The Invitation moves out into the world

Laurel Clark as Shirin Ebadi and Pam Blosser as Alva Myrdal (above, left), Nelson Krauss as Linus Pauling.

September 3, 2007

Indianapolis, IN–The first presentation of THE INVITATION away from the world's Peace Dome was given as part of the at the Church Within as a part of the city-wide Spirit Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“I could see how powerful what the School of Metaphysics course of study provides,” remarked Dr. Laurel Clark, who portrays Shirin Ebadi.  “Our cast was physically together only once before giving THE INVITATION, and the synchronicity showed in our ability to create unity through mind.”

The idea arose when SOM teacher Jenny Oler spoke to her minister.  Once she learned what the play contained she latched onto the idea. SOM Students and regional teachers, in for a monthly meeting, hosted a reception following the presentation.

The cast included Dr. Laurel Clark of Windyville, Missouri, as Shirin Ebadi, Dr. Pam Blosser from Urbana, Illinois, as Alva Myrdal, and Chicagoan Jennifer Childers as Mother Teresa. All appear monthly in THE INVITATION at the Peace Dome on the campus of the College of Metaphysics in Missouri.  Dr. Blosser is one of the original cast members. 

Sebastien Hartman of Palatine, Illinois made his debut as the Dalai Lama, Heather Imel of Indianapolis portrayed Betty Williams, Don Hodges of Indianapolis was Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Kraus of Indianapolis was Dr. Linus Pauling.

“Nelson received the vision of impact the play can have,” Clark said.  “This is a man who holds an MBA, a physician with a medical practice of eight years, an 8-year career in news, he was even in the military during Desert Storm.  Currently he is a professor at two universities.  His wider experience broadened THE INVITATION and he wants to see it go all over the world.”

“If a movie can make $10 million in a day, THE INVITATION can make $l million,” he commented.  Nelson’s daughter was getting married the day after his debut and he took Universal Peace Covenants to those attending the wedding.

The director of Campus Student Life at Indiana University at Purdue University in Indianapolis  (IUPUI) wants THE INVITATION to be performed on campus.  This has spurred its creator, Dr. Barbara Condron to move the date forward for the wide release of the dvd and the script in book form. 

“We expect to have both available before the first of next year," Condron said. "One of our dreams is for high school and college theater departments to sponsor The Invitation locally each year.  The effect this can have upon the consciousness of young people and the community they live in can be a powerful influence for intelligence, compassion, and cooperation on a local level.  These people will have a deepened understanding when the Universal Peace Covenant states ‘peace is first a state of mind’.”

The five act play was created by Dr. Condon in 2002 during the construction of the Peace Dome.  The result of a class taught about Nobel Peace Laureates, The Invitation conceptualizes the coming together of eight honorees.  The dialogue consists almost exclusively of excerpts from the laureates’ speeches and the 577 words in the Universal Peace Covenant, a document created by two dozen spiritual teachers.

The play certainly has attractive power.  That night a couple came forward to talk with Dr. Clark.  The woman teaches Sufism at IUPUI and the man’s father knows Shirin Ebadi because they worked together at the same court. 

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