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This December 31, 2009 to January 1, 2010 marked the Seventh Annual One Voice Peace Vigil sponsored by the School of Metaphysics.  Held each year in the World’s Peace Dome on the College of Metaphysics campus in southwest Missouri, USA, students and faculty from around the Midwest gather to read the Universal Peace Covenant when a time zone moves into the New Year.  Written over nine months in 1996-97 by over two-dozen School of Metaphysics teachers, the Universal Peace Covenant is a document solely about what peace is: “We vow to speak with sagacity, listen with equanimity, both free of prejudice, thus we will come to know that peace is liberty in tranquility.”

When asked why he came to the One Voice Peace Vigil, Terrence Bellows, a Tulsa School of Metaphysics teacher, said, “This as an opportunity to unify with the work [at the School of Metaphysics’ World Headquarters].”  On a personal note, he added, “I had a great change in my life in 2009 and I look forward to continuing that in an upward way in 2010.”



Living Peaceably Begins By Thinking Peacefully -
A Day of Peace in the Dome

The Peace Dome Experience

Every December 31st at 11:30 PM across the midnight hour to January 1st at 12:30 AM in every time zone on the planet, people spend this hour, the Universal Hour of Peace, dedicated to bringing peace to life in their own, determined way.

 The Universal Hour of Peace has been proclaimed by Governors and Mayors across the United States of America as well as heads of states around the world.

Here are the stories of the 2009-2010 Universal Hour of Peace sponsored by School of Metaphysics branches in the Midwestern United States.


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