Building the
Healing Wall

The project: Request and receive native stones from across Earth. In 2020, representatives - young and old, from around the globe will place the stones into this map, thus uniting the planet in one place. We call that place
The Healing Wall
In January 2003, the leaders of the School of Metaphysics met in annual general assembly in the upper chamber of the Peace Dome to discuss its future. During that meeting, the idea of the Healing Wall was conceived. Later that summer, the 18 foot by 9 foot relief map of the world was fashioned by youthful campers and their mentors.

Since then, the Healing Wall has demonstrated its intended purpose. Individuals have sent healing to the world and received healing in return. Families have been united. Hearts have mended and heads have cooled. The HEALING WALL is a place for transformative change in ourselves and in our planet.

You can participate in the creation of the Healing Wall by receiving a stone or shell from where you live, then sending it to the Peace Dome. To learn about stones we have already received, click here.

The Beginning

Connecting the World in Peace

Blessing the HEALING WALL -
Seven Traditions Unite at the Wall June 7, 2009

The BREATH of LIFE August 15, 2009

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Modern Day Holy Grail Finds New Home

Consciousness and mindfulness has always been the focal point of the wall. Since 2003, the idea of the Healing Wall has grown and matured, revealing itself in stages – the creation of the wall by young and old working together, the blessing of the wall, the painting of the wall, and the many ceremonies and services held here to consecrate this site. Then midst the sequence of earthquakes in early 2010, the entire continent of Asia separated from the wall. It was as if the Healing Wall was responding to the changes in mother Earth. We are respecting this shift in the wall's appearance as we continue to move toward the year 2020 when all the stones will be inlaid, one at a time.

Below, Dr. Laurel Clark opens the recent prayer service for
Healing the Waters of the Earth

Assembling the Earth
in One Place

Help create a wall of peace by choosing a native stone with care and sending it to the Peace Dome for inclusion in the HEALING WALL.

Stones and their stories...

In the Fall of 1999, I was part of a People to People delegation to India and a representative of the School of Metaphysics. During that trip we traveled to various historical and spiritually significant sites in Northern India. We also met with other spiritual leaders and gave Universal Peace Covenants to as many as we were able. One of the places we visited was Deer Park near Varanasi, the oldest living city in the world.......

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