The United Nations of Stone
by Paul Madar

As I was explaining the vision and progress of the Healing Wall of the Peace Dome recently to the Dallas County Betterment Association’s board, the significance of this project sank into me even more. With the Peace Dome and its Healing Wall, we are connecting the world in peace. Each stone that’s included has an energetic and resonant link to its country of origin, and each stone’s mission is to represent its part of the planet, connect with others and in that, foster peace. It’s like a United Nations of stone. It’s a creation everyone can wrap their mind around, and everyone can participate in building. Right after I finished speaking, the people began figuring out who they know in other states and countries, and when they could ask them to send a stone ambassador for the Healing Wall.

Speaking of ambassadors, our U.S. ambassador to Uruguay sent us a mysterious box which I opened at the dinner table. In it was an native amethyst stone, a piece of native cloth, and a letter.

The Wall now has stones from six out of seven continents. We still need something from Antarctica. We are contacting science teams with the thought that they have the best chance of having access to stones. Other ideas include contacting cruise ships, oil companies, Greenpeace, or the National Geologic Survey.

The kind of stones that we want for the Healing Wall are1-inch natives (meaning the stone came from the ground in the area it is representing), and a story with the stone including who sent it, where it’s from, and why it is significant to the Healing Wall (peace, healing, connectedness).

Do you know anyone who lives in the countries or states not mentioned? Have you visited places and brought stones back with you? E-mail works wonders, because you can send people links to our web sites, especially, where they can explore the entire vision of the Peace Dome and find out how to be part of One Voice for Peace at midnight December 3lst.

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