The rocks for the Healing Wall have started coming in from all over the world

Here are the first ones with their stories....

At the feet of Buddha

In the Fall of 1999, I was part of a People to People delegation to India and a representative of the School of Metaphysics. During that trip we travelled to various historical and spiritually significant sites in Northern India. We also met with other spiritual leaders and gave Universal Peace Covenants to as many as we were able. One of the places we visited was Deer Park near Varanasi, the oldest living city in the world. Deer Park is the place where Gautama the Buddha taught his disciples. I remembered Deer Park being mentioned in the writings about the Buddha, but I had never imagined being in the very place where Gautama had taught. This thought was exciting to me since I have learned thoughts and actions leave their impressions on the places where they occur. I stilled my mind in order to receive impressions of the consciousness at that time. It was approaching sundown and we asked out tour guide if we could have a few moments of quiet time before we left. It was at this time that I looked for a rock to bring back with me. There is no telling how old this rock is, but maybe it lay on the ground under Gautama's feet as he taught. Maybe he even picked it up to draw something on the ground or used it in some way to illustrate a point for his disciples. –Dr. Pam Blosser

On this same trip, we visited Dharmsala the location in northern India for the exhiled Tibetans and of the Dalai Lama. Lying at the foothills of the Himalayas, I found the scenery quite breathtaking. The people were a courageous breed who after making their way across the mountain passes had found a place of refuge and safety to carry on their lives. We were able to chant with a group of monks at their sunrise gathering and hear a lecture by one of the priests there. In the afternoon, we visited the Buddhist monastery housing the residence of the Dalai Lama. Although we were unable to have a sitting with the Dalai Lama, we left gifts and a Universal Peace Covenant with him. I picked up this rock on the street outside our hotel. –Dr. Pam Blosser
Dharmsala, India

Encinitas – a place for Self Realization

This shimmery rock came from Swami Beach in Encinitas, California. The beach is just down from the Self Realization Fellowship meditation gardens. If you turn it just right, the rock reflects the light much like the entire beach does as the sun shines upon it. It's like walking on a golden beach. The entire vibration of this area is crisp, clear and entraining - very healing. –Ivy Norris

Dr. Daniel Condron and I were the first Intuitive Reporter and Conductor team from the School of Metaphysics to travel and give reports outside the contiguous United States. Our week-long stay in Alaska was filled with new friends. In May, there are only about four hours of when the sky darkens. Midnight is like evening twilight and dawn occurs around four. It never gets completely dark. I found myself staying awake – conscious – most of the time we were there. It is easy to see how the Inuits and other Arctic peoples can use their external enrivonment to promote inner awareness. The interest was very high for intuitive knowledge. We served dozens of people with Intuitive diagnosis of health and with reports from the Akashic Records. Most of our service work was done in Anchorage. We spent one day traveling into the interior and along the fingers that reach into the mainland. There we visited an artist's colony nestled an alcove off Prince William's Sound. It was there we found this shell. – Barbara Condron Near the Arctic Circle

Bell Rock, Sedona

This stone is from Sedona, Arizona. There are many energy vortexs there. This stone came from the Bell Rock red rock vortex. -Ann Marie Klotz

One Man's Gift

This stone was given to a man by a friend to help him heal. He carried it with him every day in his pocket. He passed away New Year's Eve 2002 and his wife has donated it to the Peace Dome to share a piece of him with all of the world. -St. Louis, MO

The Triads in Creation

My daily nature walks provide an avenue for connection to creation. Three years ago, I decided to look for triangles in rocks and stones for the purpose of seeing shape constructed in its initial physical form. I am an art teacher and one way to describe the beginning stages of creating a physical object is to understand the Elements of art, which are: space, line, form, texture, value and color. As a metaphysician, I wanted to understand how the Elements of art connected to the mental "into" physical steps of creation.

I created the experience to look for stones that were in the shape of triangles more as a way to bring my attention on how the physical world is a result of the inner or energetic world of mind or "space." Space is an alive and existing substance available for the purpose of creating. In visual art, space translates into the area or surface where the object is to become manifest. An idea, thought or spark of creation is the urge to produce something with this space. Imagine that thought or idea as a dot. Now the dot or thought needs help to produce itself so it is looking for another thought that needs it as well. Two thoughts or dots can now connect with the use of a "line." The original thought or idea is not yet complete, more needs to be added and so another dot will help create a flat "shape" called a triangle. A triangle is the first geometric shape that requires other points of thought or dots to create the structure. A circle is different in that it begins with a thought and returns to itself in a complete rotation. It is already inclusive. Creating something new uses what is already available and then transforms the structure into a potential new design. The shape becomes form, which has dimension, by following the previous steps. What makes this new object unique is the texture, value and color.

Looking for triangles became a source of many opportunities. I used it as a way to teach my students. I gave them an assignment to look for three shapes in nature, a triangle, circle and a square. Some used it to explore nature and ask questions and it helped them see creation in a different way. My son and I would share this experience for many years in different ways. He would look for and collect triangle rocks as a way to connect with himself and me. We have many sacred spaces throughout our home of rock structures. I wanted to give a triangle stone to the Peace Dome because the "idea" of creation continues to take on its form when we all contribute to its structure. Peace is an idea, a thought, a spark of creation that lives in every soul. I do my best to live it and understand it in my daily activities. I am connected to the radiance of energy called Peace. Peace resides within "space" and permeates throughout the expansive substance of creation. Bless the Peace Dome and all thoughts that create its enduring breath.
-Capucine Chapman, Denver, Colorado

from Lemuria...

now known as a Sacred Aboriginal Site

From the Ayers Rock formation in Australia. To read the remarkable story behind this stone and sand, click here.

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