The Healing Wall at the Peace Dome

In Jerusalem, in the Middle East, the Wailing Wall is a pilgrimmage site for people to remember sorrows and pray for Healing.

The Healing Wall, being created now in the Middle West, will be a place to remember our connection in consciousness and birth hopes for a future of peace-filled understanding among all people.

Stones from around the world will join together to form a representation of our Earth as we imagine it can and will be-beautiful, glimmering, shining with the light of thousands of people joined together in consciousness.

Jade from the Orient, Amethyst from Brazil, Coral from the Australian coast, diamonds from South Africa, Quartz crystal from Arkansas in the US-all these and many others will be placed in the Healing Wall in the gardens surrounding the Peace Dome. This will be a place of affirmation, of wonder and promise. What rock will you send?

A map of the continents is being molded into the garden wall. The stones and their stories that we receive will be mindfully recorded and then the rocks placed on the map according to their origin. We want to fill in every corner of the world.

In the School of Metaphysics students learn that in the dream language, stones represent the will, the ability to make a productive choice and follow through with dedicated activity. The foundation for lasting peace in the world is built as each person uses their will to make peacefull choices in every moment. This is what the Healing Wall will represent.

How to Participate

In the beginning we encouraged people to send stones that had meaning to them or to the place from where the rock originated. Consciousness and mindfulness has always been the focal point of the wall. The Native Americans and indigenous peoples of the Earth understand respect for life. They honor the Earth, receiving her spirit. There is a protocol for aligning with this spirit that supports the healing purposes of the wall. In contributing your stone to the Healing Wall, please follow these guidelines.

Send your stones and stories to:

The Healing Wall at the Peace Dome
College of Metaphysics
Windyville, MO

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The Prayer Service
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