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The One Voice Peace Vigil included all those present on the College of Metaphysics campus, no matter his or her location or activity. Whether cooking meals in the kitchen or posting lessons online to the Dreamschool Scholars Program (, College of Metaphysics faculty, staff and students paused wherever they were to read the Universal Peace Covenant when a new time zone entered into 2011.

“I was at Dream Valley (a peaceful portion of the College of Metaphysics campus with a vast, beautiful meadow and faculty/staff housing) working on the solar water heater. I wanted to be in the Peace Dome for every reading of the Peace Covenant [to] feel the connectedness of the group experience,” said Brian Kraichely, College of Metaphysics student. “My teacher, Karen Mosby, helped me [see] that I can expand my understanding of connectedness beyond the physical realm. My choice isn’t either this or that; I can have both,” Kraichely explained. “I can connect mentally with everyone [in the Peace Dome] while working on the heater.

“I read the Peace Covenant several times on schedule, and then got involved in a challenging part of the installation that required a lot of concentration. I lost track of time and suddenly became aware that it [was] time to read the covenant. I checked my watch, and it [was] exactly 2:30 p.m.” Releasing tears of joy, Kraichely said, “I know that I am mentally and spiritually connected to everyone, [and] I know a new level of connectedness and that brings me peace.”

Some of the One Voice Peace Vigil participants had traveled abroad and had knowledge to share about life in other parts of the world. When Brazil was about to pass into 2011, one participant, who was in that country as a teenager, expressed how joyful the people of Brazil are. “They embody the principle that no one is a stranger. They allow their emotions to flow through them and always have a cause for celebration,” related Jaclyn Walker, who works as an aid in a psychiatric unit at a hospital in Springfield, Missouri, to the group before the ceremony for Brazil’s time zone.

“I feel the desire to send the people of Brazil much joy and wellbeing and gratitude for the part they play in the consciousness of the earth,” Walker continued. As the Universal Peace Covenant was read together, she experienced a deep, heart-centered energy infused with a sense of excitement and action. “I can’t help but make eye contact and smile at everyone in the room as we connect with one another,” Walker said. “It is clear that we all share the spirit of enthusiasm. This activity – reaching out and joyfully thanking others for their existence and way of life – is part of peace.”

At 10:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, Dr. Barbara Condron, faculty at the College of Metaphysics and originator of the One Voice Peace Vigil, joined the participants in the Peace Dome. After the recitation of the Universal Peace Covenant, she led the group in a Taraka Yoga experience of becoming aware of the last year and what consciousness was developed during that time. (Taraka Yoga is a form of consciousness exploration and counseling using conscious and subconscious awareness to produce an expanded state of wakefulness and unity within the individual.)

Dr. Condron guided the participants to look at what was built within the Self in 2010 to reach a place of knowing who one is presently. As participators in this upcoming ‘Year of Greatness,’ she said, remember that the “greatness” is all around – in others, in the world, in whatever is present – and that what we strive to achieve is best done in listening to the High Self, creating with and including others, and doing so for the good of all concerned.

Between recitations of the Universal Peace Covenant, participants collated Thresholds, an annual magazine published by School of Metaphysics Publishing that highlights the School of Metaphysics movement in the world during the previous year. It will be distributed worldwide to SOMA (School of Metaphysics Associates) members and other like-minded individuals. Thresholds magazine has been published since 1975. In the course of its history, it has published the best metaphysical fiction the world over and contained interviews of prominent leaders in their fields like: His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Tenzin Gyatso; Dr. C. Norman Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medicine Association; and Barbara Marx Hubbard, futurist, author, and co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

During the 2011 One Voice Peace Vigil, those representing School of Metaphysics branches were Chris Stohrer (Chicago, Illinois), Ashley Jones (Des Moines, Iowa), Katrina Parsley (Indianapolis, Indiana), Jaclyn Walker (Springfield, Missouri), and Dawn Murrey (Tulsa, Oklahoma). College of Metaphysics faculty and staff Dr. Daniel Condron, Dr. Barbara Condron, Dr. Christine Madar, and Paul Madar participated as well as graduate teachers Laurie Jeanne Biswell, Jonathan Duerbeck, Josephine Goffe, Tad Messenger, and Karen Mosby. College students Emily Ashley, Elizabeth Horton, Walter Hrycaj, Heather Hunt, and Brian Kraichely attended as well as college residents Hezekiah Condron (15), Alexandra Madar (7), and Vivienne Madar (4).

The Universal Peace Covenant,
written over nine months in 1996-97
by over two-dozen
School of Metaphysics teachers,
is a document solely about what peace is:
“We vow to speak with sagacity,
listen with equanimity, both free of prejudice;
thus, we will come to know that

Since October of 2003,
the Universal Peace Covenant
has been read daily at 5:30 a.m.
in the upper chamber of the Peace Dome.
The Peace Covenant is a 577-word document
created by two dozen spiritual teachers –
all from diverse backgrounds,
cultures, and faiths.
The document and its message,
distributed internationally
by School of Metaphysics students and faculty,
is readily experienced across the planet
during New Year’s Eve
with the Universal Hour of Peace
and the One Voice reading of the covenant
at midnight local time.

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