Native Stones

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Healing Wall

Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Stone 1: Sandstone

"This granite rock was chosen for the Peace Dome during a trip to Medicine Park, OK for the Oklahoma Metaphysical Council to set up a Wisdom Fair. Medicine Park is a healing place. It was used by Oklahoma Indians for many years as a place of Healing and for sacred ceremonies." --from Gail Peck of Seven Hawks Publishing, OK, through Linda Yeingst, Oklahoma

Rome, Italy

Stone 2: Igneus-Vocanic Ash with Pyroclastic Blast

"This is a rock that was given to me as a gift. A friend of mine from school was taking a trip to Italy, and said he would bring something back for me. I told him I would really like a rock from Italy, so that is what he brought me, a true piece of the country from Rome, near the Coliseum. I had a strong desire to travel as he was doing, and I figured a rock from that country was kind of a way to bring Italy to me." --Natalie Axberg, Dallas, TX

Karaj, Iran
(oval long pointed grey)
situated 20 km west of Tehran, at the foot of Elburz mountains.--Manucher, Indianapolis.

Tehran, Iran
(oval grey)
As the national capital it is the most populated city in Iran and the center of cultural, economical, political and social activities. Tehran is situated in the north-central part of Iran, on the slope of the Alborz Mountain. --Manucher, Indianapolis.

Kar’bala, Iraq
(oval flat carved clay tablet)
Stone is carved with likeness of the tomb of Imam Abi Abdillah Al-Husain. Located near Syrian desert and Saudi Arabia, southwest of Baghdad. Karbala is formed from two Assyrian words which are Karb (sacred place), and Ail (God). Another legend is that its name comes from ancient Persian meaning "higher work". --Manucher, Indianapolis.

Mashhad, Iran
Iran’s holiest city, located 850 km NE of Tehran. Imam Reza (head spiritual leader of Shi’ate Islam) martyred here. Stone bears carving likeness of Imam Reza’s shrine, Ghoharshad mosque. --Manucher, Indianapolis, Indiana

Oregon, USA

Medium orange conch shell-7

"This shell is from my first spiritual journey. When I was seventeen I decided to take a trip and live abroad. I was going to Oregon. I found this shell on the northern coast. I went through the most intense spiritual initiations, one right on top of the other. I was creating my learning, I wanted to know. I fell on many hardships and kept a smile on my face and faith in my heart. Well, most of the time. I have not experienced anything like it to date, except the School of Metaphysics. That’s what keeps me committed to my goal of receiving a doctorate; the sliver of light in the darkness that’s experienced from time to time. It solidifies the path I’m on." --Wendy Wells, Springfield, Missouri

Kenya, Africa

Stone 8: Black Obsidian

This stone was given to Ben Wheatly by Robert MacIntosh when I was 8 years old in England. Robert was a friend of his father who let him ride on his shoulders. He told Ben of how obsidian was used to make arrow heads and gave a piece of obsidian to Ben. Robert had gotten the rock on a trip to Kenya. --Ben Wheatly, Springfield, MO

Somerset, England

Stone 9: A-Quartzite and
B-Jasper and Quartz

These stones were collected from the Stonehenge in England.--Amy Pawlus, Bloomington, Indiana.

Tryon, North Carolina

Stone 10: Metamorphic Rock-Mica Schist
Mica is Muscovite

This stone was chosen from a stream bed of the property Nancy and Paul Madar. They have a retreat center of sorts situated on their 100 acre wooded property where Nancy treats clients (alternative health care) and travelers can stay and rest a while or write. --from Nancy and Paul Madar, North Carolina through their son Paul Madar.

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