Help create a

by reading the
Covenant at midnight, wherever you are,
December 31st

Then write us about your experience

uniting the world in reading
the Universal Peace Covenant
on New Year's Eve

Join with others in the cities listed here to celebrate....


3198 W. 6th Street • Fayetteville, Arkansas 72704 • (479) 527-6804
We are now officially set up to read the Universal Peace Covenant at the Peace Ball on the Fayetteville Square, also.

5021 W. Irving Park Road • Chicago, Illinois 60641 • (773) 427-0155
Plans to read the Peace Covenant amoungst the crowds at the annual Navy Pier New Years Eve celebration, gathering as many around us as we can to join in the reading just before midnight. At midnight huge fireworks are going to happen..

•222 West Wilson • Palatine, Illinois 60067 • (847) 991-0140
Plans to attend the 'Harmonious New Year's Eve Celebration' sponsored by a popular Chicago area
spiritual magazine called the Monthly Aspectarian - It will be held at the Holmes Place Health club. They will read and hand out Peace Covenants to those attending.

•1009 E. Main Street • Urbana, llinois 68120 • (217) 344-2270
All of the students plan to go to the steps of the Champaign City Hall to read the Peace Covenant at midnight.

2009 North Douglas • Springfield, Missouri 65803 • (417) 831-0955
For One Voice, some of us are going to the Universal Day of Meditation which begins at 5am early Friday morning. We will hand out flyers and invite them to read the Peace Covanent at midnight here at the SOM. Before midnite, we are planning to talk about peace, do a meditation til about midnite.

908 NW 12th St • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106 • (405) 228-0506

December 31, 2004
6 pm--meet at the School --receive angel messages for
the evening and upcoming year---
HOLY REPAST--Foods with holy significance

7 pm-Attend the Burn Bowl Ceremony at Unity Church

9 pm-Return to OKC SOM for inner reflection
and creating of a New 10 Most Wanted List for 2005
--Coloring and mind mapping

10 pm-We will have a Candlelighting ceremony of
blessing. Feet washing and enter our Holy of Holies
room. Here we will say a prayer for peace and
enlightenment for the world and receive blessings from
various Holy Works in preparation for the New Year and
One Voice.

11:30 --Head to the Oklahoma National Memorial Site
and read the Universal Peace Covenant at Midnight

January 1, 2005
Circle of Love and go Home

10:00 - Meet with the Sokkai Goki SGI Buddhist group
for their yearly Gongio for World Peace

•708 North Cheyenne • Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106 • (918) 582-8836
For Universal Hour of Peace we have been thinking about doing some sort of walk through downtown Tulsa with candles and ending at the Center of the Universe.

5832 Live Oak Street • Dallas, Texas 75214 • (214) 821-5406
Dallas will be giving an experience of Reasoning with Peace. The plan is to have a dinner open to students and their families only that evening around 6:30 PM.

After this, at about 8:00 PM we will offer open to the public a three-fold experience leading people to

(1) reflect upon their experiences, accomplishments, and states of consciousness in 2004 (memory) separating, identifying, and admiting where they have been this past year. Then Natalie will lead them through
(2) a guided prayer and meditation experience (9:00 PM tentatively) for about an hour to be in the present moment (attention) with themselves and the inner stimulation resulting from referencing their memory; the focus of the prayer will be toward their highest ideals and who they desire to be. Next, we will lead a
(3) guided visualization experience (imagination) to identify their ideals, set some measurable goals to accomplish in 2005, and find a motivating purpose for the necessary and related acitivity. Details regarding which tools specifically that we will be using to accomplish this will be fleshed out soon.

The idea for the 11:30-12:30 Universal Hour of Peace is to have 5-10 groups already celebrating peace on New Years to join with us in reading the Peace Covenant at midnight or some other time during their celebration if midnight doesn?t work for them or whatever. We will be leaving the 11:30-12:30 hour flexible to likewise read any prayers for peace that these fellow peace bearers are reading at their celebrations into what we do as we are asking them to do the same with the Peace Covenant. Of course, we will read the Universal Peace Covenant at midnight. The idea is to hold the Universal Hour of Peace at a location other than the School, so as to involve more people. The idea right now is downtown, outside of Thanksgiving Square amidst the skyscrapers. This will be a quiet enough spot away from the noise and traffic of the West End to give space for the sacredness of the Covenant’s reading.

Call the following for local information

103 West Broadway • Columbia, Missouri 65203 • (573) 449-8312

2606 Oakview Terrace • Maplewood, Missouri 63143 • (314) 645-0036

345 Manor Court • Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440 • (630) 739-1329

2704 Hikes Lane • Louisville, Kentucky 40218 • (502) 452-2501

6138 North Hillside • Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 • (317) 251-5285

3715 University • Des Moines, Iowa 50311 • (515) 255-5570

4323 Rainbow Boulevard • Kansas City, Kansas 66103 • (913) 236-9292

Peace Dome • USA • tel. 417-345-8411 email:

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