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Monday, September 8

Today our president, Dr. Pam Blosser, spoke with the regional director of Peace Jam. PeaceJam is an international education program built around leading Nobel Peace Laureates who work personally with youth to pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody. (Visit them at The goal of PeaceJam is to inspire a new generation of peacemakers who will transform their local communities, themselves and the world. How synchronistic with the work we have been doing this year to make the Nobel Peace laureates accessible to people through experiential theater. Dr. Pam is most excited about sending our "laureates", the ones who portray Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Albert Schweitzer, or Martin Luther King, to their conference in November. Perhaps this will lead to giving our presentation to thousands of young people at national conventions.

Penny wrote: "I live in Boston, MA so what time would I begin an event to support the energy of the day" I never knew what Universal Time meant...I learned something." We want to make it as easy as possible for people to join us in ONE VOICE. Toward this goal, we have now posted the time of day 1 p.m. CDT is in major cities in every time zone. To access this list click here.

Will you be reading the Universal Peace Covenant (see sidebar) with us on October 11th" If so mail us your name and where you will be if you want others to join you or city/country where you live.

Tuesday, September 9

Today I am greeted by many is one that makes my heart sing with appreciation! There are so many people who have helped make our websites what they are. It's wonderful to know they are appreciated, respected, and well-used.

What a wonderful creation your website is! The creator of the site should be congratulated. The site itself is not only great to surf through, it is joyous, blessed content to read and hold in my heart, soul and mind.

I have recently begun classes in Fayetteville, AR. It's only been two weeks and I feel expanded and open in so many ways. I plan on being in Windyville in October to help prepare for the Peace Dedication. Looking forward to it ALL!
Paula Elias

Fayetteville is the site of our newest School of Metaphysics. With over 40 students it has a strong beginning and is serving a real need for permanent learning for the people there. We are receiving more and more inquires for our correspondence course.

Dr. Marla Selvidge a professor of religious studies at Central Missouri State requests info so she can inform her students about Peace Dome dedication. We are hoping to reach people on campuses across the U.S. Can you help"

Stones arrive from Brazil today including jade and crystals. Marcia Roisman, a friend we met about three years ago, also says she is also sending the translation into Portugese of The Universal Peace Convenat which is ready and being revised by a friend who is a professional translator!

Wednesday, September 10

We celebrated World Healing Day today. "World Healing Day is a global linkup for world peace and healing. It is about uniting to raise world consciousness through the power of collective intent. By dedicating a day to this process, and establishing one or more linkup times, we provide an opportunity for a concentrated focus of positive thought, feeling, and action to be created and held by large numbers of people around the world at the same time." ( It so resonates with the Universal Hour of Peace and now the Moment of Peace, it is a joy to pray for enlightenment across the planet and to let the words of the Universal Peace Covenant resound in the Peace Dome.

Every time people around the world open their hearts and shine the light of their awareness in peace and love, the world becomes a more desirable place to live.

Today we learn that Rep. Dennis Kucinich has received the 2003 Gandhi Peace Award. None of us knew there was such an award, and we are all delighted to hear it. With our work in "Satyagraha", the multidimensional experience, we have come to know, love, and live with the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi. We have learned to be inspired by his words and his life. We are endeavoring to live the truth that we believe so we can become knowers, enlightened beings. "Satyagraha" elevates Mr. Gandhi to his rightful place of respect by linking his life with the lives of eight Nobel Peace laureates who were empowered directly and indirectly by the way he thought and the way he conducted his life. I have written to the Promoting Enduring Peace organization so they know about our work and the dedication.

By the way, Rep. Kucinich's acceptance speech is a thrilling and powerful voice for peace that includes thought from around the world. If you haven't heard about this, find his speech on the net, it's awesome!

Thursday, September 11

Radio is starting to hear about the Peace Dome dedication. Starting in Elkhardt, Indiana and traveling down to the Carribean, we are being invited to use the airwaves to let people know about ONE VOICE.

Yesterday I received an email form Angela inquiring about an intuitive health analysis for her daughter. She has been reading How to Raise an Indigo Child and is very grateful. "My favorite part of your book has been your description of the school - the physical description as well as your description of the community and how people of all ages and backgrounds come together to learn from each other as well as to teach each other. I hope to visit some day soon."

With an invitation like that I knew it was appropriate to send Angela a note on the Peace Dome dedication and about how the kids are participating. Today she wrote back, "Hi Barbara - I put the date in my calendar and I will definitely participate. I will also inform my friends. what a great idea :) Love & Laughter - Angela"

Angela's return address gave a website so I visited (visit it now). It is inspiring how the mystic child is stimulating new awarenesses in adults all over the world. As we respond we will certainly change our world.

One of the great blessings of the Peace Dome is the constant re-affirmation of the good in all of us. We are making friends daily, discovering people with common ideals from all over the world. This is the reality of hope. This is the beginning of the third millennium!

Friday, September 12

People have gathered for "Your Soul's Purpose", a weekend devoted to dharma. Participants have come from across the United States from San Jose, California to Honesdale, Pennsylvania to receive an intuitive profile that will connect them with their soul's reason to be here. It is an amazing weekend and the people drawn to it this year are phenomenal. Dr. Laurel mentors throughout the weekend as the live-in counselor. Dr. Daniel and I come and go over the weekend for reports and special instruction and teaching. Everyone here at the College relishes these weekends for we make so many new friends. It is Peace Dome energy.

Saturday, September 13

Today is a media day. We have only four weeks until Dedication Day. More and more I recognize it as a beginning. Certainly it will be an alpha and omega moment for us. Christine has been researching newspapers so we can let them know so they can let others know. Our fondest dream is that major newspapers around the world print the text of the Universal Peace Covenant so all can read it. Here in part is a press release we send out today:

For Immediate Release September 13, 2003

Global Participation Increases as Peace Dome Dedication Nears

Windyville, MO ––Ninety five volunteers from eight states recently gathered at the College of Metaphysics for a labor of love. Plans are underway for the dedication of the world’s first Peace Dome on October 11.

The large monolithic dome is located on the College of Metaphysics campus. College Chancellor Dr. Daniel Condron said, "We began building the Peace Dome in 2001 and events here and abroad in the past two years have verified its timely presence in our world." Free of any one political, cultural, or religious affiliation, the dome is intended to be a universal site for peace.

Friday evening Dr. Barbara Condron, Governor of International Education, led a visionary talk to a standing room only crowd on the first floor of the Peace Dome. Highlights of this evening were letters from people committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant aloud at 1 p.m. (cdt) that Saturday during the Moment of Peace. Already several U.S. cities, including Independence, MO; Biloxi, MS; Baton Rouge, LA; and Denver, CO have issued proclamations.

"The initiative to unite people as One Voice of peace is already creating a worldwide grid of Light and Love connecting people on six continents," Dr. Condron said. "The world is responding because we are fulfilling our common ideal and purpose through the activity of building the world’s first Peace Dome."

From Africa to North America, Australia to Asia, people around the world have written with their support for the Peace Dome. A woman in Israel says, " . . . Infinite gratitude for your kind appeal, I will be honored to be part of this universal operation. We will have here a grand happening around the Sea of Galilee." In Argentina a gentleman says, "I am very glad you are summoning me for this important world encounter." From South Africa, "I would be honoured to join with you. That day I will be joining like minded people in Johannesburg for a special meditation and I will recite the Peace Covenant as well."

"All continents are represented except Antarctica," said media coordinator Christine Madar. "We are confident that as word continues to spread, this area of the world will be represented as well."

With Friday’s global vision fueling them, volunteers worked together the rest of the weekend to prepare for those traveling to the Peace Dome on October 11th. Many devoted time to landscape the Healing Wall, the site of an 18 foot relief map of the world where native stones and shells will be placed from all countries and oceans. Designer Paul Madar said, "Having pieces of Earth in one place will tangibly link humanity in thoughts of peace. We want every country represented."

Tiles forming the Peace Dome Mandala mosaic by Chicago artist Jay McCormick were laid on the first floor of the dome and plans were set for the labyrinth in the second floor chamber. Grounds of the campus were prepared by clearing pathways to the site of the gifting ceremonies on the 11th. A reflecting pond was built and will be the focal point for the continuous reciting of the Prayer for Peace led by Rev. Teresa Padilla on the day of the dedication.

Inside, a 45-page edition of Thresholds Annual completely devoted to the building of the Peace Dome was assembled and prepared for mailing to people in 27 countries.

Adjusting to unexpected rain showers, volunteers extended their stay on Sunday and Monday for a modern day barn raising. Nearly thirty people painted the two story building that houses large vehicles and groundskeeping equipment within a few hours.

Students and teachers in the School of Metaphysics, along with their families, preparing the grounds for the dedication included

The Peace Dome Dedication is the first time an event of this magnitude will be held at the College of Metaphysics. Volunteers will come together again the first week of October culminating in the dedication itself on Saturday. People are invited to the campus from dawn to dusk to participate in dedication day ceremonies. For more information on the Peace Dome visit or call 417-345-8411.


For further information & interviews contact: Dr. Barbara Condron or Christine Madar at 417-345-8411. School of Metaphysics, 163 Moon Valley Road, Windyville, MO 65783 email

Meanwhile, at the Moon Valley Ranch where fifteen people are gathered, the dharmas revealed, described, and realized range from spontaneity to penance, security to conciliation, patience to efficiency. Listening to these detailed reports people begin to get a sense of what creates a whole functioning unit, be it a physical body or a group of people. Dharma is the duty we are to perform in the world. It is beyond what you think you're going to school for, what you do to earn a living, and can even transcend how you love to spend your time making money. Dharma is soul urge the powerful sense of what you are hear to do. People this weekend learn why certain areas of their life seem to work, and why others don't, and most importantly they learn how easy it is to change for the better. This is also a very satisfying weekend for all of us. People are so hungry to know their purpose and so very grateful to have light shed in this area. I realize as I meet with them tonight that what makes any group of people accomplish their common ideals is when everyone involved performs their dharma. When this is present, success is ensured.

Sunday, September 14

Early morning our session participants experience the living duodecahedron, an amazing stillpoint exercise to exemplifes connectedness and resonance, in the Peace Dome then enjoy a large organically produced breakfast. During the table conversation what is echoed repeatedly is the sense of closeness they feel with every one else present. These world travelers have diverse backgrounds - one owns a business, another is a midwife, several are parents of Indigos, one lives in an ashram. They, like everyone who comes here, experience a geniune elevation of spirit. I am reminded of a line from the School of Metaphysics lessons -- friendship is the divine bond that unites souls in understanding. And as the Universal Peace Covenant says, "Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully."

This morning we receive word from the editor of the Fahrenheit San Diego -- San Diego's Independent Weekly that they intend to run the article we sent and they want pictures to go with it. Feel free to copy and send the press releases we have written and posted here. Please send them in total. Or you can email us contacts you think should know about the Peace Dome and its dedication. Thank you for helping.

Jen, one of the women who attended the session, calls to tell us that on her way to Kansas City she heard a DJ on a country station talk about the Peace Dome and how the School of Metaphysics has heard from people on every continent except Antarctica. The message is beginning to move across the airwaves! The energy is moving. Emails arrive from the Netherlands, California, Texas, and Australia, and many places in between. One wonders, what will happen next"

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