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written by Dr. Barbara Condron and friends

Monday, September 1

Many understand why the School of Metaphysics is building a Peace Dome. It makes perfect sense. Others wonder why. Perhaps the following letter we received after the Labor Day all-student weekend will lend insight into the very real purpose of the Peace Dome in our lives.

".....I just spent the student weekend up there with my husband, Josh and my daughter Kaya. It was amazing seeing the lessons we are learning at work and really the power of the laws. There were so many amazing experiences, things I know I will still be assimilating as the weeks progress.

I wanted to express to you something very important that I learned as I was up there, and really today as I am writing this. My goal for the weekend was to find more of my purpose, for both life and for being at the school. My purpose was to align more with my soul’s desire, and my activity was being receptive and aware of the answers that I knew would be all around me.

From the first time I heard about the peace dome, I knew I had to be there for the dedication. I knew there was a specific reason. The funny thing is that I don’t know if I have ever, before this weekend, believed I could do anything to create peace in the world. Peace was just one of those intangible things. How could lowly me ever really make a difference, that was my old thoughtform.

This weekend I had two amazing experiences in the dome. One being the meditation. I have struggled a lot with a still mind. I have struggled a lot with the candle exercise. But in the dome I vibrated. When we were chanting, the vibrations were all around me. The vibration emanating from my lips was one of the best feelings and connections I have ever experienced. I went deep during the meditation, probably deeper than ever before. I still struggled with a still mind, but the word that had come to me during the chanting was acceptance. I have had a hard time with acceptance of where I am at, of being human, of how much I have to learn. During the meditation I accepted where I was. As Dr. Dan was calling us back into our physical body, from top to bottom I began to tingle. I had experienced an amazing feeling of peace.

The second experience was Peacemakers. I was so touched that wells of tears came pouring out of me. I realize I have so much to learn, and yet I feel free. I know now that I can make a difference. And it is today that the difference and my contribution to peace are becoming known. All this weekend I wasn’t sure I had reached my goal, until today.

My business partner and soul friend, Marcie, is also in classes with me. We have owned an advertising and marketing firm for the last 4 years. We are great at what we do, communicating. She is the visual key and I am the language key. It has taught us a lot, and prepared us for the leap we are about to take. Advertising is necessary, but the way the industry works goes against our spirituality and truth. We have wanted to give it up for a long time, but wasn’t sure until the last year what we wanted to do. It is finally beginning to take shape. The good thing about advertising, is that it reaches large groups of people. The possibilities using this vehicle are endless. And so the aha! moment. We are creating a new company, a global company. Our overall goal is to raise awareness and connect people to themselves, to each other and to their creator. Our method is subtle. We want to begin to open the petals of people’s hearts and chakras. We are meant to prepare them for your school.

We can reach millions with the message, those that are just beginning to dip into their consciousness, their spirituality, their souls. We are going to create an overall company called Karmically Speaking. We want to create a movement towards peace, one where we can reach many and begin to open them up to the future. ....

My partner’s expression is through the physical senses, she is an amazing artist. So through her expression we are going to create a line of products. So far we are going to be creating clothing, jewelry, candles and greeting cards. Our line is going to be based on the healing and balancing of the chakras. It is going to be subtle, because we want to reach the masses. Just imagine a company like Nike spreading peace and high vibrations around the world.

My expression is through words and the intellect. I have always been pretty good at communicating big ideas to even the simplest mind. So through my expression we are creating a magazine, one that will rival Real Simple or Oprah or Organic Living. One that tells real ways to find more peace in your life, balancing your chakras, living the Universal Laws. Again in a way to reach the masses. And these ideas are just the beginning. We know that we will be creating a book publishing firm, other product lines and my husband and I want acres of land and a retreat center. Both my partner and I have personal aspirations as well, me to be a healer and her to be an angel by giving to those who need. But we understand that we must begin to set this company into motion first.

W e have wanted to start this company for a long time, but we were not ready. The school of metaphysics is preparing us for this global venture. We want to change the world thousands at a time. We have begun to prepare our business plan and soon we will be receiving the funds to begin. I know that we are preparing individuals for your understandings, for your movement and for the future of the College and School of Metaphysics.

We are the stepping stone to what your school offers. You offer so much depth and so much understanding. We want to open the world to receiving and giving on that level. We know how to create mass communication and we are going to use our gifts to raise more awareness, compassion, love and peace. This revelation couldn’t have more appropriately been revealed to me than at this moment, the weeks leading up to this peace dome dedication.

I know I have so much to learn and so many ways to grow. I am so grateful and thankful for what you all are doing, for finding the missing keys to my future through your teachings. I have always felt the path. I knew that everything in my life was leading me towards what I am only beginning to find now. The future is upon us.

With light, love and peace,
Sonya Davis, Dallas School of Metaphysics

To read more about the weekend Sonya talks about, click here.

Tuesday, September 2

"El Pacto Universal de Paz

La paz es el aliento de nuestro espíritu. Brota desde la profundidad de nuestro ser para refrescar, para curar, para inspirar...."

Adam Neidlinger sends his translation into Spanish of the Universal Peace Covenant to us. It can be accessed at this site. Thank you Adam for making these mind expanding thoughts available in this way. As Dedication Day draws near, our minds continue to move forward, and one of our long term goals is to have the Covenant translated into every language on the planet. Can you help? Those with the acumen can email their translations or by post to The Peace Dome, s/o School of Metaphysics, 163 Moon Valley Road, Windyville, MO 65783. Thank you for taking the time to make the world a brighter place to live.

Wednesday, September 3

Today we hear from the World Peace Prayer Society representative in Western Australia...

"Thank you for the invitation to join with you all in reading the Universal Peace Covenant. Yes we shall be delighted to participate and are ready to support and help in whatever way we can.

What a small world as we also had our daughters studying in Missouri and Illinois in Christian Science Upper School in St. Louis, and Principia College at Elsah.We (my wife and I) were also in a couple of Summer projects at Principia College. We are just 20 odd miles from the Capital City - Perth. The time we shall unite with you is 12 October at 02.00 AM. (As we are 8 hours or so ahead of you.) and be part of this wonderful idea of the World's First Peace Dome.

I shall try to get something documented on that important occasion. I shall forward your email to as many people here in Western Australia. Mostly small towns. You can add Busselton in the south, and Karratha in the north of our state.....The reading the Universal Peace Covenant will be read at Testimony Meetings for the congregation, at two or three Christian Science Church/Societies around Perth. (So you see, we share in Metaphysics.)

Our granddaughters at their school may present this to their teachers as a project to be done by the children. I shall keep you posted. 'Love leads the way.'

Dee and PJ, Western Australia"

Dr. Laurel says Pricipia College is where she spent her honeymoon several years ago. The ways we are connected are always illuminating and astonishing! How can we call anyone a stranger?

Thursday, September 4

Dr. Laurel sent an email about a proposal for a Peace Dome to be built at the former site of the twin towers in New York City. The proposal is for a geodesic dome similar to the one built for Expo '67 in Montreal which now is a biosphere. What a magnificent idea! I remember seeing that dome, a globe really, when I was 12 and the experience impressed itself on my consciousness that geodesic domes are the kind I have always envisioned during class opening projections for the College of Metaphysics campus. This is a wonderful find, and I write to Mr. Sunatori, who gratefully sends a reply.

"Thank you so much for your message, especially the invitation to the Dedication Celebration 2003-10-11. I will certainly join you in spirit by reading the Universal Peace Covenant.

I visited your intriguing website. Bravo for choosing the concrete dome. I much prefer concrete domes by Monolithic Dome (non-geodesic) and American Ingenuity (geodesic) to wooden/timber domes.

I have not heard from the WTC administrators about the World Peace Dome proposal, but I suspect that their commercial requirements prevent them from erecting low-density structure. However, I still think that a World Peace Dome above or beside a replacement skyscraper(s) would be great.

Thank you very much for your attention. Merci de votre attention. -Simon Sunatori "

If you want to learn more about Mr. Sunatori's work, visit http://WWW.HyperInfo.CA/~GS.Sunatori@HyperInfo.CA/

Proclamation update: Lawton, Oklahoma which supported a School of Metaphysics for several years proclaims A Moment of Peace. The office of the mayor of Honolulu calls to confirm the wording of the proclamation for a Moment of Peace for October 11th. We will receive their support in a few days! We also receive a letter from Portland, Oregon explaining their protocol for mayoral proclamations (must be an event in the city and requested from someone living in the city...perhaps someone reading this can create a reading of the Universal Peace Covenant at a town landmark, copy the proclamation from this site, and personally request it!). We respect the right to exercise the freedoms that make this country what it is and appreciate the time spent to write to us.

Friday, September 5

On October 11, I will be in JAPAN attending my former school's Harvest and Thanksgiving Day. It is an international interfaith school for rural development centered on leadership trainign for rural leaders. I will be there to facilitate an opening peace prayer ceremony at the peacepole garden I planted in that school when I was participating in training in 1990. I will coordinate with you if this prayer can be integrated. I really love the Peace Covenant and eager to read it in that day. Many people are attending...-MFT

Saturday, September 6

The College of Metaphysics (where the Peace Dome is being built) has been a flurry of activity all week. From creating walkways and trails through the campus where visitors will walk on Dedication Day to landscaping around the Dome and Healing Wall to building up and leveling the patio area, this week the students and grad students have been moving substance, reshaping the earth. The campus is changing daily, becoming more and more beautiful. Today students from the new SOM in Fayetteville, Webster Groves, and Columbia came to help. Each time we give time and energy to something, we strengthen the connection, the bonds of love and appreciation.

This is one of the most attractive elements of the School of Metaphysics to me -- how "strangers" think and act as friends. The past weekend although there were two occasions where I gave to everyone as a group, I did not get around to greeting each person individually as I like. This stimulated me to realize anew the magic created when people work toward common ideals. It is infinitely rich. People who do not know anything about one another other than the fact that we are all students at SOM come together to live side by side as family. Here we eat, play, learn, grow, create together, whether for a weekend, a year, or a lifetime.

Evidence of the connectedness of all humankind is everywhere in our lives. Connie Orsini, a businesswoman, grandmother, and all around generous person, has been here all week lending her light and love. "I have to reflect on all the learning I acquired during this time. The students were my friends and my teachers in my mind and in my memory I take them all with me. Everyone of them fills my heart. I was fortunate to participate on the following duties: housekeeping, laundry, apinting, gardening, construction of the patio, meal preparation, clerical activities and translation." This last holds an amazing story.

Today in checking our emails to the School of Metaphysics and as well as this site, I open one which is in what I recognize as Spanish. I am somewhat familiar with French, much less so Spanish. Immediately I think how serendipitous that Connie is here! Connie was born and raised in Bogota, Columbia. She came to the states as a young woman where she has lived ever since. As my eyes move farther down the page of Spanish words they land on something I can read -- the person is from BOGOTA, Columbia! I chuckle. The Universe's hand is in this for certain. I print the email and bring it downstairs, finding Connie sitting in the Great Room talking with Dr. Pam and Paul Blosser, Connie's field director.

"Do you want to see your influence?" I ask her with a big smile. Connie looks at me quizically with her big eyes. "I know this has come because you are here with us" I say as I hand her the email. She is eager to help and very willing to respond to the writer, telling them about SOM, our intuitive reports (which are a passion of Connie's) and One Voice.

I note the resonant timing of this email with our reception of Adam's translation of the Covenant into Spanish. Synchronicity is the way we realize the depth of connection in all living beings.

Sunday, September 7

Dr. Pam (SOM President) has been making contacts with groups invested in peace this past week. She has gathered the names of over 200 people in the U.S. who we will be asking to join us October 11th as we read the Universal Peace Covenant. She is particularly excited about Peace Jam, an international education program whose goal is "to inspire a new generation of peacemakers who will transform their local communities, themselves, and the world." Part of what these groups do is study the Nobel Peace Laureates. Since our work with the laureates has led to the creation of "The Invitation" and "Satyagraha" she believes they would find find these presentations most illuminating. She plans to call them tomorrow. The Sacred Walks also impresses her as a network of people who will appreciate the Peace Dome and perhaps the reading of the Universal Peace Covenant. Her efforts are putting her in touch with more and more people who will make peace a reality on earth. As Alva Mirdahl (the Nobel laureate Dr. Pam portrays in "The Invitation" and in "Satyagraha") says, "With the popular movement against nuclear arms, women and more and more churches and professional organizations are taking a leading role." Dr. Pam is living the reality of this statement.

I have a wonderful conversation with Chris Sheehan, one of the college students. It begins with receiving the exquisite cover he has designed for Dr. Daniel Condron's newest book The Tao Te Ching interpreted and explained. Chris is an amazing artist, having practiced his art before coming to the college as a tatoo artist. Sometimes he would work for 14 hours a day. Today we talk about the use of space in his artwork (all space is filled) and how this is an expression of how he uses his consciousness from moment to moment. We speak about how to use space consciously to transform thinking and bring greater harmony into himself and his life. We speak of the influence of space, as in astronomy and astrology, and in everyday life activities like the college garden which is now producing 15 pound squashes the size of a baby. We talk about interpersonal relationships and the value of space. We speak of intention, the conscious involvement of making space, allowing space, being space. We talk of the difference between passivity and cooperation.

Chris talks about his dharma of steadfastness as being a combination of loyalty and devotion. He remarks about what he is learning from working with Paul Madar whose dharma is loyalty. Chris has noticed how Paul is steadfast, he keeps working at anything until the task is completed, and through this Paul realizes loyalty. When Chris is loyal to something, like his artwork, he is steadfast, being able to work well into the late hours, completely energized. We both marvel at the way the universe brings people together, ensures learning and growth. I remark that Stacey, whose dharma is devotion, plans to be a graduate student in January, and her presence will give Chris the opportunity to see the dynamics of his own dharma in an even more expanded way.

So what does this story have to do with the Peace Dome? These are the real lessons learned here at the College. They are lessons in compassion, respect, and peace. The freedom to appreciate each individual for who they are and what they offer, an honoring of the Self that manifests the truth of "living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully." (from the Universal Peace Covenant) It is good that we are bringing this reality into the world. It is this consciousness that is making the Peace Dome what it is.

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