The Peace Dome History

A few days after Thanksgiving in 2001 our first dome inflated before our eyes. It was the manifestation of a dream come true for so many people over the past thirty years. Truly a wonder to behold. This sixty foot diameter, two-story monolithic structure is known as the PEACE DOME, the first of many such structures.....

Why a Dome?

Over the years by far the most common question people ask School of Metaphysics students is, "What is metaphysics?" Once this answer is explained ("meta" meaning after and "physics" meaning nature, thus metaphysics is a science tracing the original principles - Universal Laws and Truths - constituting our nature as intelligent beings), the next logical question is "Why here? Why not in California, or New York?" Now more than ever I am understanding the answer to this question....

First newspaper article

Who Built the Peace Dome?
by Dr. Daniel Condron

Everyone who helped, aided, and gave built the Peace Dome.
The many School of Metaphysics students who gave of their time, effort, and service. All the people who imaged thoughts of a College of Metaphysics campus with domes on it.

The Peace Dome represents the minds of many thousands of people working together to achieve not only a goal but also an ideal. The goal of domed buildings on campus. The ideal of an enlightened campus where all may come to quicken soul growth and spiritual development.

The College of Metaphysics is daily becoming a greater energy for LIGHT in the world. The Peace Dome is a physical way that all beings may come to understand or be aware of the High Knowledge at the College of Metaphysics.

The people who raised the money helped build the Peace Dome. The people who drove the nails in the wood to make walls helped build the Peace Dome. The students who painted the walls and the people who designed the Healing Wall. The students who seeded the grounds around the Peace Dome and did the plumbing all contributed to the building of the world’s first Peace Dome.

Many minds working together toward a common ideal create a real and lasting transformation of consciousness on planet Earth.

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The Octahedrons

On Saturday, February 15, 2003 many students were gathered at the College of Metaphyiscs. After lunch everyone walked to an area just west of the Peace Dome.

We had gathered at a spot where a three foot deep hole had been dug. Next to the hole was a six foot tall octahedron....

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