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This morning begins with an email from a new friend, Kell, a peace activist and film maker whose documentaries have appeared on PBS. This is actually Laurel's story, but she has left for a few days to participate in a Peace Ceremony in St. Louis, so I will tell it through the emails.......

Sunday, August 11, 2003

Dr. Laurel's first communication to Kell began "Dear Mr. K, I found out about you through Bettine Clemens and the Universal Laws of creation! ...."

She went on to describe the Peace Dome and our dream for the dedication day. Here is his first response:

Dear Laurel,

This is wonderful! During the 10 days I just spent visiting Barbara Marx Hubbard, we spoke often about the intuition that the time is now to bring together a day that makes for a furtherance of the steps toward global harmony that occurred after the 1987 event. But, this time we shall move as one for humanity's quantum leap into an epoch of peace and endless potential.

I love the Covenant as well.

Let me know what I can do. I'd like very much to film the event if it becomes possible in my schedule. In any event I will be with you.

Thank you and all of you at the School of Metaphysics for the powerful steps you are taking for our peaceful destiny.
Love and blessings,

This is part of the blessing of the Peace Dome dedication....making new friends and becoming reunited with old ones. The world is such a small place, and there are so many people who are connected in consciousness, who want to live the truth of "living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully."

Monday, August 11, 2003

There is a strong sense in me that everything that we at the School of Metaphysics are receiving at this time is Peace Dome energy. This means it is relative to and compatible with the quality of energy we are and have been giving for months. Over and over this is verified. It is a wonderful science experiment of how thought effects in mental world within us and the physical world around us.

A good example occurred today in an email we received from a 17-year-old who lives in Turkey. Here is her email....


I'm E*** A*****. I'm from Azerbaycan. My date of born is 04.06.1986.
I began to read and write when I was 1,5-2 years old. I'm superior intelligence.
From 5 years old I use my bioenergy for diagnose and treat diseases. I can
see aura and similar energies. At the same time I'm sence and trance medium.
Now I have education in Turkey. My all marks are 5 and I'm the first student
in my school.
About my mother: Her name is †rada. She has some supernatural abilities too.
(My mother divorced in 1986.) She' s a doctor, but can't work in Turkey.
I want to develop my abilities and use them for humanity. But we don't have any
material and moral support.
I hope you'll help me or advice what should I do.

Certainly E* has found us from her inner urge to be a force for good in the world so characteristic of the mystic children, the Indigos. Many of these bright children are coming of age now and they are seeking guidance and instruction so they can fulfill their destiny. It is a blessing to share with these young souls and with those who love, care for, and guide them.

Today we hear from a friend of School of Metaphysics who lives in Brazil. Stones will be arriving soon for the Healing Wall. Gerald sends a New Zealand piece of volcanic rock to his teacher Dr. Pam Blosser. Tad returns from a trip back East to see his Mom and says he has brought a stone from Jerusalem that his sister had brought back to their Mother. Harriet wants it to be placed in the Healing Wall. People are so generous, it is part of our nature, that inner spark of divinity that is becoming brighter in humanity every day. Paul Madar says we received a piece of the Berlin Wall! The Truth of what we are creating is revealed to us daily. The Light is very bright. This is a good time to be alive, to be as Jesus said, "in the world but not of it."

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Dr. Laurel learns that His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be in Bloomington, Indiana dedicating a Buddhist temple. She wants to ask for an audience between College of Metaphysics Chancellor Dr. Daniel R. Condron and His Holiness. She learns she must contact the Tibet office. Here in part is what she writes:

"I understand that His Holiness will be in Bloomington,
Indiana to dedicate an interfaith temple on September
7th. Is it possible for Dr. Condron to meet with him
in Bloomington or elsewhere in the Midwest if His
Holiness will be in other cities like St. Louis,
Missouri? Dr. Condron would like to extend a personal
invitation to His Holiness and share our vision of the
peace dome and a synchronized global Moment of Peace
on October 11th.

"Thank you for considering this request. We are most
grateful for the presence of His Holiness in the world
as a voice of reason and compassion...."

We have come to know His Holiness in many ways, through physical encounters during the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions and recently through his speech accepting the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize. As a part of "The Invitation", our play celebrating eight Nobel Peace Laureates, in Paul Madar's embodiment of Tenzin Gyatso it is as though His Holiness walks and talks and breathes with us here on campus. The play is an amazing experience for us all. Each time we gather to create it, it teaches us more.

Today we receive a request from Sandie, managing editor of Children of the New Earth magazine and e-zine. She is interested in publishing a chapter of How to Raise an Indigo Child in the fall issue. This is the Law of Abundance for sure. So much energy is moving in every area of the education and services we offer through the School of Metaphysics. It is amazing confirmation of the power of a peaceful attitude. As students have said through the years, "this stuff works!"

Wednesday, August 13

Embassy of Slovakia called today to apologize for their ambassador not being able to attend dedication on October 11th due to prior engagement. As Jana and I talk I explain being here is not as important as reading the Universal Peace Covenant. "You mean he wouldn't have to go to Missouri?" I explain that we are encouraging people worldwide to read the covenant wherever they are and reading from the embassy would be much appreciated as it would encourage others. She is impressed and will get back with us after talking to her deputy ambassador.

Received an email from Laura Faulkingham, a student in Webster Groves. She's been combing the internet searching for peace organizations after she puts her two kids to bed at night. She wants to find people who she feels need to know about the Peace Dome dedication so we can include them by contacting them. This is the kind of love and commitment the Peace Dome stimulates in all of us.

We gather in the Peace Dome at 8 pm for Satyagraha. This is our time with the Nobel Peace Laureates -- Schweitzer, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Pauling, King, Alva Mirdahl, Betty Williams, and Jimmy Carter -- and with Mohandas K. Gandhi. If Paul Madar is the Dalai Lama, Paul Blosser surely grows more like Gandhi every day. Hearing the words these people said resounds in the dome space. We can feel their presence.

Terry Martin and I started looking through video footage for the film on building the Peace Dome that we are making. We want to tell the story of why we're doing it and what it's like, without words and in mathematical sequence. I call this type of movie a fibonacci film because it is built upon the principles discovered in nature by Fibonacci. The film will have its debut in the first floor of the Peace Dome on October 11th.

Thursday, August 14

The SOM Board of Governors meet to discuss progress on the Peace Dome and inviting the world to celebrate the dedication with us. Much of what is here on our website is discussed and we have a sense of openness to the world. The level of commitment is a joy for us all. People who have only recently heard about the School and the Peace Dome are participating, those who have been with the School for a decade or more have a renewed sense of purpose. What the Peace Dome represents sparks the divine spirit in us all.

Friday, August 15

Dr. Daniel Condron has written an amazing translation and interpretation of one of the most ethereal and profound books ever written –– the Tao Te Ching. We are in the final preparation stages of publishing this work. I enjoy sharing soon to be published works with those living at the College and often do this by reading chapters at the dinner table. I ask Dr. Dan if I can read some of the Tao every night to help prepare our consciousness for the dedication. He agrees and the nightly voyages into timeless wisdom begin. The Tao is an imagery-rich guidebook for genuine peace. Here is one chapter/verse.


The best way to live is to be like water
for water benefits all things
without competing or going against anything
flowing in places others reject and avoid
This is why water is like the Tao

Dwell close to the Earth
still the mind thoughts and go deep
Give with kindness
speak truth and honesty
govern peacefully
be responsible when serving others
when acting, remember, timing is everything

Such a one does not go against the nature of things
therefore, things do not go against such a one

After each reading, we often just sit in silence. Sometimes a wave of light passes through us. It is like a drink of crystal clear water when one is parched. The sense of gratitude sweeps through us like a the first autumn breeze on an August eve. It is good to live here in the presence of the Peace Dome.

Saturday, August 16

This is a third weekend of the month. Third weekends are enchanting times here at the College for some of the most advanced teachers and students of the Schools of Metaphysics journey for hours to meet with their teacher Dr. Daniel Condron for study in the third and fourth cycle of lessons.

This weekend, everywhere people are invested in activity associated with the Peace Dome. Paul Madar leads a group in preparing the Healing Wall and supervises contacts with our ambassadors in foreign countries. We are inviting them to participate in the Moment of Peace and to send stones from the countries they represent. Shawn Stoner, in for classes this weekend, spends late hours working on this website, checking links, and helping put photos into a computer program so they can become a part of a fibonacci film Terry Martin and I are putting together for the Peace Dome dedication on the building of the dome. Dr. Pam Blosser, Tad Messenger, and Erika Scholz spend hours in the print shot printing the annual Thresholds Magazine which will go out to School of Metaphysics Associates in 34 countries. The issue is completely devoted to the Peace Dome. Dr. Laurel Clark spends Saturday morning and afternoon emailing members of the World Peace Prayer Society asking them to join us in reading the Universal Peace Covenant at 1pm CT on October 11th. The Vibrations staff - Sharka Glet, Terryll Nemeth, Jay McCormick, and Ernie Padilla - work on the School newsletter that includes updates on what's happened with the Dome and at the Schools throughout the midwest during the last month.

Sunday, August 17

Today Christine Madar and I organize materials to mail to radio/television/newspapers. It is time to begin contacting those who are in positions to let thousands know. We can imagine radio personalities reading the Universal Peace Covenant with us at 1 pm We can imagine newspapers printing it so people can participate. We can imagine global TV coverage of the Peace Covenant being read at the Great Wall of China or at the Eiffel Tower or the Great Pyramid at Giza. One Voice describes the image so well. People from all over the Earth raising their voices with one shared thought in mind. Peace.

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