The Peace Dome Diary

.... making history, recording history .... the Peace Dome's story day by day ....
written by Dr. Barbara Condron and friends

Monday, August 25

It is midnight and I write the following with the intention of sharing these thoughts with all the people in the School of Metaphysics.....

Dear SOM PeaceMakers,

In a few days we will meet again for the purpose of evolving the thought form that is the Peace Dome dedication through the fifth level of consciousness into the sixth level. Already evidences of its manifestation are made known to us daily. I feel so privileged to be at the hub, the center, of the energy. This is the most profound experience of being in the lotus of the Earth's Intuitive Chakra that I have yet to know. It is like watching the planet awaken, one person at a time, and being there to greet, soothe, encourage, and interpret the dreams! I am grateful daily for each experience of enLIGHTenment.

In the ten days since I last wrote much has transpired. We have heard from people in Israel, Rumania, Japan, Australia, South Africa. Today support from the American Ambassador in Indonesia and from the President of ASSOCIACION SHINTO KAI ARGENTINA in Buenos Aires arrived. Each day when the phone rings, the email messages come in, the postal worker delivers the mail, new manifestations of what we have set into motion are acknowledged. This is true receptivity!

The wisdom in the Tao Te Ching comes to mind. Dr. Dan has written an exquisite intepretation and explanation of this amazing text. In fact these days I often I feel like the border guard who received Lao Tzu's wisdom. Even more I am knowing the connectedness of all people, the unifying of hearts and minds across the globe in a wellspring of joy, gladness, and goodwill. Last year I read from the text of Jainism as we explored Gandhi's life and consciousness. This year, Dr. Dan's Tao is a perfect focus for concentration as we move closer to dedication day.

In the past two weeks, we here at headquarters have been unified in our efforts to let the world know about the labor of Light we are undertaking. Dave, Talina, Aaron, Chris, John H., Greg and Erika have helped Paul Madar and Laurie email approximately 200 ambassadors, foreign and domestic, about the Peace Dome and the Healing Wall. Half a dozen press releases by Dr. Laurel, Paul Blosser, and me have been readied for distribution in the next few days as Christine enlists everyone's aid in preparing two mailings - one to newspapers and the other to radio/tv - asking for their participation and help in letting everyone know about the ONE VOICE initiative on October 11th. These will be in the mail by the time you arrive here. The letter to the radio stations asks them to read the Universal Peace Covenant or play "Peace is Real" at 1 p.m. CT! What an amazing concept. Just imagine!

Dr. Pam, Tad, and Erika printed a beautiful issue of Thresholds Annual, entirely on the Peace Dome, which some of us will be putting together on Sunday evening and Monday (plan to stay and help if you can). This is the first history book on the Peace Dome and it will be valued as such in years to come. When your issue arrives, please it with your students so they (and you) can have the whole picture of what the Peace Dome is and what it means to the world.

As I write this to you, the final preparations for invitations to Peace organizations is in the hands of Linda Yeingst, OKC teacher, who has come to help this week. Linda is continuing work Teresa Padilla began last week when she was here. They are organizing contacts made by Champaign director John Mestyanek and Webster Groves student Laura Faulkingham. Linda is also doing a final copyedit on Nine Lessons in PeaceMaking. (Thanks to Talina, Christine, Matthew, and Teresa for their efforts in this regard as well.) This book chronicles what we living here in the presence of the Peace Dome have experienced and learned from eight Nobel Peace Prize laureates and the greatest peace advocate of the 20th century Mohandes K. Gandhi. This is a book that will be read in high school classes, Sunday schools, and homes around the world. It includes the thoughts on love, peace, and friendship of over four dozen spiritual teachers and students.

Today the rod iron railing along the Peace Dome wall arrived. Paul Blosser's design is unique in the world and harmonizes beautifully with the chi movement around and in the Dome. This comes the same day Jen Childer's email arrives challenging each director to renew their efforts to tell people about the Dome and let them know how they can help build it through a financial contribution of $25 or more while receiving the amazing Kundalini Poetry book. And Jason, thank you for your email about the living history book and the feedback about this site. It is my hope too "that the entire planet discovers the little wonder that has taken form in our Hamlet of Windyville." As we are committed to making it happen, so be it!

Thank you all for making the world a brighter place to be. I send you my circle of love, Dr. Barbara

Tuesday, August 26

Christine receives wonderful news from Scotland, Dr. Laurel hears from Pakistan, and I hear from a dear friend named Vanda from Palm Beach. Each carries news of great fellowship and common purpose as we unite our world in peace. Jeanette Bain writes from Scotland....

It is so wonderful to hear from you's. I am going to contact my local schools, authorities and organisations and notify them of your school of metaphysics and what your school represents with the 'dome'. I will also be contacting my friends in the north of scotland with the same intentions and do hope so very much to visit your school and bring an item to represent Scotland within the map.

Wednesday, August 27

Dr. Sheila Benjamin is on campus this week to serve in any way possible. She drafted a letter to send to US Senators and Representatives asking them to participate in the ONE VOICE initiative by reading the Universal Peace Covenant where ever they are at 2pm EDT on October 11th. These will be mailed out this week. Today she came bounding up the stairs, big smile on her face, "Dr. Barbara! Sherry from the Arkansas governor's office just called and they'll be happy to declare a Moment of Peace if a resident requests it." With classes beginning just last week in our newest school - Fayetteville! - we just happen to have 32 of them! The Universal Laws always amaze and delight! It looks like Arkansas may be the first state to proclaim 1 pm CDT on October 11th as a "Moment of Peace"!

The world is such a connected can meet people every day who help you remember that we are all one race, the human race, and that we share a common inner urge to evolve through helping others.....Shawn Stoner, the SOM director in Palatine (a suburb of Chicago) writes today,

"Last weekend, we had a booth at the Palatine Street Festival, and we were next door to the United Way booth. It was only after a day of bantering and mutual helping-out that I found out the man that I had been talking to all day was the Board President for this local branch of the United way..more connections can throughout the weekend...I met a Pastor of a church who is interested....the Heartlight Chicago school (remember the previous email about the guy who came to my class-this is him) had a booth and I got to meet them all..a lady from the Jaycees who was Very interested...all of these people want to participate and organize readings of the Peace Covenant on October 11th. The Heartlight school has branches in South Africa, and South America also. They also have connections with the Humanities Project, spearheaded by Barbara Marx Hubbard and Neal Donald Walsch (Conversations with God) and want to pass along the info to them as well."

Thursday, August 28

Christine contacts Wireless Flash News, a well known in the industry news service for radio/tv. Many of the events you hear about and people you hear interviewed on the radio come from leads given to them by Wireless Flash. We let them know about the National Dream Hotline each spring and they love promoting it because people are interested in the subject. This is very important to media because they flourish when listeners and viewers pay attention.

As Chris talked about the Peace Dome, she says she gave him the fullest picture she could and the man she was talking to just wasn't quite seeing the value for the media. Peace, One Voice, the Healing Wall, the mandala mosaic, the Nine Steps for PeaceMaking book, nothing was clicking with this guy. Chris wasn't about to give up. She just kept on talking until finally she said there were already people on six continents committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant on Oct. 11th.

"The only one we have yet to hear from is Antarctica," she said. "That did it! I don't know why, but he really liked that 'angle' of us needing to find someone in Antartica."

As we talked we laughed about how perhaps everyone in Antartica would hear and participate, all because of this one man! This story affirms the goodness of the Peace Dome. Everyone is included. There is a place for everyone to give. That in itself is a testimony to the reality of what makes for peace.

Friday, August 29

Today we receive a beautiful proclamation from the city and county of DENVER proclaiming A Moment of Peace in the mile high city,

Over seventy people journey from Chicago and Dallas and Lexington and places inbetween to the Peace Dome for this weekend. We plan to make great strides in group consciousness and in preparing the grounds for receiving people on October 11th. (See Terry Martin's related article on this student weekend)

To update everyone on the movement since our last meeting here four weeks ago, I read a letter that is going to the School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) in three dozen countries. The letter gives a picture of the immensity of the thought and its reception worldwide. Stacy Ferguson, Webster SOM director, asks if the letter is up on the net. I answer, no, but it can be. Everyone is in agreement on that idea, so here it is for you....

Dear Friends,
Christmas has come early to Windyville. Each day we look forward to phone calls, emails, postal deliveries, and (often unexpected) visitors. The world is responding because we are fulfilling our common ideal and purpose through the activity of building the world’s first Peace Dome. It is such an honor and privilege to live in its presence.

In the past two weeks we have received proclamations from cities like Independence, Missouri; Biloxi, Mississippi; and just today Denver, Colorado proclaiming “A Moment of Peace” at 1 p.m. [CDT] October 11th. This is the moment the Peace Dome will be dedicated as a universal site for peace, the moment the Universal Peace Covenant will be read in unison by people all over the world.
The initiative to unite people as One Voice of peace is already creating a worldwide grid of Light and Love connecting people on six continents. Let me share some of the emails and letters that have arrived in the past two weeks.

“I would be honoured to join with you in thought by reciting the Universal Peace Covenant.
That day I will be joining like minded people in Johannesburg for a special meditation and I will ask those assembled to recite the Peace Covenant as well. I salute your efforts in working towards Global Harmony, may Light shine upon your work and may your missions be accomplished. –Susan Kaschula, South Africa

“...Thank you for your message. We plan to have a Special Prayer Assembly for our students on October 11 to join you in spirit.” - Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Manager City Montessori School in Lucknow, India

“This is to inform you that I have received your message. I am absolutely willing to participate in the World's First Peace Dome. The day shall be observed in Ghana. Kindly get me update so that I would invite some important personalities in Ghana to join me. I wish I could be a student of the school. Peaceful regards.” – Kofi Duku Taylor, Ghana

“.... It is also heartwarming to know about the "Universal Peace Covenant." It carries the vibration of truth and help to promote love, compassion, kindness, pity, philanthropy, benevolence etc. At the same time,I am very happy to learn that the School of Metaphysics is dedicating the World's First Peace Dome on 11th Oct '03.I will be most fortunate , if I get an opportunity to participate in the synchronized effort.” – Suman L. Shrestha, Kathmandu,Nepal
page 2, September 1, 2003

“Infinite gratitude for your kind appeal and to Deborah Moldow for connecting us. I will be honored to be part of this universal operation... we will have here grand happening around the Sea of Galilee which called Hugging the Kinneret. During this time we will have several points with different activities so I can also read your declaration also at this time.” –Ms. Hagit Ra&Mac182;anan, Israel

“....I am very happy that you are summoning me for this important world encounter. It is a beautiful work!! Infinite Light!! With a lot of happiness we will be participating with our group of people of the ASOCIACION SHINTO KAI ARGENTINA, of the CENTRO DE REIKI LUZ RADIANTE, of the GOI PEACE FOUNDATION and of the WORLD PEACE PRAYER SOCIETY.
“People that are usually summoned for the tasks by the Peace will be working that day and reading the Agreement of Universal Peace. I’m preparing the organization of an encounter to be able to carry out it, and once defined I will communicate you the place and the quantity of people that will be that day. We will film the event, and then we will send to you, a document of the carried out work. It will be a honor for us to participate....” –Prof. Mónica Simone, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I would be privileged to read aloud the Peace Covenant on October 11th 2003 at the coinciding time. It will take place at the 'Holy Cross Memorial', in my town, in the company of interested parties/persons.” – Jeanette Bain, Scotland

“thank you so much for being so kind to send me the Universal Covenant of Peace-I ll translate it, and I ll make everything staying in my power to make it known...” –TatomirIon Marius, Romania

“...The Goi Peace Foundation would like to support this event and all the 12 staff members will be praying from our office in Tokyo, Japan.” – Yashio Mochizuki

The Goi Peace Foundation are the people who bring the idea of Peace Poles to life around the world. That beautiful story was told in a Thresholds a few years ago. We have heard from embassies and ambassadors, mayors and governors, and individuals who care, and as the Peace Covenant says, “Those who (want to) fulfill their part of a greater plan.”
Have we heard from you?
Please take a few moments to call, write, email ( your support. It means a great deal to us, to the world, and to the future for us all. May peace be with you all ways.

We send you our circle of love. On behalf of all students, I am

Dr. Barbara Condron

Saturday, August 30

Morning rain is much needed by the parched grass, trees, and plants. It does alter our plans which were primarily outdoors among the college grounds. The rain doesn't stop the landscapers or those building the reflection pool or clearing land. It does put a hold on painting outdoor structures and fences, which will hopefully be done tomorrow.

This frees many to work indoors and the mailing of 32,000 pages on the Peace Dome to people in three dozen countries progresses as eager helpers coallate, staple, fold, and stuff Thresholds Annual. Editor in chief Dr. Pam Blosser says "The Peace Dome has become real to me in a new way. I have received the opportunity to know each contributor's thoughts, to see the Peace Dome through their eyes. I am amazed!" Thresholds will be mailed out on Tuesday, heading to School of Metaphysics Associates across the US and to friends abroad.

Sunday, August 31

Today's experience in the upper chamber of the Peace Dome touches everyone in profound ways. In the East it is known as shaktipat, the transference of energy from master to adept. Before your imagination goes wild, let me explain further. The word comes from the Sanskrit describing the receptive, drawing element of creative energy. I have been studying this progressively since writing the book Kundalini Rising ten years ago. Today's experience furthers me on the path to understanding this power that I was taught as a child to call the Holy spirit, what to yogis call shaktipat, and what science calls quantum physics.

The Satyagraha experience this morning takes all of us on a journey that is life lived with purpose. We understand the power of the individual. We experience the challenges along the way. We realize how the urge for enlightenment is universal, existing at all times, at places, for everyone. These realizations move through us. For some the tears flow. For others chills rise up their spine. For others thoughts are rearranged into new configurations. The comments following the experience are widespread, "It was wonderful." "I'm not sure what happened, but it really moved me." "It was worth the trip." "I've never experienced anything like this before." I can understand the lack of words, and the journey that brings clarity and discernment. This is the journey of any student of Self, of consciousness, of enlightenment.

Matthew Marian, a college grad teacher, elucidated it for me when he told me of his experience on Friday afternoon when all the college students/teachers met to walk through the experience. "Dr. Barbara, I didn't know what happened. When Gandhi came up to me and put his hand on my arm, my knees went weak and my legs started to wobble. I felt lightheaded and the tears started welling up. I've never had anything quite like that happen to me."

As I listened to his words and absorbed his experience the ancient word surfaced in my mind - Shaktipat. Here it was in its expansive form, burning through any limitations, purifying and transforming the spirit. The ability to exist on many levels of consciousness, to accept and live multidimensional experience is a profound reality open to us all. Today, we all came to understand that more clearly as we participated in Satyagraha in the second floor chamber of the world's first Peace Dome.

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