The Peace Dome Performance of “The Invitation”
Co-sponsors Fundraising with Local Non-Profits in Missouri
by Christine Madar

The Invitation 2009

Dallas County Neighborhood Center (OACAC)
Buffalo, MO

Ozarks Pen Masters Guild
Lebanon, MO

Habitat for Humanity
Buffalo, MO

Humane Society, Lebanon, MO
Buffalo City Pound, Buffalo, MO

Lebanon Optimist Club
Lebanon, MO

Buffalo Public Library
Buffalo, MO

The generous sharing of the opportunity to uplift the hearts of those in the tri-state area in 2009, is moving out into the world.

Since then THE INVITATION has been begun to manifest its destiny as an educational tool for people of all ages to align their minds with eight of the greatest Peace Makers the world has known. Read about the first presentation outside the United States (2009) and the benefit performance in Dallas, Texas (2011).

A new day is dawning in Missouri. At a time when belts are tightening for everyone, creative thinking and generosity are helping local non-profits aid one another..

Dr. Barbara Condron, the creator of The INVITATION says, “When the economy slows, one of the first groups of people that feel the change tends to be not-for-profits. Many people see them as disposable when in reality most of them, particularly on a local level, are examples of care, concern, and good will towards our neighbors that leads to sustainable living. The School of Metaphysics, as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) educational and service organization, has been teaching personal responsibility as a member of the community for decades, and we want to encourage and support those who are invested in the common good and welfare of the whole.”

In light of this, proceeds from The INVITATION, a monthly performance given at the Peace Dome, located at the School of Metaphysics World Headquarters in Windyville, were shared with local not-for-profit organizations from May through October this year. The Invitation brings eight Nobel Peace Prize laureates to life, using only their own words from their acceptance speeches and phrases from the Universal Peace Covenant.

The idea of partnering with local non-profits is new this year and it makes sense. Christine Madar is a teacher at the College of Metaphysics. She portrays Betty Williams, a Northern Irish woman who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for her efforts in organizing 100,000 people to march for peace. “We want each performance to touch many lives” says Madar, “We are looking forward to people coming to the Peace Dome for the first time because they want to help their favorite not-for-profit.” •

Recognized as an experience in consciousness, The INVITATION
brings eight Nobel Peace Prize laureates to life, using only their own words from their acceptance speeches and phrases from the Universal Peace Covenant. Allowing their minds to touch your own, their thoughts to cast light on yours, brings the rich experience of reverence. College of Metaphysics thespians explore how history can change our future.

The Universal Peace Covenant
Over the course of nine months in 1996-97, two dozen teachers from diverse backgrounds, faiths and ancestries gathered repeatedly to research, discuss and distill what makes for peace. These men and women, ages 18 to 70, considered especially the universally positive actions that foster real peace, lasting peace.

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Thank you for being the change! Peace be with you all ways. May peace prevail on Earth!

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