ONE VOICE at the Peace Dome

"We call upon each leader, be they in the private home, house of worship or place of labor,
to be a living example of peace for only in this way can we expect peace to move across the face of the earth."

– from the Universal Peace Covenant

Peace Prevails on Earth

ONE VOICE December 31, 2005-January 1, 2006 -- The Story

9:00 AM
Laurie- The world is beautiful in the morning light. The sun is rising over the trees in a blushing magenta pink. While the sun rises here in the Middle West, 2006 enters in the Far East. I was born in Japan and my thoughts go to the land of my birth. I know little about the culture, the language, and yet I have a kinship. (I was born on an Air Force Base by American parents). I imagine what it is like. What are they thinking? What are their names? Do they remember a little red-headed child that they touched her hair for good luck? My heart is open. I smile. Hezekiah then comes over. He is curious about the notes that I had made about my One Voice expereince this morning and asks me to read it to him. My heart is warmed by his presence and I am awed and inspired by his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and create.

Damian - Dr. Barbara and I recited the Peace Covenant while we cooked brunch. The depth of what we are doing here fills our conversation. We talk about the basics of what it is to teach teachers. I mention that teachology, the science of teaching teachers is truly something I am grateful for and want to master.

Jennifer Childers --It was so cool, because I read the UPC at the computer in the computer room right before I started to transcribe an Intuitive Health Analysis. I saw the reality of living meditatively and intuitively.

Laurie-- After reading of the covenant, Hezekiah sweeps me away. He has become ignited with a movie idea. (I just showed him the special effects of the new digital camera.) We have worked on a couple of films together and 2005 marked the year of his first premiere: "The Chick that took Over." The movie in its own special way epitomizes peace. As in the Universal Peace Covenant reads, "Peace is more than a cessation of conflict." Hezekiah relates this quite well in his film. The chick is still, innocent, yet seems to cause so much choas around him. I think about how many times in mankind’s history we have fought over peace. Funny isn’t it. I think that is why I honor the peace covenant so much. ?World Peace begins within ourselves? I think when more and more discover this simple truth and allow inner peace to shine through then outer peace will naturally follow. I am grateful for the disciplines that I have received that has given me the ?Self direction? I need in order to fulfill what I feel is my life’s destiny and thank you Hezekiah for bringing joy and equanimity to my life.

11:00 AM
Damian - Several of us move with grace and speed out to the Peace Dome after brunch while others continue the work of doing dishes. All of us are of One Mind. All of us are of One Voice.

Jesse --After the Inharmony List and speaking some of my thoughts to myself and a wise friend, I am aligned again. I am grateful for reasoning, separating, identifying, and admitting as well as honesty. How small my reaction and associated thoughts are as they pale in the light of the covenant and the beauty of everyone present. I have been feeling a sense all along of desiring disciplined silence before and after reciting the covenant, like we do every day at 5:30am. I choose acceptance and allowing for the day as the children are present and not yet ready to practice such silence. Instead I appreciate their excitement and joy at the fire and their own joy at being there.

11:30 AM
Damian - This time I am inside helping with dishes. About seven or eight of us are in the kitchen and we say the Peace Covenant while washing, rinsing, drying, putting away dishes and cleaning. Towards the end of the Peace Covenant all of the work is finished. Two movements reach their culmination at once.

Jennifer --I just recited the UPC with the Madars and Laurie Biswell. I love to be in their presence. It was very peaceful and elevated. As I continue to recite the UPC my mind becomes more aligned with the world. I love traveling around the world in 24 hours spreading peace as we go. It is living an Ideal that I hold in my mind as a flame.

12:00 PM
Laurie--This time always moves so fast for me. There seems to be the most people here in the dome for this reading. I focus on each individual here. Some smile, some don’t, all are focused, all are sincere.

Laurie--We are joined by the voices of Hezekiah and Alexandra. They had been playing hide and go seek. Alexandra walks upstairs in her strong 2 year old body and with mouth opened wide delighted in the all the candles. I remember carrying here up here last year and witnessing her reverence for the middle alter filled with candles. This year her recent memory of candles on birthday cakes appeared and she wanted to blow them out. After all that is what you do when you have a lot of candles, right? The adults around her had the opportunity to explain the difference between birthday candles and candles lit to symbolize countries for One Voice. What I thought about was the innocence and purity of it all. Yes, in a way, we are celebrating a birth. We are ushering in a new thought form of peace for a new year. It begins with today and continues every day in the present moment. Soon, I imagine we will all see every moment as a birth day. Happy Birthday of a New Year!

Jesse --I am filled with radiant joy as my thoughts go out to our beloved friends in India. I felt the connection with Yogi masters that are there. India has a different quality of light than other time zones because of these teachers in the world residing there. I feel grateful for all people who are actively, consciously seeking light, be they from the west or the eastern hemispheres of our planet this lifetime.

2:00 PM
Dr. Terry - Just after Paul Madar and I read the Universal Peace Covenant he spoke to Wendy Wells on the phone. I heard him conclude the conversation by wishing her a Happy New Year and Happy One Voice. I was struck in that moment with the realization of the experience we were creating here at the College of Metaphysics. It was and is one of immersion, being in the moment and fully experiencing the wondrous joy of filling our thoughts with peace.

Damian - At this time Kelley and I are out on the South landing talking and we realize it is time to read the peace covenant. We both pull out a folded piece of paper, copies of the peace covenant to make sure we stay on track, and we join our minds with others around campus and in a distant land area. I am happy to share this moment.

Hezekiah Condron --I enjoyed the ONE VOICE experience and I look forward to the coming year. To all the other 10 year olds in the world: I very much enjoy living by the Peace Dome and the College of Metaphysics world headquarters. We are helping to make the world a better place and maybe in your lifetime you will be living in domes too.

Dr. Daniel Condron-- I am glad my son, Kie, loves living here at the College of Metaphysics. One Voice is one of the many ways the School of Metaphysics reaches out to aid the world and enlighten the planet from the school’s headquarters located on the College of Metaphysics’ campus. World peace will only be achieved when each individual practices daily mental disciplines of concentration, meditation, life force and stillness of the mind. These disciplines I have taught for decades now. It is good to see the student’s benefit from reading the peace covenant.

Laurie-- The first countries in Africa welcome the new year of 2006. We light our fourth taper candle. The world globe begins to glow. It is quiet in the dome. I reflect and think of the upcoming year. Who am I ? Who do I want to be? I am so happy to know so many wonderful people. Who accept me for who I am and aid me to become all I want and am to be.

Jesse -- I had the honor to light the Africa continent candle and move slowly to tape some useful footage for future production use. I felt like raising my hands to God over my head, that yogic pose that the Roman Catholic Church did away with and that my Baptist upbringing shunned. I am grateful for the freedom I felt in doing so as I recite the covenant. A few years ago I would have been so self conscious of this act that I would not have done it. Now, in the presence of friends and loved ones, I don’t even worry, I just follow my inner urge. I am grateful for and love the School of Metaphysics and the people that this vehicle is!

Laurie-- Hezekiah blessed us with his presence. Most of Europe has now been added. There is more energy and I am energized from it. After the reading, Hezekiah, Jen and I linger. He asks about a book that I had with me. It is one he has read with his mom and was quite eager to share with me his views. The book is in a way a sequel to another. The conversation is heart glowing. This is what peace is. ?The open exchange is necessary for growth, for well being whether with one person or among many.? This day has been filled with wonderful moments like this. It is what I imagine more and more people doing throughout the country, the planet. I understand more deepl;y the last line of the covenant, ?As We stand united in common purpose .....every thought and action so we might know the power of peace in our lifetimes. The power of peace is common purpose and action towards that ideal.

Jesse --Again, glad to be in time after Root Race. Our class is becoming more in sync with working together. It’s wonderful. I raise my hands to God in freedom experienced with the light in the Dome.

Jennifer --As time quickly goes by today, I am experiencing much joy with One Voice. "One small step for man and one giant leap for mankind." This quote from when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon keeps entering into my consciousness throughout the day. Reading the UPC every day is a small step that I think mankind can do, but I wonder if world peace is to big of a step in the evolution of consciousness for mankind. I believe in world peace and I believe in the UPC. Actually, I know this document aids individuals to be more awake about inner and outer peace, because it is what I experience. I am feeling a big urgency in getting this document in peoples hands across the planet!

the day continues

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