has a kind of consciousness that may only be described as ‘magical!’”

February 26, 2011

Dallas, TX–For five days, the Dallas school had the hustle and bustle of an ideal school center as students actively
engaged in preparations and learning. There was a generosity in the air as we all shared thoughts and ideas with each other and received the wisdom of our visitors. Many students received the essence of sacred service for the first time, made obvious by the brighter look in their eyes.

Months of planning, stretching, growing, communicating, learning, connecting, and synchronizing began to bear fruit as we gathered on Friday evening. The choir practice and rehearsals took place earlier in the day, and as we gathered around food and friends, the reality of the situation began to sink in. It was finally here— The INVITATION was ready to be given to the minds and hearts in Dallas. It was time to receive the world.

Saturday morning after last minute preparations, we departed for the Interfaith Peace Chapel. The energy of the Chapel itself is similar to that of the Peace Dome: curving walls that arched high overhead, concentrating the energy of the building in the center, where eight chairs were gathered for the performance. As

Golbahar would later mention, “The INVITATION has a kind of consciousness that may only be described as ‘magical!’” And it was.

Both showings of the play were passionate and powerful. There were people of all backgrounds who came, including people from all over the world and even some who lived in and around the times and places where the laureates fulfilled their missions. The acoustics of the chapel caused the voices of the choir to spiral upward and resonate deep within each person watching. There was a palpable sense of eight great souls who were present in addition to those of us in physical form. “Acting” and “embodiment” were transcended as Tad Messenger, Ryan Jones, Terrence Bellows, Dr. Christine Madar, Dr. Sheila Benjamin, Dr. Pam Blosser, Paul Madar, and Dr. Laurel Clark literally became these great men and women for an hour. Even more appropriate was the fact that Hezekiah Condron played the role of the narrator, and symbolized the bridge between the adult laureates and the future Albert Schweitzers and Martin Luther King Jrs and Alva Myrdals in the audience. It was a particularly beautiful sight to see six high school students gathered around Dr. Barbara Condron, captivated as she spoke. I realized that this would soon become the norm.

People left the performances in tears, in joy, in awe, and inspired. Often there were phrases like,

“I have never seen anything like this in my whole life!” and

“When are you coming back?” and

“Everyone needs to see this!”

There was a light activated in the chapel that day—a beacon for those seeking truth that will
continue to shine for all who have eyes to see.

In assimilation after the event, there was a profound sense of honor, humbleness, gratitude, and love in each of us. As Damian Nordmann mentioned, much of the inertia in Dallas has been blessed by the giants whose shoulders we stand upon. As Dr. Barbara often teaches, what happens in Dallas happens in Chicago; what happens in Chicago happens in Dallas. I am understanding this on the inner planes. I realize what happens in Dallas happens everywhere, and what has happened everywhere, in past and present, continues to allow us to shine our light in Dallas.

The depth of honor and gratitude we feel for the support and love from each of you cannot be expressed in words. I saw student after student begin to receive his value, experience service, expand in leadership, overcome limitations, and recognize her part in the greater whole. I saw teachers teaching teachers, and people come together in a beautiful co-creation. In this, I saw the bright, far-reaching future before us all.

We thank all of those who helped to make this an astounding success, and the seeds planted this weekend will continue to bear fruit long into the future.
In absolute honor and gratitude, we send you our circle of love. - reported by Brenton Harris

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