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A Day of Peace In the Dome...

The night before the vigil, on Wednesday, December 30, 2009, all assembled met to set the tone for the following day.  Present from School of Metaphysics branches included metaphysics teachers John Harrison (Columbia), Golbahar Dadyan (Dallas), Bryan Menne (Louisville), and Bellows (Tulsa).  Metaphysics students Ericka Iles (Maplewood) and Ramiro Ramirez (Springfield) were also present.  All College of Metaphysics residents on campus that day participated in the Peace Vigil: Dr. Daniel Condron, Dr. Barbara Condron, originator of the One Voice Peace Vigil, and their teenage son Hezekiah; faculty member Dr. Terry Martin as well as Graduate Teachers Laurie Biswell, Jonathan Deurbeck, Tad Messenger and Karen Mosby; and College Students Emily Ashley, Josephine Goffe, Walter Hrycaj, Kerry Keller and Allan Rider.  I was present in my capacity as the National Peace Ambassador.  During our meeting, everyone shared their ideal and purpose for why they are present for the vigil.  “I desire peace in the whole world,” Ramirez said, “and because I am a part of the world – the whole – my energy and my thoughts affect the…people around me.  I believe each one of us has the responsibility to change the world and the future of humanity.”

How to conduct oneself mindfully in a sacred place like the Peace Dome, was addressed in this meeting.  Wearing clothing that reflects an attitude of respect and appreciation demonstrates that the inner attitude and outer expression match.  This kind of mindfulness coincides with the individual’s mental posture, the degree of wakefulness, required for any mental discipline to be productive.  For example, meditation and astral projection are done with an upright physical spine to both mirror and permit the alert, poised state of attention to be present.  “I know I am doing something larger than myself and it requires more responsibility,” Menne highlighted.  “Since peace begins with me, I need to direct myself.  [The 24 hour vigil] is an opportunity to [do so as I]…stay awake and think about others.”  Consequently “I feel more powerful as an agent for change and an agent for peace.”

During the 34 readings of the Universal Peace Covenant as each time zone moved into 2010, the Peace Ambassadors were in love with and entrained by every Covenant reading.  Each one attended all the readings with great enthusiasm.  Consequently, each reading was transformative for them and the others present.  “It has been the most important thing that I’ve been a part of,” Dadyan said.  “It is so important to read the Covenant and declare it – this is how peace is created.”  To demonstrate the reality of our thoughts affecting humanity, Dadyan went on to say, “We did such an important thing in the world.  It causes [one] to connect with something higher than yourself.”

When Tehran, Iran crossed into the New Year, an e-mail from that country, forwarded to Dr. Laurel Clark, President of the School of Metaphysics, was read that told an eyewitness’ account of current events there.  After the Universal Peace Covenant was read, we discussed why tyrannical governments exist in the world and a solution that we can act upon: teach more people the Universal Laws and Truths that apply anywhere for anyone at any time.  As more people on the planet know their personal well-being is infinitely related to the well-being of all others, more enlightened governments will exist to benefit the citizen.  This was a timely and home-touching experience this year as Peace Ambassador Golbahar Dadyan is from Iran.  After her experience with the Peace Vigil, she said, “I see how every word for peace and every small action creates the [awareness] we want in the world.  Every reading [of the Peace Covenant] lead us closer to peace in the world.”  Magnify this attitude of one individual to the size of any country’s population and there exists massive change on all levels of global society.

After the 11:00 PM reading of the Covenant, the omega (final) tiles for 2009 were laid in the Peace Mandala.  Reverent songs were sung and each one’s thought of peace was recorded in the Peace Dome’s History Book.  Again, after the midnight reading of the Universal Peace Covenant, the alpha (first) tiles for 2010 were laid and these peace thoughts were also recorded.

Between readings of the Covenant throughout the day, in addition to their assigned, mental and spiritual disciplines, the College Students and Peace Ambassadors researched contact information for American Ambassadors to foreign countries, United Nations Ambassadors and educational groups such as universities and child advocacy organizations.  Letters requesting stones for the Healing Wall will soon be sent to these individuals and organizations.  A database of media contacts was searched for these professionals to laud the Healing Wall.  This aspect of the Peace Vigil helped fulfill one of the Peace Ambassadors.  “My purpose [for attending the vigil] is to respect responsibility through understanding and observing people who possess this quality,” Iles said.  “I want to respect positions of responsibility and understand them.  If I can find peace I will be able to put myself in positions of responsibility and learn how to direct other areas of my life.”

Just prior the final, 4:00 AM Universal Peace Covenant reading, Dr. Barbara Condron asked the Peace Ambassadors what they will take with them to their homes and their Schools.  “I can trust myself,” said Iles, because “I have the discipline.”  Their faithfulness to be present and conscious for all Peace Covenant readings across 24 hours was an experience that stimulated a few to speak of greater Self discipline.  Menne echoed her response, “I have will power and can trust myself.”  Dadyan similarly said, the “ideal image that’s in my mind…I [will] continuously feed no matter the limitations until the end result is achieved.”  Bellows spoke of the undivided attention and concentration that he received, “I can be still and choose my thoughts.”  “That peace is real and it is closer than we think,” was Harrison’s response.  “We just need to be of like mind and desire.”  Of the mind to think of others, Ramirez said, “Understanding that peace is the most precious gift we have and we should [offer it to others.]”

When she came, her purpose “was to create inner peace in myself and the world,” Dadyan noted.  Her experience with the One Voice Peace Vigil magnified and specified this.  “Since “I didn’t know what peace meant and I experienced it here in the way we interacted and treated each other [with] love, compassion and understanding, my experience was more than what I knew of – to me, [peace is now] three dimensional instead of one dimensional.”

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The Peace Dome Experience

When asked how a lightening of the consciousness within the School of Metaphysics will affect humanity, the 2005 Transcendent Oracle, (01-08-2005-BGC-DRC-01) states, “It will enable there to be forces at work that will encourage and accelerate the evolution of the mass [of humanity]...It will provide a pattern for humanity to follow.”  During the 2009-2010 Twenty-Four Hour, One Voice Peace Vigil, when 20 metaphysicians practiced concentrating upon peace by reading the Universal Peace Covenant as each of the thirty-four time zones on Earth crossed into the New Year, the prophecy of the Transcendent Oracle came to life.

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