The Search for the Seventh Continent

How the Universal Peace Covenant ended up at the South Pole!

This is an amazing story of yearning and fulfillment, perseverance and reward, friendship and the power of many minds. This is the story of how Antarctica was almost the only silent continent when the world spoke in One Voice.......
AUGUST 16, 2003

When Dr. Laurel Clark sent word in mid-August to our friend Deborah Moldow of the US headquarters of the World Peace Prayer Society we already had friends on four continents joining us. Through the members of the society we gained Asia and Africa. In the weeks that followed it became clear that so far we didn't know anyone in Antarctica, and that was about to change!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2003

Our quest became earnest in the middle of the month....

Media coordinator Christine Madar writes:

Greg Fogg is a reporter for Wireless Newsflash based in San Diego. He has been a great supporter of National Dream Hotline for many years. So he was familiar with the School of Metaphysics when I called him a few weeks ago.

He listened as I talked about the Peace Dome dedication. I could tell he wasn’t too interested, though. I kept talking, describing every angle I could think of about the Dome dedication. Finally I said,

"We have people on six continents committed to reading the Universal Peace Covenant. We only need Antarctica."

He lit up at that and said he would write a story about us finding someone in Antarctica.

Greg, the reporter from Wireless, called us again this past week. He is affiliated with a weekly newspaper in San Diego and had decided to print the article about Antarctica in the paper. "Would we send some photos of the dome for him to run"" With Dr. Barbara’s help they were e-mailed within a day.

John Shirpek, of the School of Metaphysics in Springfield, MO heard a story on a country radio station there. John told us the station reported that, "Our friends in Windyville are dedicating a Peace Dome and need someone from Antarctica."

Since Wireless Newsflash sent the story out to radio stations we’ve received a phone call from a station in the Carribean. The radio host said he knew how to contact people in Antarctica and gave Dr. Pam the information.

Dr. Pam Blosser, School of Metaphysics President:

This is where I come into the story. After talking to the host from the Carribean, I began to search the Internet with the leads he gave me. I checked McMurdo Station and then did a search under Antarctica. There I was able to find the Polar Research Support Section at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. with addresses and phone numbers. I called and was directed to David Friscic, head of information requests. He recommended I e-mail him with the information so he could get our request in the hands of the people who make that decision. Right now we are expectantly waiting for his positive response. (see emails below)

As I was giving an update of what I had done at the dinner table, Aaron Krieshok said he had a professor in college who made regular research trips to Antarctica. He is in the process of contacting him. So right now we are in the fourth level of manifestation with our Antarctic Connection and expectantly waiting for its arrival into the Physical realm.

September 16, 2003 Dr. Pam sent the following email to the National Science Foundation:

David Friscic
National Science Foundation

Dear David:

Thanks for returning my call and talking to me about One Moment of Peace. As I mentioned on the Phone October 11, the School of Metaphysics is dedicating what we believe to be the World’s First Peace Dome. At 1:00 Central Time (6:00 Universal Time) we plan to read The Universal Peace Covenant, a document penned by teachers and faculty of the School of Metaphysics in 1996.We are inviting groups, organizations, churches, schools and so on to join us in reading the Peace Covenant at the same time. By this simultaneous reading we are creating ONE VOICE for peace across and from our planet. So far we have received commitments of support from groups on every continent except Antarctica. I am asking your support in helping us find individuals or groups living in Antarctica who we could contact to ask to participate in this Moment of Peace or if you would give permission to have the Peace Covenant read in your offices in Antarctica. We thank you in advance for any assistance. May peace be with you all ways, Pam Blosser, President, School of Metaphysics

David's reply came quickly:

Dear Ms. Blosser:

We are unable to accommodate your request. However,if you would like free
publications sent to your address, just send me your mailing address and I
will be pleased to send them out.

David Friscic
Office of Polar Programs

The days moved quickly as Peace Dome Dedication neared. From sunrise to well beyond sunset everyone on campus was planting, paving, nailing, bending, painting, designing, folding, printing, cooking, almost any -ing word associated with creat-ing that you can think of. We kept information going out in hopes Antarctica would find us.

In the meantime interesting information was surfacing through one of our own SOM directors, Ernie Padilla. At National Teachers Conference here at the College of Metaphysics just six days before Peace Dome Dedication Day, Ernie says he may have a contact. Seems he has a cousin who once lived in Antarctica......

Ernie’s cousin


Dear Dr. Barbara,

Last week I called my cousin Sheldon Padilla and his wife Jessica because I remembered that Sheldon was stationed in Antarctica about 3 years ago.

It has been many years since I have talked to him and I told him about the dedication of the Peace Dome on October 11th. He seemed interested and more than willing to help out.

I asked him if he knew anyone at the present time in Antarctica, he said no. He indicated that new people come every six months. I asked him if he had any rocks or stones from Antarctica, he said no. I told him that Antarctica was the only continent that we didn't have a native stone from for the healing wall at the Peace Dome.

I wondered if maybe he had some kind of cloth from Antarctica and told him about the fabric of peace. He said that he had a patch from McMurdo Station in Antarctica that was for the fire and rescue team while he was there training for the fire department. He said he would mail it. ( I talked to Jessica today (October 8th) and she said they mailed it out on October 6th. She said they had to remove it from a frame and were hoping it would make it OK in the mail.) I thanked Jessica and am hoping it gets here tomorrow!

Sheldon asked me during our telephone conversation if I knew the story about the people who live in Antarctica at the base. I said no. He told me that there are people from all over the world that live there and that there are no weapons. I told him I that was amazing. I gave him the web-site for the Peace Dome and Jessica pulled it up immediately. He looked through it and really like the pictures of the Peace Dome.

Jessica indicated that they had a friend who had rocks from the Antarctica from when they were stationed there and that they would send them as soon as they could.

I am really grateful that my cousin Sheldon was so open and helpful since it has been a long time since we've talked. I remembered when we were little around the age of eight and how we use to play at his house many times. I think it is really great how the Peace Dome has brought us together again and Antarctica of all places!

I send my circle of love,

Ernie Padilla

A follow up to this story came when Ernie arrived at the College the day before dedication. He had the following letter and pictures from his cousin.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Dear Ernie-

It is our great pleasure to be sending you an emblem that to us represents the true meaning of the most peaceful, freezing cold but peaceful place on earth.

Not only is Antarctica beautiful and full of life, it is as far as we know the only place inhabitated on earth by all forms of government and cultures without rules, there are no police, no military posts, and no guns. This is a place for the discovery and growth of science, it is a island of unknowns, truths and beauty.

It is a place where flags from around the world fly in common, not in ownership.

Enclosed is a patch and a few pictures of McMurdo Station Antarctica, enjoy!

Best Regards,

Sheldon and Jessica

As we entered the week of dedication, we still had no direct word from someone living in Antartica now who wanted to join us in reading the Universal Peace Covenant on Saturday. Christine decided to stir the media pot again....

October 8, 2003 - the School of Metaphysics' thirtieth anniversary - Christine found the following media leads....

Radio Australia
GPO Box 428G

Contact Email:
News & Current Affairs:


Executive Producer, Sue Ahearn
Your international code + 61 3 9626 1871

Newsdesk - Duty Editor
Your International Code + 61 3 9626 1889/1887

Fax News and Current Affairs
Your International Code + 61 3 9626 1878

The New South Polar Times, newsletter

A.N.E.T., radio Antarctica

In her internet search on Antartica she discovered Ralph Robert Moore, an author who writes about ---- Antartica! Perhaps he could help.....

Dear Robert,

Your website is so interesting! We found it while we were searching for media contacts in Antarctica. Do you live in Antarctica"

We write from the heartland of America, the Middle West, with an invitation for you to join in One Voice. One Voice is a global event stemming from the Peace Dome Dedication that will be held on the College of Metaphysics campus in Windyville, MO this Saturday.

People in dozens of countries on six continents will be reading the Universal Peace Covenant simultaneously this Saturday. One o’clock pm central time has been declared a "Moment of Peace" by government officials around the world. Starting with President Rauf R. Denktas of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, proclamations from United States Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen and U.S. mayors from Honolulu to Denver to Miami have been received. Letters of support as well as proclamations continue to come in even as I write.

We very much want the seven continents of our planet to be united during One Voice and we have yet to hear from anyone in Antarctica. Will you join us (whether you live in Antarctica or not!) and pass the word to anyone you're in contact with there" Included is a link to the Universal Peace Covenant, it is a beautiful document penned in 1996-97 by dozens of teachers in the School of Metaphysics. We look forward to hearing from you! Here is the link to One Voice on our website

May peace be with you all ways. On behalf of the School of Metaphysics students and teachers,

Christine Madar
SOM representative

Robert responded very quickly with some very surprising news.....


Thanks so much for your e-mail.

I don't live in Antarctica. My pages describe a fictional Antarctica of my own creation, an Antarctica which in many ways adheres to the same ideals of universal peace expressed in the Universal Peace Covenent. I wish the Antarctica I describe did, in fact, exist.

I wish you the very best with One Voice. It's a noble action, and our world can certainly use noble actions at this time.

Peace to you and the all other participants,

Ralph Robert (Rob) Moore

Dedication Day was upon us and it was beginning to look like the first synchronized reading of the Universal Peace Covenant would not include the continent at the bottom of the world. That was before Shawn Campbell got here......

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