September 17

The Antarctic Connection

Christine: Greg Fogg is a reporter for Wireless Newsflash based in San Diego. He has been a great supporter of National Dream Hotline for many years. So he was familiar with the School of Metaphysics when I called him a few weeks ago.
He listened as I talked about the Peace Dome dedication. I could tell he wasn’t too interested, though. I kept talking, describing every angle I could think of about the Dome dedication. Finally I said, “We have people on six continents committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant. We only need Antarctica.” He lit up at that and said he would write a story about us finding someone in Antarctica.
Greg, the reporter from Wireless, called us again this past week. He is affiliated with a weekly newspaper in San Diego and had decided to print the article about Antarctica in the paper. “Would we send some photos of the dome for him to run?” With Dr. Barbara’s help they were e-mailed within a day.
John Shirpek, of the School of Metaphysics in Springfield, MO heard a story on a country radio station there. John told us the station reported that, “Our friends in Windyville are dedicating a Peace Dome and need someone from Antarctica.”
Since Wireless Newsflash sent the story out to radio stations we’ve received a phone call from a station in the Carribean. The radio host said he knew how to contact people in Antarctica and gave Dr. Pam the information.

Dr. Pam: This is where I come into the story. After talking to the host from the Carribean, I began to search the Internet with the leads he gave me. I checked McMurdo Station and then did a search under Antarctica. There I was able to find the Polar Research Support Section at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. with addresses and phone numbers. I called and was directed to David Friscic, head of information requests. He recommended I e-mail him with the information so he could get our request in the hands of the people who make that decision. Right now we are expectantly waiting for his positive response.
As I was giving an update of what I had done at the dinner table, Aaron Krieshock said he had a professor in college who made regular research trips to Antarctica. He is in the process of contacting him. So right now we are in the fourth level of manifestation with our Antarctic Connection and expectantly waiting for its arrival into the Physical realm.

Here is the email Dr. Pam sent to David:

Dear David:
Thanks for returning my call and talking to me about One Moment of Peace. As I mentioned on the phone October 11, the School of Metaphysics is dedicating what we believe to be the World’s First Peace Dome. At 1:00 p.m. Central Time (6:00 p.m. Universal Time) we plan to read The Universal Peace Covenant, a document penned by teachers and faculty of the School of Metaphysics in 1996.We are inviting groups, organizations, churches, schools and so on to join us in reading the Peace Covenant at the same time. By this simultaneous reading we are creating ONE VOICE for peace across and from our planet. So far we have received commitments of support from groups on every continent except Antarctica.

I am asking your support in helping us find individuals or groups living in Antarctica who we could contact to ask to participate in this Moment of Peace or if you would give permission to have the Peace Covenant read in your offices in Antarctica. We thank you in advance for any assistance.

May peace be with you all ways,

Pam Blosser, President, School of Metaphysics

A proclamation from Honolulu, Hawaii arrived today. It is beautiful and will be seen by many who visit the Peace Dome through the coming years.

Thursday, September 18

Paul Madar reports: We currently have stones from 15 countries, and it is exciting to receive new ones. We now have stones from Uruguay, Germany, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Czech Republic, Inda, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.

We have stones from 17 states in the U.S.: MA, OR, WA, AL, AZ, HI, NM, MN, AR, TX, CO, MO, OK, CA, NC, SC, FL.

The Wall now has stones from six out of seven continents. We still need something from Antarctica. We are contacting science teams with the thought that they have the best chance of having access to stones. Other ideas include contacting cruise ships, oil companies, Greenpeace, or the National Geologic Survey.

Read Dr. Pam Blosser's article "School of Metaphysics Connects with PeaceJam Through Nobel Peace Laureates"

Friday, September 19

Another gathering of several dozen volunteers from Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Springfield (MO), Fayetteville (AR), Indianapolis, IN, Webster Groves, MO, Louisville, Des Moines, Kansas City, KS, Columbia, MO, Chicago, Bolingbrook, Palatine, and Champaign (all in Illnois). Thanks to Lorena, Lisa, Natalie, Jesse, Nick, Damian, Linda, Simone, John Ward, Jonathan, Jen, Ben, Shawn Smith, Ivy, Christie, Chance, Judy, Terry, Tina, Karen, Jason, Mari, Carrie, Mandy, Terryll, Jay, Adam, Shawn Stoner, Joan, Teresa Starkey, Susie, Ernie, Jacque, Tad, Paul Madar, Christine, Erika, Laurie, John Harrison, Matthew, John Crainshaw, Aaron, Chris, Dave, Talina, Paul Blosser, Teresa Padilla, Dr. Laurel, Dr. Sheila, Dr. Pam, Dr. Dan, Dr. Barbara and Hezekiah (and if I forgot anyone email may so I can correct and acknowledge you!).

Teresa Padilla shared four websites that are listing the Peace Dome Dedication and urging people to participate. Check them out....

OUSAW.ORG OU Students Against War

United for Peace and Justice

Peace North


Have you seen the Peace Dome Dedication or ONE VOICE mentioned on the web? If so, please email us the address/info so we can share it. Do perhaps you have a website that you will post the dedication on..... Thank you for your willingness to spread the word.

Saturday, September 20

The weather was exquisite. Progress was made in every major area that will be used during Dome Dedication day. The pathway around and leading to the World relief map on the Healing Wall is taking shape. The mosaic continents were laid in the reflecting pool floor. Stones, clay and black dirt were placed in the patio. The Gazebo got a new coat of paint. Thanks to the 60 people who came for advanced classes and worked throughout the day on Saturday to further our dream of preparing the Peace Dome and making the campus beautiful for dedication day!

Dr. Laurel received this today...

I will give my students extra credit for attending this event. Please email directions. If you have printed materials for your program -- please send them to me: Marla Selvidge, Martin 118, Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, MO 64093.

Marla Selvidge, Professor of Religious Studies at Central Missouri State University

And a beautiful poem from our friend in Rumania....

May Peace Prevail On Earth

by Tatomir Ion-Marius-

M arvelous the way of peace,
A lways our faith increase,
Y oung and old,enjoy the bliss!

P eoples from all races and religions,
E nding with struggles,and misunderstandings,
A spiring to the future of the Light and Rainbow,
C losing the door to the wars in the hisory,
E levating Peace-this is our vision!

P arents and childrens,may they sing loud,
R eady to live new times of infinite love and joy,
E arth soon will be pacified,I hear the divine sounds,
V oices joining to pray,from all the corners,in all the

A bundance of positive vibrations,and healing energies,
I deal accomplished,how great is the pride,
L ight and harmony,is over all the mankind!

O ne day,tomorrow,the dream become true,
N o violence,no division,but Peace and brotherhood!

E ntirely devoted to the message,
A ltogether spread it in the world,
R esplendent in its each wise word,
T eaching the universal lesson,
H eal,build,unify-and don t destroy!

poem in acrostych written with the occasion of the International Day of Peace-21 September-and dedicated to the memory of the honorable Masahisi Goi-blessed be his memory!-May Peace Prevail in your country!
May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Sunday, September 21

From Russia with Love.....Today we received a letter of support from Timphey Afanasiev....

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Thank you so much for your most inspiring words. I am doing everything I can to help you spread the message. Let
me share now about our organization in Vladimir. The Interregional Youth Public Organization 'Peace House' existing since 1992 and being the headquarters for the Association of Students International Friendship Clubs, has the headquarters located in Vladimir in central Russia. We are honored to welcome you and all your colleagues to participate in the upcoming youth photo festival that is arranged this November. I have enclosed all additional information in my previous letter,I hope you can view it now. If not,please let me know,and I can send you the invitation text once again.
Your peace partner from Russia,
Timophey Afanasiev, educator

After today's presentation of "Satyagraha" -- the life of Mohandas K. Gandhi linked to eight Nobel Peace Prize laureates -- we talked about ways to make this presentation and "The Invitation" available to high schools and colleges across the US and abroad. What a different world it will be when young people - those who know anything is possible -- are exposed to the thoughts of these great women and men. To be 15 or 20 and embody one of these people as we have been all year, is an energizing idea. To be young and mobilized with purpose is to move the world. Martin Luther King Jr. began in his 20's, Mother Theresa in her teens, the Dalai Lama when he was 5. The strong soul is not bound by age.

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